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The Financial Times says that it is time to prosecute certain soldiers.


The Financial Times says that, for example, it is time to prosecute the military officers who murdered the Financial Times journalist Sander Thoenes.

Sander Thoenes

Sander Thoenes was murdered in oil-rich East Timor, in September 1999.

What the Financial Times does not say is that the killers of Sander Thoenes had the support of the US military.

In 1999, the Pentagon gave its warm support to the soldiers and militias who were committing genocide in East Timor.

The USA's Admiral Blair was a friend of the killer generals.

Journalist Alan Nairn revealed that immediately after the vicious massacre of dozens of refugees seeking shelter in a church in Liquica, U.S. Pacific Commander Admiral Dennis Blair assured Indonesian Army chief General Wiranto of US support and assistance, proposing a new U.S. training mission.

All the Indonesian killer generals were trained in the USA.

A UN-led investigation named the Indonesian officers who killed Sander Thoenes, but, the officers were not prosecuted. 

Gaza kids, August 2014. Lady Warsi resigns over government stance on Gaza.

And the murderous Israeli generals will not be prosecuted, because they have the support of the Pentagon and NATO.

Almost 430 kids killed in Israeli raids on Gaza.

The invasion of East Timor in 1975, which led to the murder of one third of the population, was supported by the Pentagon.

East Timor invasion supported by top Zionist Jew Henry Kissinger.

When the CIA put Suharto into power in 1966, around one million Indonesians were murdered.

The CIA gave the Indonesian military lists of people who were to be murdered.

Malcolm Rennie

The Financial Times's Sander Thoenes was not the only journalist to be murdered by the Indonesian military and its American friends.

Australia's Greg Shackleton and Tony Stewart, Britain's Brian Peters and Malcolm Rennie, and New Zealand's Gary Cunningham were also murdered.

journalists: Western journalists murdered by Indonesian military ...

The Balibo Five were a group of journalists based in the town of Balibo in Portuguese Timor (now East Timor).

They were were killed on October 16th, 1975 by Indonesian troops who were preparing for the illegal invasion of East Timor on December 7th 1975.

The journalists who knew too much about the Pentagon plans were 1. Australians, Greg Shackleton and Tony Stewart, ( reporter and cameraman for HSV-7 Seven Network in Melbourne), 2. Britons, Brian Peters and Malcolm Rennie, 3. A New Zealander, Gary Cunningham, working for TCN-9 Nine Network in Sydney.

The Indonesian military said the journalists were 'communists'.

From The Sydney Morning Herald, 2005:


A witness to the killing of five journalists in Balibo, East Timor, in 1975 has died in Dili, months before a new inquiry by the NSW Coroner.

Olandino Maia Guterres publicly accused former Indonesian minister Yunus Yosfiah in 1998 of having ordered the deaths of the five television journalists after they filmed an attack on the border town of Balibo.

Mr Guterres entered Balibo with the Indonesian troops.

He told the ABC's Foreign Correspondent program that from a distance of less than 20 metres he heard Yosfiah give the order to shoot the men as they tried to surrender, and that he also saw him fire shots at them.

General Wesley Clark (right) directed the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia "with an almost sadistic fanaticism. Clark would rise out of his seat and slap the table, saying 'I’ve got to get the maximum violence out of this campaign - now!' William Blum. General Wesley Clark, who commanded the NATO attack on Serbia, is heavily invested in the Kosovo mineral sector. www.lewrockwell.com

John Pilger wrote of the Balibo Five:

In the early daylight hours of 16 October 1975, military forces under the command of Indonesian officers attacked and entered the village of Balibo in East Timor.

Shortly after entry, five Australian based journalists - Greg Shackleton, Tony Stewart, Malcolm Rennie, Gary Cunningham and Brian Peters - who had lodged themselves in a house in Balibo, were murdered.

Shackleton, a TV journalist with Channel 7, had joined forces with the Channel 9 crew to expose the injustice of the Indonesian invasion.

If they could reveal the truth, then international pressure might stop further atrocities...

In January 1997, the Melbourne Herald-Sun published photographs of a secret funeral - purporting to be that of the five journalists - in Jakarta in 1975.

In attendance, wearing dark glasses, was Ambassador Woolcott.

There was only one coffin.


To this day, the Australian government have made no formal public complaints or launched an official enquiry.

It has since been revealed that senior officials conspired to cover up the details of the murders.

Furthermore, there is plenty of evidence that Australian government officials knew that the journalists were in danger and failed to warn them.


Shackleton's wife, Shirley, has campaigned in vain for the truth for the last 25 years.

In 1989, she managed to reach Balibo to plant a tree in Greg's memory.

'As I knelt saying a few words to Greg,' she said, 'the most wonderful singing washed over me. 

'On the other side of the road, a young people's choir started up. 

'They had timed their practice to my being there. 

'I shall never forget those voices. They came through the barrier the Indonesians had set between us, and they comforted me. They will never be defeated.'

For further details of Australian complicity with Indonesia, click here.

Mervyn Jenkins ('Murdered Australian spy')

Admiral Dennis Blair 'lied' about church killings.


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