Friday 11 July 2014


Lord Reith (above) created the BBC.

As a child, he was 'expelled' from Glasgow Academy for bullying.

He became a top army officer.

He was a fundamentalist Christian.

He once tried to kill himself.

He was sexually attracted to adolescent boys.

When Reith was aged 22, he fell in love with a 14-year-old boy called Charlie Bowser.

Reith wrote of Charlie: "I am frightfully fond of him."

Reith went on holiday with Charlie.

Reith shared beds and baths with Charlie.

Reith was seen kissing Charlie.

Reith also had a fondness for 13-year-old Betty Stewart.

Reith lived apart from his wife.

Source: The Last Victorians: A Daring Reassessment of Four Twentieth Century Eccentrics, by W Sydney Robinson. Lord-Reith-egocentric-monster

Gaza bombed by Zionist Nazis.

30 killed, 'orphanage destroyed' as Kiev forces (NATO's Zionists and Nazis) hit town near Donetsk – local militia.

46% of Scots are in favour of Scotland remaining in the UK, whilst 41% are in favour of having Scotland become an independent state. 13% are ‘don’t knows’. This is according to the latest Survation poll, released on the 11th July.

When excluding ‘don’t knows’ the figures become 53% against independence and 47% for it.

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At 12 July 2014 at 02:24 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing how Reith looks like Greville Janner

At 12 July 2014 at 11:11 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I passed the BBC's HQ at Bush House 12 years ago I caught sight of that gigantic relief, supposedly representing Father Time or some rubbish of a naked young boy in close proximity to some old geezer. It looks like a stone carved advert for kiddie fiddling which I thought odd, but since the revelations about Saville and his likes it makes so much sense.


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