Thursday, 10 July 2014


Yuri Geller and an unknown Jewish friend.

A top Labour Party politician "will escape child abuse charges as he is too ill".

Labour peer escapes -

Reportedly, over many decades, the Labour politician raped a number of boys, including some in children's homes in his constituency.

One source said: "Police have been shocked by the stories told by some of the victims."

Police "have not interviewed the suspect under caution or arrested him." 

One man said he was aged seven when he was sexually abused by the politician.

He told the Daily Mirror: "I complained previously and the police made a mess of it."

The top politician is Jewish and a top member of the Kosher Nostra.

Ehud Barak - linked to Jeffrey Epstein

Famous Lithuanian Jews:




Famous Lithuanian Jews:

Dead Palestinians. There were very few Jews in Palestine/Israel in 1918. But gangster Jews from the USA and Europe used terrorism to force the Palestinians out of their land.

In Israel's attack on the Gaza Strip in 2008/9, 89 children were killed by the Israeli army's own admission - and many other estimates put the total far higher.

The Israelis are mainly gangsters and child killers.


Database of Palestinian Children Killed in the Occupied Territory 2000-2014.

Organ Gangs Force Poor to Sell Kidneys for Israelis

Organ Harvesting in Ukraine Goes Unreported

Theresa May, Pervert of Justice

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At 10 July 2014 at 23:26 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing - Baroness Butler Sloss is deemed fit enough to run a national enquiry. The (previously named?) London Labour Lord is deemed unfit to answer questions.

At 11 July 2014 at 10:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Psychopathic 'Morality': The Truth Behind the Kidnapping and Murder of 3 Israeli Teens


A week ago I expressed my suspicions about the timing of the kidnapping and murder of the three Israelis teens. Since then, more details have come to light that confirm that the kidnapping was most likely a carefully orchestrated Israeli government propaganda campaign designed to destroy the Fatah/Hamas unity government, demonize the Palestinians as 'terrorists', and, as always, give the psychopaths in Tel Aviv another opportunity to blow Palestinian women and children to pieces.

Read the rest:

At 11 July 2014 at 10:41 , Anonymous Greg Pearson said...

Kick ass. Keep going. Strikes me all of a sudden how the "holy grail of snuff films" in the video from Bill Maloney posted here allegedly starring Leon Brittan resembles the Hebraic Blood Sacrifice...
and I wonder if this is how the Khazars always get away with it....
Excellent job. Thank you!!


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