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What kind of person is Sir Cliff Richard?

How much of the gossip is fantasy?

Cilla Black (above) is 'Positive' Cliff Richard Is Innocent

Boy George

In 2010 there was "shock as Sir Cliff Richard tours with Boy George"

"Sir Cliff Richard is to go on a 12-city tour of Germany with Boy George, who was jailed last year for assaulting a male escort."

Boy George was sentenced to 15 months in jail for falsely imprisoning a male escort by handcuffing him to a wall and beating him with a metal chain.

When Cliff did his Wellington gig he opened the concert by telling the crowd, "Good evening Auckland''.



"Sir Cliff... allegedly once lived with the black male calypso singer Cy Grant...

"Sir Cliff ... was also named by the Kray twins as one of Lord Boothbys 'bum-boys'...

"The Krays were well known for controlling a large number of pretty boys who were lent or rented out to homosexuals in the entertainment and political worlds."

"When Cy grant died in 2010 a man was escorted away from the funeral claiming loudly that he and cliff Richard were abusing young lads..."


Lord Boothby and a young Cliff Richard

"Sir Cliff has never once replied to any criticism that he allegedly entered the profession as a male prostitute, although rumours persist that many performers have refused to share a stage with him in the past.

"The Metropolitan police have security cameras trained on the Chelsea army barracks and have also allegedly complained unofficially of Cliff Richard’s car number constantly being flagged up on numerous occasions as Sir Cliff was rumoured to be trying to chat up the soldiers."

Cliff and his mother.

Sir Cliff's grandfather was a bigamist.


In 1949 Cliff's father (above) obtained employment in the credit control office of Thorn Electrical Industries (EMI), which reputedly had connections to MI5.

In 1992, a Mr Charlie Ronce, reportedly a liar and fantasist, convinced the editor of a tabloid newspaper that Sir Cliff Richard had become a Satanist at a ceremony in 1957. 

Ronce introduced one of the newspaper's reporters to 67-year old Reggie Painter, supposedly a former High Priest of the Willesden Satanist Chapter, who claimed to have presided over the ceremony in Highgate cemetery.

Within hours of the story being printed Sir Cliff's lawyers started legal proceedings for libel and thousands of copies of the newspaper were recalled and pulped.

Cliff Richard's friend Jill Dando was murdered.

 Cliff Richard was a friend of Jimmy Savile.

'Marjorie Robertson'

According to the Daily Mash (which some compare to the Onion):

Fans of Sir Cliff say that a 1976 pop song, Devil Woman, was about Marjorie Robertson, an alleged Satanist.

Devil Woman is real, say Cliff Richard fans

'Senior fan' Jane Thompson said: "Devil Woman is not the product of some songwriter’s imagination, she is a real person. 

"She was born Marjorie Robertson in Yeovil in 1954. 

"By the age of 21 she had become a full-time satanist and Lucifer’s most trusted minion in the South West...

"Since 1976 we have been engaged in a secret battle for the soul of Britain...

"And now Devil Woman has escalated this conflict once again with these baseless accusations. We must hope and pray that the police and judicial system are able to resist Marjorie Robertson’s powerful sexuality."


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At 20 August 2014 at 04:34 , Anonymous sovereigntea said...

Glasgow targetted by hasbera psyop for opposing genocide in Palestine

Note how there is no named company and the lack of online footprint of Richard Cassini or his alleged leading company. .... Psyop !

Shame on the newspaper The Herald.

Hundreds of US visitors cancel Glasgow trip following council's decision to fly Palestinian flag

Richard Cassini, vice-president of one of the leading special event companies behind the trip, emailed the Lord Provost Sadie Docherty to inform her of the boycott.

Mr Cassini wrote: "I was spearheading an event in Glasgow for 600 business visitors to be guests of your wonderful city.

"We were scheduling six days in Glasgow, three for business and three for leisure time.

"Having read your statement endorsing Hamas and its leadership due to the number of Muslims in your city, I have decided to cancel all plans for our trip.

"We are a Fortune 500 company, so costs were really not a serious consideration, location was.

"Hopefully, the Muslim population that you so sincerely endorse will have the spending power of the very people you have chased away so well."

The council confirmed today that they had received the email but had not yet replied because of the volume of responses to the decision to fly the flag.

A council spokeswoman said: "The council has received more than 1,500 emails/calls/online forms, etc, about the flag and is responding to each."

Mr Cassini insisted his decision to abandon the trip to Glasgow would not be reversed.

At 20 August 2014 at 07:09 , Blogger Anon said...

A most useful article.

Glad you're voting Yes.

At 20 August 2014 at 13:23 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a big fan Aangirfan, but feel the inclusion of the DailyMash words a mistake.

The DailyMash is a spoof website, with all commentating names literally made up.

The only names that are real in their "news" stories are the celebrity ones. Everyone and everything else is made up.

PS I'm voting yes too.

At 2 August 2019 at 10:06 , Blogger Bill Shatner said...

My probation officer here in Worcester between 2002-03 found out i was a Christian. she then proceeded to tell me she's met Harry Webb several times over recent years because her male cousin she was on good terms with was dating Cliff. and they were at the time most definetely an Item. why would my probation officer make that up? just because she hated Christianity ?!..

At 2 August 2019 at 10:42 , Blogger Anon said...

Many thanks for your comment.

- Aangirfan


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