Wednesday 27 August 2014




Scotland referendum: 200 business leaders back independence.


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At 28 August 2014 at 04:41 , Anonymous BobFree2Bme said...

I love your blog aangirfan, and since i live in Scotland, passionately believe it would be wonderful to vote YES for a free and independent Scotland.. but i believe it is a con on the Scottish people to vote themselves into a bigger nation called EU .... by stealth and deception.

Vote yes and -

Will we still be ruled by inner London's CROWN corporation?
Use the fraud money system and pay a national debt for money that never existed?
Be IN the undemocratic fascist EU?

Salmond could have set us up with vote winners by exposing the funny money we play with and create a new system of money in the interests of the people debt and interest free.. but he was told not to .. why?

He could have the vote winner of OUT OF EU but trading with the world.. he was told not to why?

Maybe its something to do with the Oaths to the CROWN they ALL swore... and do very well out of?

Maybe he likes to stay alive? The CROWN doesn't seem to be tolerant of those who expose or disagree with them.

I believe a YES is coming.. why? because it places us joyfully exactly where they want us. Oh how we will cheer when the suckers vote YES.

But a NO vote will be worse... The CROWN wins whether YES or NO

I will never vote again. I was in Dublin recently and found out that although Eire is supposed to be 'independent' - they have a CROWN court system? why? We will simply be the same either way on this sham vote. Where is the independence from the toffs in London controlling our courts


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