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Denis Cuspert (above) is said to be the man who masterminded the ISIS 'beheading' videos.

He has a connection to the US military.

He was born in Berlin to a German mother and a Ghanaian father.

His curent step-father is a U.S. Army officer.

Denis Cuspert was a rapper signed to Streetlife Entertainment.

He spent several years in the Berlin hip hop scene under the name 'Deso Dogg'.

He has been involved with drugs.

ISIS fighters were trained at Camp Bucca (above). Camp Bucca was a facility run by the US military in Iraq. ISIS WORKS FOR NATO

Denis Cuspert has been in prison more than once.

The CIA and its friends are believed to mind-control certain prisoners while they are in prison.

Denis Cuspert has suffered from psychological problems.

Deso Dogg - Wikipedia.

This could be a sign of CIA mind-control.

Denis Cuspert had a near death experience in a car crash.[5]

Pierre Vogel of the CIA/Mossad/BND?

Denis Cuspert came under the influence of Pierre Vogel, a former professional boxer and former Christian who 'converted to Islam' and who may, or may not be, an asset of the security services.

Denis Cuspert converted to Islam and began to praise Osama bin Laden, who is believed to have been an asset of the CIA.

Denis Cuspert, despite being very closely watched by the security services, was able to travel to Egypt to joins militants there.

Reportedly, Denis Cuspert now oversees ISIS's 'sophisticated media operation.'


"A number of international media outlets have run reports, based on Islamist online sources, that he was killed on 20 April 2014 as a result of infighting amongst the Jihadi groups fighting in Syria."

Deso Dogg - Wikipedia.

It is almost certain that Denis Cuspert has been mind-controlled by the CIA and its friends; and that he is working for the CIA and its friends.

Sir Peter Hayman (right)1914 – 1992. 

"Peter Hayman was the key liaison between MI6 and the CIA at the height of the MKULTRA child sexual abuse program." 

Sir Peter Hayman, former deputy director of MI6, has been accused of raping a young boy, 'Nick', during an orgy in London.

'MI6 chief raped me' claims 'victim of VIP child abuse ring.'‎

'Nick' says Sir Peter Hayman was one of a group of men who raped him as a child during a party in London.

In 1940 Victor Rothschild (above) suggested that Anthony Blunt, 'a dangerous child abuser', should be invited to join MI5. He also rented a house to his boy-loving friend Guy Burgess. ( MI5 and MI6 became associated with men who lusted after boys.

Nick says the abuse began when he was aged 11 in 1979 and continued for two or three years. 

Nick says his father gave him to a pedophile ring.

Liberal Party MP Sir Cyril Smith - alleged to have visited the boy brothel Elm Guest House which was allegedly run by MI5

Nick says that Hayman was often at the same 'abuse parties' attended by a sadistic former Conservative MP ('a friend of David Cameron and Margaret Thatcher') who was violent towards boys.

Nick says that a former Conservative cabinet minister sexually abused him at Dolphin Square and other locations.

Sir Maurice Oldfield (above), the former head of Britain's MI6, reportedly shared boys with MI5's Sir Anthony Blunt.

There have been allegations of sex attacks at Dolphin Square, a London apartment block near Parliament. 


It is believed by some that the massive child abuse in Rotherham, and elsewhere in the UK, may be linked to CIA/MI6 mind-control, designed to produce recruits for organisations such as ISIS.


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At 9 November 2014 at 23:43 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

the beheading vids were certainly ICONIC, just as the first pic of the Ottawa shooter, Zehaf-Bibeau was. surely it is preposterous to believe a tourist accidentally got the pic at the Memorial! Reymond's story is fantastic.

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau's Photo taken by Tourist ROFL! You can't make this shit up!

The Story Behind the Picture ISIS Never Tweeted by William Reymond
Investigative journalist, author, scriptwriter and storyteller. Owner of @breaking3zero Currently based in Las Vegas.

William Reymond
William Reymond is an independent investigating journalist and collection director at the Flammarion publishing house.
He has lengthily investigated the assassination of John F. Kennedy and written two books about it : JFK, Autopsie d'un Crime d'Etat, and more recently JFK, le Dernier Témoin, along with Billie Sol Estes.
William Reymond lives in Dallas and works with several French and Swiss information magazines. He also regularly works with Canal Plus channel for their "90 minutes" program.

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