Thursday 4 September 2014



Paul Joseph Watson says Joan Rivers was not assassinated?

Papa Doc and Dr Ewen Cameron tell the Welsh that the Nukes in Scotland may have to moved to Wales. Barack Obama and David Cameron visit Bryn Estyn.

Wales welcomes Obama.

Andrew Breitbart murder – Dr. Eowyn
The Execution of Seal Team 6 – Steve
FBI agents killed in copter crash were investigating Boston Bombing – H/t – Dr. Eowyn
Hawaii official who signed off on Obama’s birth certificate dies in plane crash – Dr. Eowyn
Obama dead pool: Reporter investigating NSA dies in suspicious fiery car crash – Dr. Eowyn
The Obama Death List – Steve


CIA agent says Obama had Andrew Breitbart and Tom Clancy assassinated – Dr. Eowyn
Former CIA agent and Obama critic Jim Garrow arrested in Canada – Dr. Eowyn
Three black homosexual men of Obama’s “church” in Chicago (Donald Young, Larry Bland and Nate Spencer), one said to be Obama’s lover, were all assassinated in the space of 1.5 months in late 2007 before Obama became the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee.


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At 5 September 2014 at 06:10 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joan said " Palestinians deserve to be dead" Apparently God thought she deserved to be dead too. God works in mysterious ways. She was an old shmata!


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