Monday 18 August 2014


Cliff Richard. A 'humble' ambassador for Valletta, Malta.

The Cliff Richard police officers, who searched his home, may be disciplined over an alleged 'witch hunt'.

Boys from Gozo

A pedophile ring for top British people operated on the island of Gozo (Malta).

According to a leaked 1993 report, by the Hereford and Worcester Social Services Department:

An elite pedophile ring was involved in "the organised abuse of young boys" and the "trade" in young boys on Malta and Gozo.

The "elite paedophile ring" included over 20 prominent members of the British parliament, the judiciary and religious figures.

Cliff Richard (Times of Malta)

The report was leaked by Peter McKelvie, the former child protection manager, who wrote the 1993 report.

Peter Righton

During the investigation into the UK government adviser Peter Righton, correspondence was uncovered relating to a top pedophile ring in Gozo and Malta.

Sweden and Norway were also mentioned in the letters.

That evidence of the abuse carried out in Gozo and Malta is stored at the West Mercia Police HQ.

There are seven boxes of evidence of a powerful paedophile network.


McKelvie says: "We still don’t know who gave the order to shut down the original police investigation...

"The decision to shut it down is likely to have been taken by Michael Howard and/or Virginia Bottomley. 

"Howard was Home Secretary at the time, with overall responsibility for policing, and Bottomley was Health Secretary, with overall responsibility for children’s homes and social work"

Evidence of 'organised abuse' and 'trade' of young boys in Gozo resurfaces

Above we see Cliff and John McElynn

Above, we see Michael John Carroll.


Above we see a Jill Dando murder suspect

Above we see Alan Farthing, Jill Dando's partner.

Above, we see Cliff Richard on the child-abuse island of Jersey. / Jersey child abuse link to Islington, London.

Above we see Cliff in Sri Lanka.

UK government adviser Peter Righton is said to have visited the Bryn Estyn children's care home in Wrexham, which was used as a boy brothel by the elite.

Paedophile at centre of historical abuse inquiry 'visited children's homes around ... / aangirfan: Bryn Estyn .

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At 18 August 2014 at 09:07 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i can tell you for a solid fact that what i say hree is true as it happened to my best freind at the time, he joned the cliff richard fan club as his grandmother was a big fan, now he was asked if he would like to meet his idol and he was delighted, he was aged 15 and was given a drink which he said made him very groggy, he then said cliff got him on his own and he fell down and sat ona step, cliff forced his dick into my freinds mouth until he was cholking, he tried to run and fell over, cliff and another man carried him to a car, where he lost conscience, he claims that he was sodomised and found he had dried blood all down his legs

At 18 August 2014 at 23:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the first commenter. How disgustingly awful for your friend I hope he has gotten over it well as much as you could. I hope he can find the strength to come forward and stop all these people saying "Oh not good old Cliffy we love him, he is a good Christian." Ugh

At 25 October 2014 at 13:08 , Blogger Anon said...

Sir Jimmy Savile was a good Christian.


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