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Above we see Prince Laurent (dark glasses) at the state funeral of Belgium's dowager Queen Fabiola , who died in December 2014.

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Above we see Princess Louise and Prince Aymeric of Belgium who were among the mourners.

Fabiola (above) was married to King Baudouin

Belgium is associated with the kidnapping, sexual abuse and murder of young girls.

In Belgium, Marc Dutroux's gang supplied kids to members of the elite for sex.

Prince Laurent

Wikileaks linked Belgium's Prince Laurent to the Dutroux Affair.

Also named were Elio di Rupo (Prime Minister of Belgium) and Leopold Lippens (of Bilderberg)

(deel dossier dutroux op wikileaks - - [ Translate this page] 2010)

On 9 April 2014 it was reported that Prince Laurent, the King of Belgium's brother, 'tried to kill himself during bout of depression.'


Laurent in Monaco

The La Capitale newspaper referred to 'persistent rumours' that on 21 March Prince Laurent was rushed to see a psychiatrist in a Brussels hospital before being moved to intensive care, where he was placed in an artificial coma.

Publications in Flanders say Laurent may suffer from manic depression.

Reportedly Laurent also tried to kill himself in 1996.

The Belgian royal family intermarried with Britain’s royal family in the 19th century.

King Albert

Laurent's father, the former King Albert, has also been linked to the Dutroux affair.

The 2012 book, 'Royal Questions' by journalist Frederic Deborsu, made allegations about the sex lives of Belgian royal family.


In Belgium, Member of Parliament Laurent Louis publicised a list of names that an 'anonymous' group sent to all parliamentarians in Belgium.

The list was of all the people ALLEGEDLY involved in the Dutroux affair.

Elio di Rupo

Among the names listed as allegedly being part of the Dutroux Affair: 

US General Michael Aquino (who has had an important role in military psychological warfare; involved in "Monarch" brainwashing).

Paul Bonacci, victim of Monarch brainwashing.

Willy Claes Secretary General of NATO in 1994 and 95.

Elio di Rupo former Belgian Prime Minister.

André Cools , assassinated Belgian government minister...

ELIO DI RUPO is an interesting character.

Michel Nihoul - links to the security services and Gladio?

The Jersey child abuse case has been linked to Zandvoort and Dutroux and fascist networks.

In an article entitled 'Beyond the Dutroux Affair' (The reality of protected child abuse and snuff networks .) we learn the following:

1. In 1998, Marcel Vervloesem obtained thousands of pictures from an internet-based, sadistic, child pornography network, run from an apartment in Zandvoort near Amsterdam. (78).

It has been reported that Dutroux had links to Zandvoort and that Jersey may be linked to Zandvoort.


Michel Nihoul (left)

2. Michel Nihoul was a key figure in the Dutroux Affair.

According to a witness called Regina Louf, a girl called Veronique was tortured to death with a knife at an abuse party where Michel Nihoul was present.

The investigation into the death of Veronique was shut down in early 1997.

Regina Louf

3. In 1996, Regina Louf mentioned a number of girls that she had witnessed being murdered.

(The Belgian X-Files) (Belgium's X-Files - An Olenka Frenkiel Investigation - BBC)

Katrien De Cuyper

4. In 1997, Regina Louf related that Katrien de Cuyper had been taken to a castle and was murdered by a group of individuals that included Nihoul (109).

Regina Louf gave a description of the castle and investigators were able to find Castle Kattenhof, owned by the de Caters family (110).

Dutroux. The discovery of computer discs at Dutroux's house, in 1996, "unraveled an international pedophile ring involving Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, the U.S., Great Britain, Japan and the United Nations and its agencies."

Baron Patrick de Caters is a member of Cercle de Wallonië, together with Etienne Davignon (the former head of the Bilderberg organisation), Prince Philippe de Chimay, Count Jean-Pierre de Launoit, Elio Di Rupo and Aldo Vastapane.

All of these men have been accused of child abuse.

When the Dutch police studied the pictures found at the Zandvoort home of pedophile Gerrie Ulrich, they found a porn photo of a girl who closely resembled Katrien de Cuyper (113).

Dutroux - links to the security services?

5. The cover-up of the Dutroux affair led to massive protests in Belgium.

6. On December 29, 1996 the Sunday Times reported:

"Five witnesses came forward last week and described how black masses were held, at which children were killed in front of audiences said to have included prominent members of Belgian society...

"The tentacles...appear to have stretched beyond the borders of Belgium to Holland, Germany and even America ...

Sir Jimmy Savile, linked to child abuse networks, royalty and the military.

The Sunday Times report:

"Police have long suspected that Dutroux, a convicted paedophile, was part of an international network which abducted children, sexually abused them and then killed them...

"In a separate twist, a Belgian newspaper claimed yesterday that a former European commissioner was among a group of judges, senior politicians, lawyers and policemen who attended orgies held in a Belgian chateau and organised by Michel Nihoul, one of Dutroux's alleged accomplices.

"La Derniere Heure, which claimed to have a guest list, did not name the commissioner but said he 'came with a girl, Josette, nicknamed Jojo, the Bomb"'.

Belgian UN troops admit to 'roasting' Somali boy

7. Nihoul may have had direct and indirect connections to officers leading his own investigation.

One investigating officer in the Dutroux Affair, Baudouin Dernicourt, had links to the CIA's Gladio operation.

Police Commandant Jean-Luc Duterme had helped to close down the 1979 Montaricourt-Israel investigations, which involved a high level European-wide prostitution network (165).

Police Lt.-Col. Torrez is reported to have taken an order from Nihoul in October 1986 to leave one of his mafia business partners, a Portuguese named Juan Borges, alone.

Prosecutor Jean Depretre was accused by witness X2 of being involved in the child abuse network (166).

Brussels police commissioner Georges Marnette had been accused by witness X2 and witness Nathalie W. of being a child abuser in the Dutroux network.

Marnette reportedly was a frequent visitor to the Les Atrebates sex orgy club and the later Dolo (174), Nihoul's favorite hang-outs (175), (176).

Bilderberg's former head Viscount Davignon

8. Viscount Etienne Davignon is, or has been, director of Kissinger Associates and good friend of Henry Kissinger, vice-president of the European Commission, and honorary chairman of Bilderberg. Reportedly, a witness has named him as a child abuser.

Witness X2 noted: "Parties with underage girls in the Cromwel hotel in Knokke.

"Present: Delvoie - Karel - X2 - Lippens - Van Gheluwe - Etienne Davignon. The girls knew where to go and with whom. Lippens hits the little girls.

"Several meetings between Karel and Davignon in the Memling hotel with the two Lippens."

(187) (PEHI - Beyond the Dutroux Affair) (

One of Davignon's closest partners in the globalization process is Count Maurice Lippens, a frequent visitor to Bilderberg.

Maurice Lippens and his brother Leopold have been named by witnesses as child abusers, not only involved in regular rape, but also in the snuff network (185).

Prince Alexandre de Merode was mentioned by both Nathalie W. (189) and X4 (190) as a central player in the Satanic aspect of the child abuse and -murder network.


Witness X2 spoke about a girl she had known who had been murdered, and how this girl told her about the domain of Princess Liliane de Rety ("a madwoman") where children were buried (197).

Liliane was the second wife of King Leopold III (d. 1983) and lived until her death in 2002 at Chateau d'Argenteuil.

X3 implicated Prince Charles (1903-1983), the second son of King Albert I and King Baudouin (1930-1993), the eldest son of King Leopold III.

Victims of the Belgians

Excerpts from a summary written about X3's testimonies:

"The children were taken to a tower made of natural stone and with a wooden door...

"In the cellars there were cells where the children were locked up, awaiting their turn.

"There also were some cells for the dogs (dobermans).

"The passageway gave way to a room of spectacle.

"In the tower: dead children's bodies in various stages of decomposition (sometimes dismembered and/or missing body parts) and carcasses of dogs.

Paul Bonacci in front of the ranch where, reportedly, Johnny Gosch, and other boys were held captive. Paul Bonacci has stated that, as a youth, he was forced to participate in satanic snuff films. He identified Bohemian Grove as the location of a satanic murder. Paul A. Bonacci said that, as a child, he was kidnapped by the US military, tortured and subjected to sex abuse and mind control. In 1999, in a court in Omaha, he won $1,000,000 in damages.

Excerpts from a summary written about X3's testimonies:

"Spectators: always the same but difficult to identify - about fifty.

"She recognized the regent Charles, King Baudouin and King Albert, and two others that she calls Charly [De Pauw] and Polo [Paul Vanden Boeynants].

"She thinks to have recognized Willy Claes (later NATO secretary general) and doctor Vanden Eynde.

"The dogs listen to Ralf and Walter. The addicted dogs are excited. Spectacles = orgies, putting to death children and dogs...

Excerpts from a summary written about X3's testimonies:

"Gilles (12 years old??) was castrated by Polo.

"The other children have to drink the blood... Girls are slashed with razor blades.

"The lips of the vagina of X3 have partially been cut and were given to eat to the dogs...

"A girl's [large] vulva was cut into slices and fed to the dogs...

"At the end of another evening a child... had been castrated.

Jean-Paul Votron, of Fortis, Maurice Lippensof Fortis, Fred Goodwin, former CEO of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), and Emilio Botin, of Santander. Maurice Lippens has been linked to the Dutroux Affair and Bilderberg. MADELEINE McCANN & CERTAIN FASCISTS / ISGP - Dutroux case and X-Dossier victim-witnesses - WikiSpooks 

Excerpts from a summary written about X3's testimonies:

"The other children that were present buried the boy in a flowerbed.

"She remembers a child who had been decapitated, then cut and fried before being eaten.

"She remembers children who hung on hooks in the kitchen." (201)

In 1999, Count Yann de Meeus d'Argenteuil drew up a list of personalities he accused of being involved in the trafficking of children and drugs.

Reportedly, on Count Yann's list was examining magistrate Benoit Dejemeppe, who was a protege of Melchior Wathelet, who in turn was a protege of Paul Vanden Boeynants, both allegedly extremely violent child abusers.

Also on the list was Prince Alexandre of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, the stepson of the earlier mentioned Princess Liliane de Rethy.

Paul Vanden Boeynants (left)

9. Two of the most prominent people named by witnesses are Paul Vanden Boeynants and Baron Benoit de Bonvoisin.

Vanden Boeynants was accused by witnesses X1, X3 and X4 of being a violent child abuser and-or a person involved in hunts on children (210).

Witness Nathalie W. claimed to have seen Vanden Boeynants at the Dolo (211), the favorite club of Nihoul, while X2 testified she had seen Vanden Boeynants' private driver there, Henri Bil, talking to one of Belgium's most notorious gangsters, Madani Bouhouche (212).

Vanden Boeynants' name appeared in the Pinon file of the 1980s (214) and in Maud Sarr's tv testimony in February 1990 (215), in which his name came up alongside a DEA-trained gendarme general with whom he once reportedly ran a massive drug importing operation (216).

Both the Pinon and Maud Sarr cases were about a prostitution network in which minors were used to blackmail high officials.

Politician Paul Vanden Boeynants represented the Parti Social Chretien (PSC) in Parliament from 1949 to 1979.

From 1966 to 1968 he was prime minister of Belgium. From 1972 to 1978, he was defense minister of Belgium, followed in 1979 with another brief stint as prime minister.

In the 1930s, he was a prominent follower of Leon Degrelle, head of the fascist Rex party.

It all links back to the CIA and organised crime. CHILD ABUSE NETWORKS - PART THREE

After World war II, Paul Vanden Boeynants and Baron de Bonvoisin were pillars of the 'fascist underground' in Belgium.

In 1969, Vanden Boeynants set up Cercle des Nations which was pro-European integration and 'highly fascist'.

Reportedly Vanden Boeynants had links to groups associated with the CIA/NATO's Operation Gladio (Stay-Behind Groups) and with bombings in Belgium in 1984 and 1985.

Reportedly, the idea was to put the extreme right wing into power.

It has been reported that Nihoul and Dutroux were part of the political group working to bring about a right wing coup in Belgium.

10. Reportedly, at least 9 members of Opus Dei were involved in a plan to subvert the Belgian state.

Witness X4 has testified that members of Opus Dei were among her most sadistic clients (266).

11. Regina Louf referred to parks where older men shot at hunted children. Witnesses X2, X3, X4 and Nathalie W. also refer to this.

Michael Aquino

12. In 1986, San Francisco police began investigating claims of sexual abuse centering around the Army's Child Development Center at the Presidio of San Francisco.

In 1987, a girl identified Lt.-Col. Michael Aquino as the person she claimed had abused her.

Children claimed to have been tortured (285).

Aquino, reportedly a fascist working for US intelligence, was never charged.

According to victim-witness Paul Bonacci, Aquino's work in Europe involved the fascist underground.

In 1988, there were stories about a child prostitution network centering around Lawrence "Larry" King Jr., who was linked to top Republicans in Nebraska and Washington D.C.

Senator John W. DeCamp wrote:

"Paul Bonacci and other child victims have given evidence in great depth on the central role of Lt. Col. Michael Aquino in this depravity.

"Aquino...was long the leader of an Army psychological warfare section which drew on his 'expertise' and personal practices in brainwashing, Satanism, Nazism, homosexual pedophilia and murder..."

In his book 'The Franklin Cover-Up', DeCamp explained that the 'Monarch' project involved 'Nazi-style' experiments on children."

Madeleine McCann went missing on 3 May 2007.

Reportedly, Jean-Michel Nihoul was released from jail on 4th May 2007. (Cached )

The Bilderberg meetings began near Istanbul on 31 May 2007.

General Michael Aquino. In 1986, San Francisco police began investigating claims of sexual abuse centering around the Army's Child Development Center at the Presidio of San Francisco. In 1987, a girl identified Lt.-Col. Michael Aquino as the person who had had abused her.



The US connection continued

More on the Satanic link and the biggest picture possible

Madeleine McCann; Bilderberg; Belgium; Bush

Muriel Degauque and Charleroi


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