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El Sayyid Nosair, a young American originally from Egypt, became involved with Brooklyn's al-Farouq mosque, which has links to the CIA.

Involved with the al-Farouq Mosque was Ali Mohamed an American citizen who was an operative for the FBI, the CIA, and the Army

Ali Mohamed became a friend of El Sayyid Nosair.

El Sayyid Nosair - History Commons.

El Sayyid Nosair was put on trial for the 1990 assassination of Rabbi Meir Kahane a right-wing Israeli politician.

In 1991, El Sayyid Nosair was acquitted of the murder, but sent to jail on other charges.

El Sayyid Nosair was later accused of "plotting the 1993 World Trade Center bombing" while he was in jail. 

Zak Ebrahim with his father, El-Sayyid Nosair

El-Sayyid Nosair's son, Zak Ebrahim, 31, has spent a lifetime being puzzled.

Zak Ebrahim has written a memoir entitled: The Terrorist's Son: A Story of Choice.


Zak's mother was Karen Ann Mills Sweeney.

Zak had a 'relatively normal' early childhood in Pittsburgh, 'with soccer, Disney movies and family togetherness.'

Zak describes El-Sayyid Nosair as a kind, hands-on father with a slapstick sense of humour and a fondness for American culture.

However, El Sayyid Nosair moved his young family from Pittsburgh to Jersey City after an accusation of rape by a woman from the family's mosque.

Brooklyn's al-Farouq mosque, which has links to the CIA.

El Sayyid Nosair became involved with the CIA's al-Farouq mosque and with the CIA's Ali Mohamed.

El Sayyid Nosair lost his job as a lighting technician following an injury.

El Sayyid Nosair became friends with Abdullah Yusuf Azzam who was a friend of the CIA's Osama bin Laden.

Zak was aged 7 when his father, El Sayyid Nosair, was arrested for the shooting of Rabbi Meir Kahane.

El Sayyid Nosair has been in prison ever since.

The last time Zak spoke to his father was in 1998.

Zak (left)

Zak does not seem to understand that his father has been manipulated and mind-controlled.

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At 2 September 2014 at 18:46 , Blogger Sharon said...

Mr. Ebrahim's book has no connection with the CIA. I represent Mr. Ebrahim and now that you know the facts I would ask you to fix your blog. Publishing untruth when confronted with facts makes the blog liable. I am curious why you would state such a fact? Was it your own idea? Just curious because I do not understand the jump to connect the two. Thank you for your time. Please email me of you would like to discuss this matter further.


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