Friday 11 July 2014


Pablo Iglesias (above) is the leader of Spain's left wing Podemos party "which has come out of nowhere to win 1.2 million votes."

'Yes he can!' 

We should not forget that in Spain "the CIA sponsored the socialist Felipe González."

Podemas means 'We Can'.

A month ago Podemos came seemingly out of nowhere to capture 1.2 million votes and five seats in the European elections.

Podemas is anti-austerity.

It wants higher minimum wages and a guaranteed minimum income.

It wants to abolish tax havens and EU border controls.

It wants to nationalise the banks that were recently in trouble.

Pablo Iglesias meets the 'gay' King of Spain. ¿Pablo Iglesias el nuevo ISIDORO Translate this page

Pablo Iglesias refers to Spain's institutions being in crisis.

He refers to a monarchy "that's more and more identified with impunity and corruption."

Pablo Iglesias says: "If people don't do politics, others will do it for you. 

"And when others do it for you, they can steal your rights, your democracy and your wallet."

Pablo Iglesias is against a privileged elite that is failing to help ordinary Spaniards.

Pablo Iglesias has, perhaps unfairly, been compared to Fidel Castro, who reportedly is an asset of the CIA.

Captions in English available

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At 11 July 2014 at 14:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Er... Have Spaniards forgotten that the Obama campaign slogan was "Yes we can"?

At 11 July 2014 at 14:56 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pablo Iglesias high class muppet in normal type disguise. In this video he talks about a fight with somebody and emphasises clearly that he belongs to a different class: "eran lúmpenes, gentuza de clase más baja que la nuestra." (trans. They were underclass people, scum from a lower class than ours")
Anyway, the brain behind him is Juan Carlos Monedero who learned from Klaus von Byme. Research coincidence: Felipe Gonzalez had teacher in Germany as well and then the relation to the Flick case.
Many in Spain are fooled by P.Iglesias' words, he appeared conveniently when the King Juan Carlos abdicated and most of the spanish people wanted a referendum to reject monarchy. Media lied and censored as much as possible. I told many times about the Obama conexion in comments (we can) but I was censored. You saw it too so I'm not crazy. There is no option in Spain and in other countries, whatever people choose in elections it's all corrupted and any result will lead to elite's power (poder in Spanish...podemos...).


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