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Tony Abbott is the Prime Minister of Australia.

He is a strong supporter of Israel.

He is a puppet of the USA and Israel.

US troop numbers in Australia to rise / US and Australia sign defence agreement

Abbot was a Rhodes Scholar at the Queen's College, Oxford. [5][6][7]

After graduating, Abbott trained as a Roman Catholic seminarian.

Cardinal George Pell is close to Tony Abbott.

What WAS Tony Abbott's relationship with Pell? / Tony Abbott linked to Catholic priest Paedophile

In 2005, Abbott was holidaying with his family in Bali when the Bali bombings occurred.

Was this a coincidence?


Tony Abbott has joined Cliff Richard in opposing Scottish independence.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has declared supporters of Scottish independence are not "friends of freedom" or "friends of justice" in an interview with a British newspaper.

Chinese premier Li Keqiang, during a visit to London in June 2014, said he wanted a "strong, prosperous and united United Kingdom".



According to Jim Dean, the managing editor of Veterans Today:

Australia is a Mossad base

1. The Australian authorities "have been letting Israeli Intel recruit Aussies, both to recruit other spies amongst the many foreigners living there, but also to do the domestic spying operations against Australians."

2. An AIPAC operative lectured students on "how they were going to stop Israel divestment resolutions on campuses, by taking over the student governments..."

3. Mossad "spends years infiltrating and gaining influence in all major parties so no matter who is in power they have their hooks in deep with both."

They use money and blackmail.

Mark Dreyfus, whose father came to Australia as a refugee from Nazi Germany.
4. Australia's Attorney General has been the Zionist Mark Dreyfus.

The Zionists always infiltrate justice departments.

They want to be able to block investigations into Israeli espionage.

Much of the corrupt campaign funding money comes from industrial espionage.

5. "They never catch any Israeli spies or break up any networks in Australia because they aren’t really trying to...

"The biggest secret these infiltrated countries have is they don’t have any security, because it has been sold to a third party."

Ben Zygier

6. "Attorney General Dreyfus refused an investigation of his own department, which would of course include their intelligence service’s handling of Prisoner-X...

"Independent media has tied Zygier into not only the Dubai assassination passport fraud but other terrorist operations...

7. Haaretz's defense analyst, Amir Oren, reported that Zygier had told an Israeli friend, a special forces soldier, that he had killed a boy and girl in Lebanon while providing security for an Israeli covert operation in Lebanon. 

"This incident caused him to leave the army and he was hospitalized with trauma for a month afterward.

"Zygier came back to Australia after that to go to school, and the Mossad had him on board watching and recruiting foreign students...

"'New Matilda (online magazine) spoke to a former senior Australian ambassador who said that ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation) and ASIS (Australian Secret Intelligence Service) work hand in glove with the Israeli government, including the assistance of grooming potential spies on Australian soil at universities such as Monash in Melbourne and military academies like Duntroon.

"'Australia long ago outsourced much of its military and intelligence, as well as foreign affairs sovereignty, to Israel and America.'"

"Canada is in worse shape than Australia in this regard, but both are Mossad bases for Israel’s extensive international espionage..." 

The Pentagon backed the Indonesian military's killers in East Timor.

Mervyn Jenkins, an Australian spook, knew too much about the bad guys in Washington.

Was he murdered to shut him up?

The USA's Admiral Blair.

In 1999, the East Timorese voted to be independent of Indonesia.

Angered by this, the Indonesian military then carried out mass murders in East Timor.

When US Admiral Blair met Indonesia's General Wiranto he reassured Wiranto of US support for the Indonesian armed forces.

(aangirfan: Admiral Dennis Blair 'lied' about church killings./aangirfan: Admiral Dennis Blair and Genocide)

Bar Mitzvah in Surabaya, Indonesia. "The Dutch East Indies Company's main financiers were Jews (Isaac le Maire) and the majority of the executives were Jews."

The following is an extract from an article by Arlene Tyner, July 2001:


On June 13, 1999, in the Washington suburb of Arlington, Virginia, Mervyn Jenkins, the North American attache for the Australian Defence Intelligence Organization (DIO) was found hanged in the backyard of his home a week before the Jenkins family planned to return to Australia.

Jenkins, an expert in covert action and electronic warfare, had been posted in Washington for a three-year assignment.

He had been stressed by bureaucratic infighting between two Australian intelligence agencies over which documents could be shared with the CIA and the DIA.

But would this happily married father of three sons take his own life on his 48th birthday?

His diary showed detailed plans for his life in Australia 10 weeks into the future.

The USA, Indonesia and Australia are interested in East Timor's oil.

On April 16, 2001, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's (ABC) popular investigative news show "Four Corners" probed Jenkins' mysterious "suicide," which had produced a storm of criticism in Australia, leading to a government investigation.

Not satisfied with the results (the Blunn Report), Jenkins' wife filed a lawsuit against the government.

Both his wife and mother appeared on the ABC broadcast, a transcript of which is posted online. (25)

Betty Daly-King believes Jenkins was murdered to prevent him returning home with knowledge that the Pentagon didn't want him to bring back to Australia...

According to the official story laid out by "Four Corners," Jenkins was caught in the crossfire between U.S. and Australian intelligence agencies over the issue of intelligence sharing.

Daly-King believes that the conflict centered on the Indonesion repression of East Timorese who had voted for independence, withthe U.S. backing the Indonesians and the Australians leaning toward the East Timorese independence fighters.

Hanukka in Bandung, Indonesia, 1935

Influential Australian organizations such as the Returned Servicemen's League have historically sympathized with the East Timorese because so many had risked their lives to save Australians during World War II, she explains, and people-to-people relationships have been maintained ever since. (26)

"The USA would do anything to appease Indonesia to keep accessthrough their straits to get to and from Saudi's oil," she wrote to me.

"They were not amused at Australia being in the forefront of restoring East Timor against perceived Indonesia and USA interests! All that lovely East Timor offshore oil, too."

George Soros meets Indonesia's President Yudhoyono (Website for this image). Soros reportedly has links to the Rothschilds, Mark Rich, and Rafi Eytan. (The Secret Financial Network Behind "Wizard" George Soros)

25."Australian Aide Under Probe Dead in Apparent Suicide", Washington Post, 6/17/99. Transcript of "Caught in the Crossfire":

26. Background on the U.S./Australia military alliance can be found in two books by Desmond Ball, A Suitable Piece of Real Estate: American Intelligence in Australia (Sydney, Hale & Iremonger, 1980) and Richelson, J.T. & Ball, D., The Ties That Bind: Intelligence Cooperation Between UKUSA Countries -- the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand (Allen & Unwin, 1985); details about Indonesia's intervention in East Timor can be found in William Blum's Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II (Common Courage Press, 1995).



aangirfan: CIA control of Australia? Collins, Toohey, Jenkins, control ...

aangirfan: Racist Fascist Australia?

aangirfan: Mervyn Jenkins

Scotland is very rich.

In the Financial Times, a Mrs M Corall writes:
I am a 98 year-old great grandmother and I am depressed that there are people in Scotland who lack all ambition for themselves and their country to the extent that they are prepared to vote NO in the Scottish independence referendum and so maintain Scotland's subservient position within the Union.
I have lived through 26 British governments and none of them has shown they understand or care about Scotland...

Polls show close race month before Scotland vote.

Male life expectancy in parts of Glasgow is a mere 54 years.
This places Scotland alongside developing African countries...
The reasons for this appalling state of affairs are poverty and lack of political representation...
For the past 40 years Scotland has been at the heart of the European oil and gas industry yet still poverty and ill-health plague the nation. 
With at least another generation of oil and gas to be extracted we cannot afford to let this continue.

Scotland is very rich

A vote for independence will drive the double-dealers out and give Scots the chance to make decisions in their own interest and, yes, be responsible for good and bad results.
I acknowledge there are uncertainties but this is always a necessary part of large political acts.
Indeed recent experience of global economic disaster has amply demonstrated that if uncertainty is the major worry there is no alternative but to keep your head beneath the blankets and pretend the real world does not exist...
At almost 100 I am at last being given the opportunity to be politically mature.
M F Corall
Aberdeen, UK.


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At 17 August 2014 at 14:13 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hullo Aang,

For mine the clearest indication of the Israeli penetration of Australia came with the shake-out of the New Zealand passport scandal of 2004. That was where mossad agents were sprung attempting to gain a New Zealand passport (so that their assassins might travelled unhindered, natch). Helen Clark the then NZ PM did the right thing and arrested everyone and expelled the Israeli ambassador. So far so good.

Where it all turned ugly was in the fact that the main spook running it all (who was arrested and appeared in an NZ court), an Israeli citizen Eli Cara, was actually based in Sydney. He'd made 24 trips between Oz and NZ, this on account of he being a 'travel agent', in spite of the fact that he had neither business premises nor any clients.

The beyond obvious thought to Australian authorities should have been 'well, if they doing this in NZ they have to be doing the same thing here'. But no! Australian commentators had nothing to say on the subject beyond 'everything is fine' with the media all stunned into silence at the brilliance of this answer. Had Cara been a real travel agent (who perhaps had gypped some customers) the media would have been all over him - besieging his house kind of thing - but the fact that he was a foreign spy who'd been fraudulently seeking passports for assassins was of no interest.

Unsurprisingly, when the Israelis were later sprung in Dubai assassinating Hamas heavy Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh four of the assassins had Australian passports. I don't actually recall the Australian response to this but only because there wasn't one. Well not beyond ineffectual hand-wringing and lip-flapping, that is.

So what we had was a mossad cell here in Oz subverting the Australian passport for the precise purpose of extra-judicial assassination and nothing happened. Not a sausage.

Welcome to Ozrael!

best etc. etc.

At 9 April 2015 at 12:11 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mossad masquerades as ASIO, the AFP, etc.....? in Australia and is above the law to do so because the Rothschilds/Israel control Australia, just like they do the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany..........
The RBA is Australia's Central Bank owned by the Rothschilds and their bankster associates. Their agenda is to bankrupt Australia slowly but surely and make us ripe to join their one world govt/currency globalization grand plan when the time is right. Any Aussie Prime Minister who tries to abolish the RBA and nationalize our banks would get the JFK, Abraham Lincoln treatment asap.
Kevin Rudd expelled our Israeli diplomat over the forged Australian passports Dubai Hamas assassination scandal and in doing so, set in motion a Zionist plot to replace him with a new Israeli friendly Julia Gillard by the Zio puppet faceless men Bill Shorten, Paul Howes... ?
Bill Shorten then did the dirty on Gillard, replacing her with Rudd again shortly before the election because it became known the real reason why he was replaced and they didn't want to risk 4 Corners doing a story on it possibly ?


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