Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Dear William Hague

William Hague has been linked to various child abuse scandals.

He was the UK Foreign Secretary.


  1. According to Bill Maloney William Hague and David Cameron have both been named as paedophiles by an Operation Fernbridge witness.


  2. Nothing surprises me anymore with these people and its about time they were dragged before the court's, but sayint the court's are corrupted with paedophiles and shirlifting queers. Therefore it is without question that we the people should dish out our own punishment because there's no one left to give us the justice we the people deserve and for those that have had to endure the abuse dished out by high profile people on power.

  3. Excuse my spelling everyone I am lying on my back with 3 slipped disks and in agony .

  4. People like her need help to get the Message out ! She is brave ! (Y)