Friday 25 July 2014


Surely it is time to expose the Friends of Israel for what they are - Friends of Child Killers.

Friends of Child Killers

Hit by the Israelis, July 2014

An Israeli undercover policeman.


Hit by the Israelis, July 2014

An Israeli undercover policeman

  Hit by the Israelis, July 2014

Proud to a friend of child killers.

 Hit by the Israelis, July 2014


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On 25 July 2014, we learn that Rosdeep Adekoya has admitted the 'culpable homicide' of her young son Mikaeel Kular.

Rosdeep admits that in January 2014, in Edinburgh, she punched her three-year-old son to death.

Mikaeel was well known to social services.

Mikaeel attended a nursery school.

Read more:

There may be more to the story than meets the eye.

Mikaeel Kular, aged 3.

Rosdeep Kular's lover Mohamed Abdi was murdered on 26th May 2013.

"I know the guy got murdered.

"He lived at 2 Hawkhill close and his flat mate got killed 2 months earlier.

"He got murdered because the police raided 2 Hawkhill close and he was going to give evidence in 1 months time against the gang bringing the stuff into the country.

"He used to use private hire taxis to do his drug running and would pay them massive amounts for trips down souf.

"I know some drivers that got offered, should we say."

3 year old boy goes missing from house overnight - Page 25 - David Icke

Tribute to Mikaeel Kular

"The date Mikaeel Kular was reported missing was Thursday, January 16th.

"The occultists' favourite, the full moon, was the 16th."


Mohammed Omar Abdi and Rosdeep Kular

In May 2013, Mohammed Omar Abdi, a Pakistani originally from Kenya, was arrested after a major drug seizure in the Edinburgh area.

'Drug gang shot victim for talking to the police'

Abdi's father Omar is an Imam at the Edinburgh Central Mosque.

Abdi was released on bail and then shot dead.

­Abdi's associates reportedly shot him.


Abdi's home in Edinburgh's Gracemount area was vandalised before his murder.

Ali Hussein Mohammed was arrested in Kenya in connection with the killing of Abdi.

Samantha lewthwaite, who stayed at the home of Musa Hussein Abdi

Abdi seems to be a common surname in Kenya.

In Kenyan, Musa Hussein Abdi worked for al Qaeda.

Mohamed Ahmed Abdi is a suspect in the Kenyan mall attack.

Al Qaeda is suspected of being run by the Western security services, and financed by the drugs trade.


Mikaeel Kular lived in Muirhouse in Edinburgh.

The writer Irvine Welsh spent his childhood in Muirhouse.


Apparently, Irvine Welsh knew all about the Sir Jimmy Savile, 'who supplied boys and girls to the elite'.

The character Freddy Royle, in Irvine Welsh’s 1996 novel Ecstasy, would appear to be based on Savile.

Jimmy Savile reportedly abused children both at Haut de la Garenne on the island of Jersey and in Fife.

Mikael Kular's body was found in Kirkcaldy in Fife.

Rosdeep and Mikaeel gritting his teeth.

The Sunday Herald had it confirmed by a very senior source in British intelligence that at least one high-profile former Labour Cabinet minister is among Operation Ore (child abuse) suspects.

Pedophile - Rense

Reportedly, the security services run, and protect, the pedophile rings.

When he lived in Fife, Mikaeel Kular (above) was put into foster care, because of concerns for his welfare.

Ziggy Ford and her husband cared for Mikaeel, but Mikaeel was returned to his mother after social workers thought she could cope.

Mikaeel Kular 'was put into foster care '

The mystery of Mikaeel Kular (above) may remind some people of the mystery of John Kilbride.

John Kilbride.

John Kilbride 'was murdered by Ian Brady.'

Ian Brady 

Ian Brady worked for the top Scottish drugs gangster Arthur Thompson

Arthur Thompson worked for the British security service MI5.

(Moors Murderer Ian Brady brags of Scottish gangland links.) (Donal MacIntyre - erutufonnofuture)

One of the Kray twins and a boy who died very young.

Arthur Thompson was an associate of the Kray twins.

The Kray twins ran a pedophile ring for top people.


Rosdeep Kular with drugs gangster Mohammed Abdi, who was presumably known to MI5.

Ian Brady "implies he may have ... buried bodies at the Campsie Fells near Glasgow."

(CHILD KILLERS PROTECTED. Body of boy, 3, found in a burnt out car after his grandfather failed to repay debt to Italian mafia)

Here we see Mikaeel Kular looking drugged?

Social workers in Fife were in regular contact with Mikaeel's family before he died.

The police and social services failed Baby Peter.

The Elm Guest House boy brothel was regulary visited by police, social workers and politicians who enjoyed the company of the young boys.

Elm guest house; missing boys; Leon Brittan; Warwick Spinks


11-year-old Moira Anderson was last seen boarding a bus in Coatbridge, near Glasgow, Scotland.

According to The Sunday Times (Pressure on police to release paedophile dossier), 23 April 2006, Strathclyde Police have a dossier listing members of a child-abuse ring.

The dossier is said to implicate senior public figures, including senior police officers and members of the Crown Office and former Scottish Office.

Rosdeep Kular has three children by her husband Omotoso Adekunle Adekoya - two sons Tarun, nine, and David, seven, and daughter Renuka, five.

She has twins by a Pakistani called Zahid Saeed - son Mikaeel, three (centre) and daughter Ashika, three.

Here we see Ashika, but not Mikaeel.

Here we see Rosdeep in Kirkcaldy, in Fife, north of Edinburgh.

Mikaeel Kular comes from a part of Edinburgh associated with a famous pedophile ring.

Dana Fowley was just five when her mother allowed the ring to repeatedly rape her.

Interview: Dana Fowley, Rape victim - Carluke Gazette

MikaeelKularGordon Brown has apparently made NO comment.

In Kirkcaldy, in Fife, forensics officers checked a wooded area "where they appeared to investigate an unidentified blue van, which was parked on the cordoned-off track and flanked by police vehicles."

Kirkcaldy in Fife.

Mention of twins and bodies in woods could suggest Satanic Ritual Abuse.

A Dutch boy was murdered in February 2013. He was Moroccan by ethnicity, and also had a twin sister.

Mikaeel's body was found in woodland, after he went missing the previous day. -ritual-murder

On 1 September 2002, it was reported that five young children in Fife, one aged five, had told police of Satanic ritual abuse. 

Five men were investigated by the police.


Kirkcaldy is about 25 miles from Edinburgh, where Rosdeep and her children have their home.

Mikaeel may have died in 2013?

"Teachers at Flora Stevenson primary school nursery, Edinburgh, last saw Mikaeel at the end of term, 19 December 2013.

"A teenage witness claims she saw Mikaeel, wearing a green jumper, playing inside his city home with his twin sister on 13 January 2014."

"But other neighbours have said Mikaeel has not been seen since the start of the year.

Khalida Hussain, 30, who lives just 20 yards from Mikaeel’s house, said: “We last saw him out playing here about a week before Christmas.” / Mikaeel Kular.

Just before midnight on 17 January 2014, the body of three-year-oldMikaeel Kular was found in woodland just yards from his motherRosdeep's former home in Kirkcaldy in Fife.

Rosdeep's former house is currently occupied by Rosdeep's sister Pandeep.

Dunvegan Avenue in Kirkcaldy, where the body was found.

Rosdeep's mother Harjinder, a retired doctor, lives nearby.

Mikaeel was known to social services in Fife, which suggests problems of possible abuse.

Gordon Brown is the Member of parliament for Kirkcaldy.

Fife is a county just North of Edinburgh.

The police have made no mention of any well-connected pedophile ring.

Sex -

Rosdeep with drugs gangster Mohammed Omar Abdi, 25, who was killed in a gang gun battle in Edinburgh in 2013. Abdi is the son of a senior Muslim cleric

Rosdeep Kular's mother is currently married to Dr Bangarpet Krishnaswamy, 69, a doctor originally from Bangalore, who also develops properties in Scotland.

Jacintha Saldhana was from BangaloreKATE and WILLIAM NURSE MYSTERY

Dr Bangarpet Krishnaswamy is the director of East Neuk Healthcare, which owns a 40-bed nursing home in Anstruther, Fife.

Rosdeep ran a mobile health and beauty studio and has also been listed as a director at an IT company.

Rosdeep has links to groups promoting parties and disc jockies.

Read more:

A report into Sir Jimmy Savile’s sex abuse revealed he had struck in Fife.

New Fife claim over Jimmy Savile sex abuse

Crime writer Val McDermid comes from Kirkcaldy in Fife.

Val McDermid has stated that Vance, a TV celebrity with a secret lust for torture, murder and under-age girls who featured in the Wire in the Blood and two later books, is based on her direct personal experience of interviewing Jimmy Savile.[2]

Paedophile able to offend again and again - Kirkintilloch Herald / ukpaedos-exposed ... kirkcaldy

If you Google: "Mikaeel Kular pedophile ring", you will find that little comes up. Expect a cover-up, now that Kirkcaldy has been mentioned.

Mikaeeel may have died towards the end of 2013?

The family live in a block of flats

He had a faded scar on the bridge of his nose and a sore on the left hand side of his mouth.

Mikaeel’s mother, Rosdeep, worked as a 'beauty therapist'.

Some sources say she is of Indian origin and some sources say she is of Pakistani origin.

She was married to Omotoso Adekunle Adekoya and the couple originally lived in Fife.

Glenrothes in Fife

They married in Glenrothes in 2004 before moving to Edinburgh and had two sons Tarun, nine, and David, seven, and daughter Renuka, five.

The couple split and Rosdeep moved back to Kirkcaldy before she met another man and gave birth to twins, Mikaeel Zayn Kular and Ashika Miskinah Rosie Kular.

She gave birth to Mikaeel and twin sister Ashika in 2010 but no father is named on the birth certificate. / Mikaeel Kular missing: Police search for three-year-old boy in ...

Police outside the flats

One neighbour, who asked not to be named, said: "We heard that there had been trouble in the stair in the morning.

"I’m not sure what went on but a man ran out wearing a hoody shortly before the police came.

"My daughter was watching from the window and said that a man wearing a dark hoody ran out the building, but she didn’t know what had happened inside.”

The police

Mikael has a twin sister.

Twins are often used by the security services in mind control operations designed to produce sex slaves.

Anonymous comments:

Without disputing anything you've written here it occurs to me that Mikaeel wasn't actually the point of the exercise. I'm thinking that that unfortunate lot would fall to his twin sister.

According to the sundry books on MKULTRA / SRA that I've read it seems it's invariably the lot of twins that one be sacrificed in order to more rigidly embed the programming of the other. Doubtless the act would also carry some variety of occult significance but only of the dog and pony variety, ie. it's 'magick' being nothing more than a trick designed to further delude the foolish.

Either way, I have Mikaeel's sister, Akisha, pegged as 'girl most likely to suffer the unspeakable'. God pity her.

Some of the children.

Rosdeep Kular

Mikaeel, aged 3

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