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Nicholas van Hoogstraten (above) has been linked to:

1. The UK's top pedophile rings

2. The CIA and its friends

3. Mysterious events in Zimbabwe.

In 1992, a fire at a property in Palmeira Avenue (above) in Brighton in the UK killed Adrian Johns.

Adrian Johns was a key witness to the child abuse at Bryn Estyn children's care home in North Wales.

Bryn Estyn was said to have been run by the security services.

Fire victims' relatives call for new inquiry  / The family destroyed by being `in care'

Reportedly, the Palmeira Avenue flat was owned by Nicholas van Hoogstraten.

Brighton is the gay capital of Britain.

"At the time of the fire the building was linked through a chain of companies to Nicholas Hoogstraten. Hoogstraten reputedly owns or controls more than a thousand properties in the Brighton area."

Adrian and Lee Johns and siblings. SABOTAGE OF WHISTLEBLOWER'S CAR? Adrian Johns died in a mysterious fire in Brighton.

It has been suggested that Adrian's brother Lee "may have accessed computer data detailing financial transactions between South Coast drug dealers and those running a porn video and rent-boy network."

Lee was found dead in 1995.

AU - Mystery Arson

Another attendee at the Brighton flat was Trevor Carrington who survived the fire but was later apparently run down and killed by a truck (on 21 April 1992, on the Lindfield to Ardingly Road), hours after allegedly confessing to starting the fire!


In 2008, in Zimbabwe, Hoogstraten was arrested over illegal pornography.

He was held briefly by the police, but was swiftly released.

Reportedly, Hoogstraten prefers boys to girls.

Mugabe's British henchman

She is called 'Dis Grace,' 'Gucci Grace' or the 'First Shopper' and she hopes to become President of Zimbabwe.

During 2014, Grace has spent £2m on shopping.

One of her palaces is called "Gracelands".

Grace Mugabe, wife of the reportedly bisexual Robert Mugabe, is reportedly being backed by 'emissary of the devil' Nicholas van Hoogstraten.



In the UK Nicholas van Hoogstraten was once convicted for ordering a grenade attack on the home of a Jewish business pal.

In 1999, Mohammed Raja was shot dead by two men identified as Mr van Hoogstraten's henchmen.

Hoogstraten was sent to jail but was 'mysteriously' freed five months later.

David Croke, Hoogstraten's killer thug, was discovered hanged in his prison cell 

In 1994 the Queen invited Mugabe to Buckingham Palace and gave him a knighthood. sherriequestioningall.

The CIA once tipped off Mugabe against going to Ecuador, and it is believed that Mugabe is an asset of the CIA.

The Rhodesian Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) was infiltrated by Mossad, through Ari Ben-Menashe.

The Israeli interest was in the supply of plutonium from the Congo via Zimbabwe to North Korea and thence to Syria and Iran.


A Mugabe palace.

"Secret documents obtained by MailOnline - compiled by Mugabe's intelligence chiefs, who carry out surveillance on all those close to the president - claim that Hoogstraten is paying millions to Grace to help fund her campaign."


Hoogstraten is one of the largest landowners in Zimbabwe.

The documents obtained by MailOnline state:

'Collaborated intelligence shows that Mr Van Hoogstraten is working at the behest of the First Lady (Grace) to acquire a controlling stake in Hwange Colliery Company…to raise Mr Van Hoogstraten's stake from 30% to 43% if he pays for her ascendancy to the presidency.'

Hoogstraten has helped Grace buy homes in Cape Town, Hong Kong, Dubai, Mauritius and two properties in Manchester.

Documenting life in Zimbabwe.

Hoogstraten, Grace Mugabe and certain Chinese are reportedly involved in smuggling Zimbabwe diamonds out of the country.

Hoogstraten owns 1,600 square miles of the best land in Zimbabwe, as well as two palatial homes, with grounds guarded by Mugabe's secret police.

Hoogstraten's friend Grace Mugabe wants to run the country with 'her lover' Dr Gideon Gono, the country's former finance chief.

Hoogstraten's friend Emmerson Mnangagwa (The Crocodile) is also helping Grace to come to power..

Read more: http://www.dailymail.


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At 15 December 2014 at 04:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please note, the death of Lee/Leander Johns in 1995 was recorded as HOMBURG not Homberg.

At 15 December 2014 at 08:56 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 15 December 2014 at 12:30 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 15 December 2014 at 13:01 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zio Jew 100%

At 15 December 2014 at 13:09 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 15 December 2014 at 17:05 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Ang, is everything ship shape over at Coleman's, he's not posted for 12 days??

At 15 December 2014 at 20:54 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Concerning Cosby

I ran into a thread that presented an interesting hypothesis. It went as follows:

I grew up watching the Cosby show and I always thought it was an interesting concept for Dr. Huxtable to be running an OB/GYN clinic out of his basement. If you think about it now, he was playing a character that was licensed to write prescriptions and women were coming to his basement and taking off their pants... and his wife was a lawyer...

That's not the creepiest part...

In reality, women had to be cast as extras to sit in his waiting room during the show. It appears he liked to cast very attractive women as extras. He was using his show as a "candy van" to get women.

Here is one of the latest admissions from Beverly Johnson:

"Imagine my joy in the mid-80s when an agent called to say Bill Cosby wanted me to audition for a role on the The Cosby Show. Cosby played an obstetrician, and he sometimes used models to portray pregnant women sitting in his office waiting room. It was a small part with one or two speaking lines at most, but I wanted in."
and now on Oprah...Beverly Johnson...

Show thread:

Hypothesis: In line with Bill's Project Chatter, Bluebird, and/or Mk-Ultra at Bethesda MD Naval Research was the show perhaps designed around Bill and his proclivities? A culling ground for agents (honey pot) of sorts?

It also holds true that the bizarre nature of an African American that is a respectable doctor that operates an OB/GYN out of his basement, a wife that is also a lawyer, sprinkled with societal values and hope for the African American community (false hope to begin with), could have had an intended overall long term effect of the opposite of what the show stood for superficially? Producing within the African American community envy instead of the feeling of progress? A theme Old Bill has certainly promulgated throughout his career, that the African American community is guilty of not seizing the opportunities presented to them?

I guess what I'm trying to illustrate but failing to do is show an example of the 'watered down' mass societal brainwashing from media and television.

Thanks Aang and Irfan

At 15 December 2014 at 22:19 , Blogger Anon said...

Many thanks for your excellent comment.

- Aangirfan.

At 15 December 2014 at 22:21 , Blogger Anon said...

Hopefully he's busy with Christmas shopping.

- Aangirfan

At 16 December 2014 at 02:13 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

My answer, THE answer I've been searching for, the 'watered down' mass societal brainwashing from media and television, has it's new name instead of the clunky and particularly troublesome terminology using government project code names like chatter, bluebird, artichoke, mk and bluebeam. projected on a mass scale, is SEDUCTIVE COERCION.

Heather Marsh writes succinctly and ad rem about the maladies that effect modern society in:

How we came to be ruled by Death Eaters

There are two primary methods of coercion used to enforce societal norms. The most visible is hard coercion, apparent in militias and police as well as courts, prisons, and institutional force of all kinds. The far more powerful form, without which the hard coercion would not be tolerated, is seductive coercion.

Seductive coercion comes in two forms. The first is used to create society and involves social acceptance and approval as motivators. This form of seductive coercion produces love, loyalty, and other forms of social bonding.

The second form is used to create hate and enmity and to reject another society, go to war against them or persecute them in another way. This form of coercion uses group affiliation, fear, dehumanizing propaganda and dissociation.

Free will and seductive coercion

I tried to trace back to where I came upon this information, but in my hurry I had lost my place. Come to find out it was probably in the comment section here at Aangirfan all along. To whomever I greatly appreciate the link.

At 16 December 2014 at 02:32 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

And, lastly in this section, I've noticed within most of the more avid fans of Bill Cosby and his career everything from the denial and acceptance (yet to come) of Kubler Ross's Death and Dying process to deep depression. This actually covers quite a demographic and it is slightly amusing to see the horror on some people's faces when you describe some of Old Bill's transgressions, and as you have pointed out, some of them not so private from back in the day, quite a few people knew about his philandering (raping?) in the 70's along with his days with Sammy Davis and The Heff, Paige Young, etc. The Pudding Pop Man has taken on new meaning.

But before I digress further my point is, was Bill's downfall all part of the plan to demoralize society? Bill seems to be sailing straight in line with TPTB main plan, supporting gun control and bashing his own race, so why has he been given the hangman's noose?

I can't see any other reason other than that he is upholding his obligation to the Man at the Crossroads...

At 16 December 2014 at 04:13 , Blogger Anon said...

Many thanks for all the comments.

- Aangirfan


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