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Tuesday, 17 June 2014


David Payne

Apparently, Katherine Gaspar felt that she had been replaced by the Paynes as good friends of the McCanns.

Apparently, Katherine Gaspar concocted a story for the police.

The story involves Madeleine McCann, aged around two, sucking her fingers.

Much of the abuse, by trolls, of the Mccann family is based on Katherine Gaspar's wobbly statement.

David Payne

In 2005, Dr Katherine Zacharias Gaspar and her husband Arul were on holiday in Majorca with the McCanns and others.

In 2007, Katherine Gaspar made this statement to the police:

One night ... the adults ... were all sitting around on a patio outside the house...

I was sitting between Gerry (McCann) and Dave (Payne) and I think both were talking about Madeleine. 

I can’t remember the conversation in its entirety, but they seemed to be discussing a particular scenario. 

I remember Dave saying to Gerry something about ‘she’, meaning Madeleine, ‘would do this’.

While he mentioned the word ‘this’, Dave was doing the action of sucking one of his fingers, pushing it in and out of his mouth, while with his other hand he was doing a circle around his nipple, with a circular movement around his clothes... 

A statement made by Dr Katherine Gaspar’s husband, Dr Arul Savio Gaspar:

We planned a holiday together for the first week of September 2005 in Majorca, together with three other couples including Kate and Gerry...

 Kate and Gerry had three children, Madeleine - almost two...

The other couples were Fiona and David Payne and their daughter Lily who was one year old...

During the period we stayed at the villa I remember a gesture made by David Payne. 

I do not remember the context of the conversation between David and Gerry, but I do remember seeing David use his left index finger to rub his nipple, using circular movements, whilst he put his right index finger into his mouth, touching his tongue...

 We never commented on this gesture during the rest of the holiday and I thought no more about it...

 I can say that Dave was a pleasant person. 

I do not remember him having any unusual characteristics.

During the holidays Dave never behaved in an inappropriate manner with Madeleine or with any of the other children. 

Dave was popular with the children and I took this to be because he was a close friend to the family.

I never distrusted Dave...

At the time I did not feel the gesture was referring to Madeleine.

The Gasper`s statement

The following comes from STEEL MAGNOLIA - 6 06 SEPTEMBER 2010:

Katherine was sitting in between David and Gerry, they were having a conversation.

This is where I have a problem, the placing of Katherine; to see both she would have a had to turn to face one and then turn back to face the other; plus the rudeness of holding a conversation whilst someone is in the centre of you both being ignored...

Why Katherine, so concerned about David Payne, still let him bathe her child is a mystery...

Dr.Arul Gaspar has not mentioned in his statement the concerns of his wife about Payne and bathing their child. 

The reason could be that these words were never spoken, or if they were he does not remember...

Katherine when she walked into the police station that day, did she walk in as a truly concerned parent who had doubts about David Payne?..

Or were her motives out of spite?..

When giving her statement ,the Detective would have noticed her demeanor. 

Most of her statement has little to do with Madeleine but a lot to do with her dislike of David Payne. 

I would imagine this was noticed by the police and the possible reason it was not forwarded on to PJ…

A woman scorned and using the most wicked way to get back at the couple who had taken her place?

...Do the Gaspars even exist? 

We have seen a photograph of every character who has played a part in this charade. 

The only people we have not seen are the Gaspars...


  1. I have just spent 20 minutes confirming these two do exist.

    Dr Katerina Zacharias Gaspar is a director of Shenley Green Surgery Ltd. This is an NHS surgery in Birmingham. See here

    Arul Savio Gaspar was a director of Twelve Powderham Crescent Management Company Ltd until funnily enough 30/4/2007. Didn't Maddy go missing shortly after this date?

    12 Powderham Crescent is an address in Exeter. An Arul S Gaspar and Katerina Z Gaspar shared an address in Exeter according to the electoral register. Exact address cannot be provided without a premium account, but this is enough of a coincidence given the unusual name permutations. Electoral role searches for Arul S Gaspar confirm 3 subsequent addresses in Birmingham.

    I conclude that these individuals do exist, but perhaps protect their privacy, hence no public photos.

  2. Who lets friends bathe their children? What kind of a holiday was this?

  3. Comments here...

  4. I remember as an 11 year old (girl) bathing with my mother present. A woman friend of hers came into the bathroom and stood looking at me. I deeply resented this intrusion. I do not think ANYONE except parents should bath babies/children. Children of any age should never bath with a male present. Parents should be very careful of a male who offers to 'help' or likes to attend 'bathtime'!

    1. In parts of the Third World, women and girls go in for communal washing in the rivers and canals.