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In the above video we see Elliot Rodger's father Peter Rodger with Hugh Jackman, the star of Bryan Singer's X-Men.

Above we see Bryan Singer with Hugh Jackman.

Above we see Bryan Singer and Frankie Donjae

Above we see Hugh Jackman and his adopted son Oscar.

Li Chin, who "was a friend of Steven Spielberg and dated George Lucas".

Elliot Rodger's parents, Peter Rodger and Li Chin, were divorced.

Elliot Rodger’s stepmother, Soumaya Akaaboune, is the daughter of a top spy with links to the US security services.


Beverly Hills doctor Stephen M. Scappa said that Elliot, at the age of eight, was possibly suffering from "depression or anxiety" rather than Autism.

Trouble Since Age 8.

James Holmes

Elliot was treated by the gay Dr Charles Sophy who was involved with Michael Jackson and James Holmes.

Michael Jackson and James Holmes are said to have been mind-controlled by the CIA.

Michael Jackson's father allegedly allowed Michael to be abused by a powerful pedophile ring.

School Shooter Training Event at Topanga Elementary, 2013.

Elliot attended Topanga Elementary School.

Elliot Rodger, towards the end of his school career, attended a school called Independence Continuation High School in Van Nuys, 'a small public school with intensive individual attention.'

The principal of the school, Ms. Smith, said of Elliot: "He presented as very innocent."
The CIA and its friends in Hollywood allegedly kill off some of their child sex slaves when they cease to be teenagers.

Child actor Christopher Pettiet (above) died in mysterious circumstances in 2000, at the age of 24.

Brad Renfro (right) in Apt Pupil. Brad died in 2008 at the age 25

Child actor River Phoenix (above left) who died in mysterious circumstances in 1993 at the age of 23.


Child actor Jonathan Brandis (above) died in mysterious circumstances in 2003, at the age of 27.

Cory Haim, who died in 2010.

Elliot Rodger - mind controlled sex slave?

Just a few miles away from where Elliot Rodger lived is Laurel Canyon, in the Hollywood Hills region of Los Angeles.

Laurel Canyon

Billy Bryars, the son of an oil magnate, ran a 'boy brothel' at the summit of Laurel Canyon.

Customers at the boy brothel were said to include J. Edgar Hoover and his 'gay' partner Clyde Tolson.

Inside The Laurel Canyon.

Godot Paulekas, who was one of many people who died in mysterious circumstances at laurel Canyon. LAUREL CANYON

Reportedly the CIA and its psychiatrists were involved in the mind control of many celebrities at Laurel Canyon.

Inside The Laurel Canyon.

James Dean and his father Winton. 

James Dean lived in Laurel Canyon.

James Dean's father Winton Dean got a job at the Sawtelle Veteran's Administration Hospital in Los Angeles.

Veterans Administration Hospitals have been used for CIA mind-control. 

Mind-Control Programming Sites.

Elliot Rodger meeting Hollywood people

James Dean mixed with the Satanist filmmakers.

Dean told a friend, "I've had my cock sucked by five of the biggest names in Hollywood...".

Dean said that when he first moved to Hollywood, he worked, with his friend Nick Adams, as a street hustler (rent boy).

Dean and co-star Sal Mineo used to go to Las Palmas and Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood to pick up someone for sex.

Matt & Andrej Koymasky.

According to one Conspiracy Theory, Dean was killed by the CIA.

Gay couple Charles Sophy (left) and Bruce Voss (right) and Benjamin Sophy-voss (centre)

Elliot Rodger named Dr Charles Sophy as one of his psychiatrists.

Dr. Charles Sophy's domestic partner is Bruce Voss.

Dr. Charles Sophy currently serves as the Medical Director for the Los Angeles County Department of Children and family Services (DCFS), the nation's largest Child Welfare System.

As Medical Director, Sophy is responsible for directing the physical and mental health, as well as assisting in ensuring the safety, of over 40,000 foster care children.

Elliot Rodger (above with father and sister) did not have the Autism disorder called Asperger's Syndrome.

According to a spokesman for the Rodger family, Elliot Rodger was never diagnosed with Autism or Asperger's.

Rodger’s manifesto did not mention communication difficulties or anything about receiving any educational services.

He never mentions anything to do with Autism.

Elliot Rodger Was Never Diagnosed With Autism

Police officers, "who spend their days dealing with violent, troubled people", described Elliot Rodger as "polite and courteous."

Child being mind-controlled by the CIA.

Elliot Rodger does mention meetings with a 'life coach' called Tony and the psychiatrist who prescribed him  medication called Risperidone which is associated with CIA mind control.

HOW THEY CAN BRAINWASH YOU. / Elliot Rodger Was Never Diagnosed With Autism

Simon Astaire, a family friend,  was appointed to speak for the Rodger family and he told The Telegraph that Elliot had been seeing psychiatrists since an early age.

Sophy with porn actress Mary Carey.

A Beverly Hills 'psychiatrist' named Charles Sophy treated Elliot Rodger until Autumn 2013.

Sophy has Lebanese Christian origins. 

The CIA is said to employ a number of Lebanese Christians.

Sophy's clients have reportedly included Paris Hilton, Spice Girl Mel B and Russell Armstrong who died in mysterious circumstances.

Is Dr. Charles Sophy Paris Hilton's Mind Control Handler?

Sophy was 'closely involved' with the Michael Jackson child abuse case in 2003.

Psych Watch

Michael Jackson is believed to have been mind controlled by the CIA.

Elliot Rodger (above) probably did not kill anyone.

Mohamed Atta and his friends did not bring down the Twin Towers.

Adam Lanza, Anders Breivik and Ajmal Kasab are innocent patsies.

This is Anders Breivik with the big ears and big nose.

This is Breivik's double, who was one of the shooters in Norway.

Pietro Valpreda

Pietro Valpreda's name was splashed across the media as being "the monster of Piazza Fontana"[4]

Pietro was sent to prison for carrying out the 1969 Piazza Fontana bombing.

He was cleared sixteen years later.[1]

Friends of the CIA carried out the Piazza Fontana bombing.

In May 1998, in Jakarta, soldiers were disguised as rioting students. The students got blamed for many deaths. Reportedly the CIA organised the May 1998 coup.

In the Pentagon's Operation Northwoods, the idea was for the Pentagon to kill innocent Americans and then blame the killings on Cuba.

The Elliot Rodger story is part of a psyop.

Elliot Rodger had a friend called Philip Bloeser (above).

Philip says: "I can honestly say this was the last thing I could ever imagine him doing.

"Yes, he was shy and yes he was awkward, but that was it.

"The person described in that manifesto and the person on the YouTube recording is not the person I knew. 

"In the video, he even sounds different, he puts on a different voice. 

"It’s almost demonic.

"And I was amazed to hear him talk so much and so articulately..."

Philip’s mother Cathleen Bloeser gave an interview over the phone in which she said Rodger had invited Philip and another friend called Addison to come to his apartment on the day of the massacre.


The US government pretended that the Spanish politician above was Osama bin Laden. FBI'S BIN LADEN IS A SPANIARD.

It is our belief that Elliot Rodger did not write his manifesto.

We believe that Anders Breivik did not write his manifesto.

We believe that the Elliot Rodger videos are as fake as the Osama bin Laden videos.

WE believe that the official story of Adam Lanza is an invention.

Adam LANZA is Ryan Lanza.

The purpose of the Elliot Rodger story is to 'divide and rule'.

The idea is to get us divided over the issues of gender, class, gun control and race.

A divided population is more easy to control.

The purpose of the Breivik manifesto was to get us divided on such issues as race.

The purpose of the Osama bin Laden story was to get us aroused on issues such as religion.

And the purpose of all these psyops is to get us scared, so that we will turn to the government for protection.


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At 1 June 2014 at 00:43 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
Psych Watch - Wednesday, June 20, 2007
Paris Hilton's Psychiatrist Doctor is not an M.D.

Update: Note that the anti-osteopath bias is as seen on Radar Online, although this may have been picked up from one of their sources. We have observed a number of message boards where the MD vs DO debate has been running hot and heavy. It is our understanding that being an MD is a prerequisite to being a Psychiatrist, since it is a prerequisite for a license to prescribe drugs. Here's the hot news ....

Radar has discovered that Dr. Charles Sophy, the psychiatrist that visited Paris Hilton in jail and aided with her initial release, is neither the UCLA professor his website claims he is, nor the board-certified M.D. he's reputed to be. (Not that anyone could tell by reading his press, which often cites him as an M.D.)

Sophy is actually a D.O., or Doctor of Osteopathy. Though osteopaths are still considered licensed doctors in America (not, however, in Europe) and Sophy serves as the legitimate medical director of the L.A. County Department of Family and Child Services, he does not seem eager to tout his full credentials—perhaps because a D.O. is considered by many M.D.s to be the fake Rolex of the medical profession.

Sophy claims on his website that he is triple board certified in psychiatry, family practice, and adolescent psychiatry, though he makes no reference to the fact that these are osteopathic boards and not titles issued by the Medical Board of California. Sources from both the Medical and Osteopathic boards confirm his background.

Even more suspect, Dr. Sophy, who often appears as an expert on PBS and Fox News, claims to hold an Associate Clinical Professorship at the University of California, Los Angeles, Neuro-Psychiatric Institute—which he does not.

Instead, according to academic officials at UCLA, Sophy is merely a volunteer clinical instructor. "This is an entry-level position at best," the source tells Radar. "He cannot claim himself to be a professor here by any means."

This is not the first red flag when it comes to Sophy's practices. In the Hilton case, he has made unauthorized, early morning visits to Paris throughout the trial and has argued to keep her out of court on the grounds that she is "not capable" of testifying. Fishier still, Sophy was closely involved with the Michael Jackson molestation case in 2003 and was accused of leaking a social worker's memo about the pop star's innocence to the press—a memo he had unique access to from his then-newly minted position as director of the L.A. County DFCS. He would not comment on the memo, telling the press simply: "I'm involved in the Jackson case ... but not the way that you think."

Several phone calls to Dr. Sophy's office and the L.A County DFCS were not returned.
He could be in very big trouble if he was prescribing psychiatric drugs, dangerous as they are, without an appropriate license.

At 1 June 2014 at 00:50 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
NECN - January 08, 2013
Preliminary hearing continues in Colo. movie theater massacre case

(NECN/NBC News: Leanne Gregg, Centennial, Colo.) - The unfolding of mass murder continues Tuesday as prosecutors methodically outline their case against 24-year-old James Holmes.

On the first day of testimony, Aurora police officers fought to hold back tears as they described efforts to rush victims to the hospital, and the bloody scene inside the theater.

The sounds of people screaming, an alarm going off, and cell phones ringing are difficult for family members of victims to hear.

"It's heartbreaking the entire testimony from the officers," says Sam Soudani, whose daughter survived the shooting.

One of the officers said at first he thought James Holmes was a SWAT patrolman because of how he was dressed.

Holmes, he said, was completely compliant during his arrest and told officers about bombs in his apartment.

Theater surveillance video showed Holmes arriving for the "Dark Knight Rises" premiere around midnight. Records show he bought his ticket to the movie online weeks before.

One psychiatrist says that could mean prior planning of the attack.

"You can be in a detached state of mind, a psychotic state of mind, a not clear thinking poor state of mind, either because of a mental health problem or something else, and be planning this stuff and be premeditated," says psychiatrist ****Dr. Charles Sophy.****

There is no word from prosecutors about whether they will seek the death penalty if the case goes to trial.

"Not only is this not a 'whodunnit,' but it's very likely a mission, from the defense perspective, just to save their client's life," says legal expert Darren Kavinoky.

Life in prison, he says, would be a huge victory for the defense.

At 1 June 2014 at 01:23 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
June 23, 2009
Generation of Kids Hooked on Psych Drugs

Featured in the debate were, Kelly O’Meara, author of the book, “Psyched Out: How Psychiatry Sells Mental Illness and Pushes Pills that Kill,” and Dr Charles Sophy, a psychiatrist in private practice in Los Angeles, who serves as medical director of the LA County Department of Children and Family Services. They were each given 30 seconds for an opening statement.

“It’s a two-part problem,” O’Meara explained.

“It’s the diagnosis itself that’s not based in science or medicine,” she pointed out. “There is no objective test that you can give children or adults to prove that you actually have some sort of psychiatric abnormality.”

“And the second part, of course, is the drugging,” she said, “the prescription drugs that are doled out to treat these so-called disorders.”

“I would say that we’re at epidemic levels,” O’Meara stated. “And it’s been going on for a long time.”

***Sophy then responded with his opening remarks.***

“I would say that I think it’s very important to understand that these are really true symptoms that these children are — are suffering from,” he said.

“Whether they are attached to a true disorder is an issue that maybe can be a debate for science,” he continued.

“However,” he said, “there’s a lot of research behind those disorders.”

“And, remember,” Sophy added, “the medications are used to treat symptoms, to get them out of the way, so those children and those families can benefit from other treatments that will last them lifelong time.”

“Well, I would argue,” O’Meara said, “that the FDA, when they looked at all the clinical trial data for all of the psychotropic drugs, the SSRIs, what they found was that patients did just as well on a placebo as they did on the drug.”

She pointed out that ADHD drugs are stimulants in the category of a Schedule-2 drug.
From 1993 through the first three months of 2008, 1,207 children on Risperdal suffered serious adverse events, including 31 who died, according to a report in the November 18, 2008 New York Times.

The deaths included a 9-year-old child, receiving Risperdal for the unapproved use of ADHD, who suffered a stroke twelve days after starting the drug. At least 11 of the deaths were in children whose treatment was for an unapproved use.

In May 2009, CBS News reported that Risperdal was causing boys to grow breasts due to increased prolactin levels caused by the drug. The news segment featured a boy who was prescribed Risperdal for ADHD, and had to undergo a double mastectomy to remove the breasts.

Philadelphia attorney, Steve Sheller, represents ***six boys who developed breasts after taking Risperdal, in lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson. Two have had mastectomies.***

On June 3, 2009, Medscape reported that findings presented at the American Psychiatric Association annual Meeting, on the preliminary results from the "Metabolic Effects of Antipsychotics in Children" study, "show that 12 weeks of initial antipsychotic treatment was associated with significant mean increases in overall adiposity and percentage of body fat, as well as a decrease in whole-body insulin sensitivity."

"Further," Medscape said, "the investigators found antipsychotic treatment was also linked to significant increases in body-mass index (BMI) percentile and fasting plasma triglyceride levels, both clinically available indicators of adverse metabolic changes associated with increased adiposity."

At 1 June 2014 at 01:37 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
Los Angeles DCFS Help - May 01, 2013
Department of Children and Family Services

Dr. Charles Sophy Uses the Fisher Wallace Stimulator
Daily Beast - 30 November 2010
Fisher Wallace Stimulator: Behind the do it yourself shock therapy

Can This Gadget Cure Depression?

Electroshock therapy has a long and notorious reputation, but the new Fisher Wallace Stimulator promises to alleviate a host of disorders—at home. Casey Schwartz takes the device for a test drive.
[Blahblahblah...sales pitch]

At 1 June 2014 at 01:37 , Anonymous Sullen Boy said...

Nice piece of work.

At 1 June 2014 at 01:42 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fisher Wallace Stimulator shock therapy with Risperidone.

Oh man! Toss in some ritualistic sex abuse and the home mind-control kit is complete.


At 1 June 2014 at 02:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
Los Angeles Magazine - Jan 2003

[Page 114]
Misty is a perfect example of how the system has gone awry, says ****Dr. Charles Sophy****, the psychiatrist who runs MacLaren [Hall]'s mental health services. In the old days her story would have been different. ****"If we could have restrained her, if we could have forced her**** to get insulin, she'd be alive," he says. "But we protected Misty's rights, and she's dead. If we are going to stand in the place of the parent, we need to go all the way. Would a responsible parent have sent Misty on her way?"

Police probe clears Michael Jackson of new child abuse allegations
The "sensitive case" memo was prepared at the direction of Dr. Charles Sophy, a high-ranking DCFS official who joined the department in late-March, a month after the Jackson probe was completed. The memo was authored by Jennifer Hottenroth, a DCFS assistant regional administrator. In a brief telephone interview yesterday morning, Hottenroth declined to speak about her memo, saying, "I can't talk about it...I can refer you to our public affairs person. I can't comment on any of this." Sophy did not return a message left with his assistant...
Defending Michael Beyond The Dance
Fall-- Michael throws a party for eighty abused or neglected children
from the Village of Childhelp in Beaumont, California.*** Later he hosted
fifty children from Maclaren Hall*** and the Make a Wish Foundation at his
home in California.

MacLaren Hall was a notorious state run child "protection" institution in America that warehoused thousands of children from the 1950's to 2003, when it was shut down from too many child deaths...

Our stories of surviving MacLaren Hall are as hidden as all of our records from MacLaren Hall which the County claims it has "misplaced" and "lost." We are still dealing with the aftermath of the horrors of what we saw in MacLaren Hall as children and teens, in our adult years. In MacLaren Hall, children were brutalized, raped, molested, beaten, tortured, and yes, even killed...

At 1 June 2014 at 02:50 , Blogger Newspaceman said...

Not sure if this is relevant, but if you look into the "talk page" on Elliott on wikpedia, alllegedly he was previously banned for editing entries (removing sexual images) relating to foot fetish and fellatio. It seemingly is the "right" Elliot, as previously he had amended/edited his (Scottish rooted) grandfather's entry.

In the context of what you write here, perhaps viewing the images affected him in some way, given there appeared to be a few attempts by E.R. to "vandalise".

Scroll down to Rodger's wikipedia edits.

Note too, given you mentioned numbers in a previous related post, that he was "banned" on 22/2/2013.

At 1 June 2014 at 03:08 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
"Dr." Sophy - About im

November 2003 – Present
Medical Director, County of Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services, Interim Chief Deputy Director (Acting) (April–October 2004) Los Angeles, California
January 2003 – Present
Child/Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry, Private Practice Beverly Hills, California,
September 1999 – Present
Clinical Instructor, University of California Los Angeles, Neuropsychiatric Institute, Los Angeles, California
**March 2001 – May 2003**
***Medical/Clinical Director, MacLaren Children’s Center***, County of Los Angeles, Department of Mental Health, Los Angeles, California October
1998 – March 2001
***Medical Director, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, County of Los Angeles, Department of Mental Health Children’s System of Care Sector 1,*** Los Angeles, California
October 1998 – April 2002
*Child/Adolescent Psychiatry, Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall, Los Angeles, California*
January 1997 – March 2001
*Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, County of Los Angeles, Department of Mental Health Children’s System of Care, Long Beach, California*
June 1996 – April 2001
Primary Care, Citizens Medical Group, Los Angeles, California
June 1995 – May 2001
American College of Osteopathic, Neuropsychiatry Board Member
June 1993 – October 2001
American College of Osteopathic, Neuropsychiatry Board Examiner
***November 1995 – June 1996***
Child/Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry, Private Practice, ***Wilton, Connecticut***
July 1992 – October 1995
Child/Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry, Private Practice, Palm Springs, California
August 1992 – December 1994
Consultant, Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center, Rancho Mirage, California
August 1992 – December 1993
Clozaril Program Outpatient Coordinator, Riverside Community Mental Health Center, Indio, California
August 1992 – December 1992
Child/Adolescent Day Treatment Program, Medical Director, Canyon Springs Hospital, Cathedral City, California

Wilton, Connecticut is a county less than 20 miles from Sandy Hook, Newtown.
Only town in the county is Georgetown, Ct.

At 1 June 2014 at 03:17 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

EDIT about Wilton, Connecticut.

Wilton is town located in center of Fairfield County, Connecticut. It's a half hour's drive to Sandy Hook.

At 1 June 2014 at 04:26 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 1 June 2014 at 11:16 , Blogger shirlz007 said...

Apologies to break the subject Aang/Irfan

UK's potential serial killer, Christopher Halliwell (this has been on going for a number of years)

- PUBLICALLY REALEASED number of potential number of victims since 1996 - Six

-PRIVATELY amongst different investigating officers. ????

-‘potential offending period of more than 30 years’.
-First talked of serial killing in 84. Released in 88.
-The methodical and forensically expert manner in which the first known victim Becky Godden-Edwards (in Wilts area) was murdered (reported missing in 07) would indicate he may have had a history of killing.
-Halliwell could not remember the year he killed Becky Godden-Edwards (03, 04 or 05) would indicate she was not his first victim. (one of potentially many)
-First potential victim (Melanie Hall) in (again in Wilts area) 1996.
-The fact he owned over 80 cabs, across Britain.
-Worked across Britain in cabs. Worked in construction. Holidayed across Britain in his narrow boat.

“We know he travelled all over the country working as a driver, or in the construction industry, and we are also looking at where he took his holidays on his narrow boat. He could have left victims anywhere in the UK.

“There is evidence from the way he disposed of Becky’s body, with all clothing and jewellery removed, that he was very forensically aware. Books on forensics were found in his loft.”

Halliwel. regularly spent time alone in his own narrow boat on the Kennet and Avon canal, which he has since sold.

Almost no evidence of Halliwell’s forensic “footprint” could be found in the home he shared with his 55-year-old ex-lover.

A source said: “It was as if he didn’t live there. It leads us to ask if he has some other premises, a lock-up or similar, somewhere else, which does contain his life and - horrifically - maybe trophies of his victims.”

I have got a sickening gut feeling (and I know a number of investigating officers will share this)... This may only be the tip of the iceberg. I sincerely hope this investigation is being co-ordinated properly, and information is being shared across the country. The man is a textbook psychopath. Friendly, charming, able to extract information from his potential victims, meaning he only killed those who would not be reported missing, or had personal problems. Had a wife and family.
This could be horrific... he's refusing to give any information unless he has to. He hasn't killed for fame or to play games with law enforcement... he's done it out necessity, to satisfy his own urges. Sadly, the number of victims may never be known.

At 1 June 2014 at 12:37 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 2 June 2014 at 01:10 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

JACKMAN is gay anyway, makes sense

At 2 June 2014 at 02:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jimmy Savile's youngest victim was just TWO: Shocking evidence reveals how 'worst ever' paedophile abused 500

At 2 June 2014 at 03:59 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
The Star - 27 May 2014
Elliot recounts memories of Penang in last document

According to the document that is being circulated on the Internet, his mother had gone to England to work as a nurse on several film sets.

“She became friends with important individuals in the film industry including George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. She even dated George Lucas for a short time,” he wrote.

His mother was 30 when she gave birth to him, he said.
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Cast & Crew - 1989
Directed by
Steven Spielberg

Writing credits (WGA)
George Lucas (characters) and
Philip Kaufman (characters)
George Lucas (story) and
Menno Meyjes (story)

Other crew
***Li Chin Tye*** .... unit nurse
Li Chin Tye

Miscellaneous Crew (6 credits)
1990 White Hunter Black Heart (nurse)
1990 Nuns on the Run (unit nurse)
1989 Henry V (unit nurse)
1989 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (unit nurse)
1988 High Spirits (unit nurse)
1987 The Princess Bride (first aid)
Chin Rodger
Thanks (1 credit)
Broken (Short) (thanks) - 2012/X

At 2 June 2014 at 09:04 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

They hide in plain sight

So now it is time

To shine a bright light

Correction in terms of 9/11

They hide in plane sight

So better ask was there

Really any crash site?

So what They did with Tiananmen now They are trying to do with 9/11, 7/7, OKC, Waco...

And who is helping them - Fox News.

Yeah that's right Fox.

And what does that spell?


Carol A. Valentine

At 2 June 2014 at 09:28 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
Screen Daily - 6 November, 2013
Screen unveils 2013 Stars of Tomorrow: Brits in LA

Feature on rising Brits working in Los Angeles spotlights the likes of actor Agyness Deyn, writer Arash Amel, and director Peter Rodger.

Screen International has today unveiled its inaugural Stars of Tomorrow: Brits in LA.

This special feature, building on our decade-old UK Stars of Tomorrow, spotlights British filmmakers and actors living and working in Los Angeles.

Those profiled include:
•Aml Ameen, actor
•Arash Amel, writer
•Agyness Deyn, actor
•JJ Feild, actor
•Elyes Gabel, actor
•Alex Hardcastle, director
•Dominic Mitchell, writer
•Nathan Parker, writer
•Laura Pulver, actor
•Rebecca Reid, actor
•Peter Rodger, director
•Miguel Sapochnik, director

An industry reception was held for the Stars last night at the Thompson Beverly Hills.

[I guess daddy was prepped last year for his big "Hunger Games"-live debut.]

At 2 June 2014 at 09:53 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
Richard Horowitz

... ****Horowitz also worked on many other fund raising projects including the NRDC (National Resources Defense Council directed by Peter Rodger in 2001.****
A film by Peter Rodger


***Rodger did, however, manage to find Muslim Militants to interview***, though it meant travelling deep into the hidden areas of Northern India’s state of Jammu and Kashmir. ***“I had help from powerful friends,” reveals Rodger***. “But getting these extremists to talk on camera, given language barriers and the very charged nature of the questions, was difficult. Underneath it all, they’re just poor, ill-educated villagers who are scared and brainwashed into carrying out evil men’s work.”
...the multi-award winning commercial director, who whose clients have included Toyota, Coca Cola, Canon, U.S. West, and ***the National Resources Defense Council***. It took 13 months of editing, along with a production, postproduction and distribution budget augmented by South American investor Horacio Altamirano...
Q. Speaking of children, the children in the cancer center you interviewed were extremely
touching and profound. What made you decide to interview them?
Children seem to be vessels of what can be described as Godliness. I love the truth of children, the generosity of their spirits. ***I felt that the most accurate or inspired opinion on God could come from a child who is facing possible death...
Q. Your worldwide premiere of the film took place at the Jerusalem International Film Festival...
Natural Resources Defense Council

Frances Beinecke is the current President. Peter Lehner is the Executive Director. On June 14, 2010, Beinecke was appointed by President Barack Obama to the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

NRDC's stated priorities include curbing global warming, political activity advocating their "Clean Energy Future" policy proposals, a statement that they are interested in "reviving the world's oceans," defending endangered wildlife and wild places, protecting the public health by preventing pollution, ensuring "safe and sufficient water," and fostering "sustainable communities,
A Proactive Planning Tool for Renewable Energy Development

A partnership between ***NRDC*** and the US Department of Defense

At 2 June 2014 at 10:29 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
Richard Horowitz

****Horowitz also worked on many other fund raising projects including the NRDC (National Resources Defense Council directed by Peter Rodger in 2001.****
NRDC Press Release - 3 May 2001

NRDC Counters Cheney Energy Speech With TV Commercial Blasting President for Breaking Pledge to Cut Power Plant Pollution

Group also establishes new Climate Center to build support for addressing global warming

NEW YORK (May 3, 2001) - Calling Vice President Cheney's prescription for U.S. energy policy the "more pollution solution," NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) today began airing a paid television ad blasting President Bush for breaking his campaign pledge to reduce global-warming-causing carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. On Monday, the vice president outlined the Bush administration's energy plans, which call for increased reliance on coal - the dirtiest of the fossil fuels.

NRDC also announced today it has established the NRDC Climate Center to challenge the Bush administration's attempts to scuttle the international treaty on global warming. The center will combine top-notch science resources with a strong legal team and the latest in Internet-based activism.

"The administration's solution to our energy problems is to drill more wells and burn more coal, which will make the global warming problem worse," said Gregory Wetstone, NRDC's director of advocacy. "But even this pollution solution is 10 years away from providing more energy. Meanwhile, it's faster, cheaper and cleaner to meet our energy needs by increasing energy efficiency and increasing our use of renewable energy technologies."

The television spot opens with a mansion's gate opening, revealing a long driveway. Under a music score, a voiceover says: "The oil and coal lobby contributed millions to its new leader." As the camera pulls back to reveal that the mansion in question is the White House, the voiceover says: "Problem is, he's also our president." The spot ends by urging people to go to NRDC's Internet site where they can tell the president "not to break his campaign promise to clean up global warming pollution."

The ad, prepared by Underground Advertising in San Francisco, will have a three-week run beginning today on cable networks on systems in New York; Washington, D.C.; Denver; Baltimore; Tallahassee; St. Petersburg; Philadelphia; Portland, Maine; Portland, Oregon; Raleigh, and Concord, New Hampshire. The ad comes on the heels of another by NRDC -- its first ever -- voicing opposition to the president's plan to drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

***"This television ad marks the beginning of NRDC Climate Center's effort to hold public officials accountable for their positions on global warming*** and provide citizens with solid information on solutions," said David Hawkins, director of the center.

"Although the center will be grounded in the most current science and economics, it will be decidedly ***campaign-oriented***," he added. "NRDC will use the center to mobilize public opinion by developing state-of-the-art communications strategies to deliver the truth about global warming to the public and demonstrate support for strong action to attack the threat."

Only video listed in 2001. I believe P. Rodger directed this global-warning commercial.

At 2 June 2014 at 10:46 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another TV spot from 2001 that P. Rodger may have directed. Same production company made this.
Natural Resources Defense Council - 21 March 2014
Environmental Group's First-Ever Paid TV Spots Take On President Bush Over Drilling In the Arctic

21-market cable and broadcast buy starts March 22

'Drilling the Arctic is a distraction…not a solution.'
NEW YORK (March 21, 2001) - In an attempt to build grass-roots opposition to President Bush's proposal to drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, one of the country's leading environmental organizations is launching its first-ever paid television spot.

Sponsored by NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council), the spot opens by asking the question, under a music score: "What do you call someone who would drill our Arctic Wildlife Refuge, where there's hardly any oil?" The ad answers the question by stopping the music and splashing the words "Mr. President" across the screen. The spot -- with the tag line "Drilling the Arctic is a distraction, not a solution" -- asks viewers to visit NRDC's Internet site where they can learn how they can help save the refuge.

Beginning a two-week run in 21 markets on March 22, the spot is timed to help defeat of an expected omnibus energy bill in Congress that will include a provision for opening up the Arctic Refuge to oil exploration. According to NRDC, the bulk of the undisclosed budget will be used for spot local buys on cable networks. There also will be local buys on some broadcast network Sunday morning news/chat programs.

The ad was prepared by Underground Advertising in San Francisco, a firm specializing in work for progressive and non-profit organizations.

The markets picked for the spot include New York; Washington, D.C.; Atlanta; Baltimore; Chicago; Indianapolis, Los Angeles; San Francisco; Omaha; Seattle; Portland; and Miami-Ft. Lauderdale.

NRDC's Internet site explains that the U.S. Geological Survey says there is a 95 percent chance that there is only a six-month supply of oil in the Arctic Refuge -- a number far below what many Americans imagine.

"We have research showing that when people learn how little oil there really is in the Arctic Refuge, they oppose any drilling there," explained Alan Metrick, NRDC's director of communications. "The ad reinforces that, and reminds viewers that plans to drill in the arctic are keeping the country from developing a balanced energy plan for the future."

In addition to telling Internet visitors how they can save energy -- and money -- in times of high electric prices, computer users can use NRDC's online activism center to send messages to their senators, asking them to save the Arctic Refuge and develop a forward-thinking energy plan instead.

At 2 June 2014 at 12:44 , Blogger Peter said...

The catholic school girlz are on fire!!

At 2 June 2014 at 18:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously Aang, do you have Hugh Jackman pegged as MK / death cult? That's a bummer. I always viewed him as being one of the least affected people out there. I mean: he's a star; he knows Brian Singer; and he has adopted children. Is that all because I wouldn't declare any of these a knockout blow in terms of argument.

But then again I listened to a Dave McGowan interview the other day and he said that best he could make out you can't be famous without you are firmly part of the corruption enterprise. Shame because he (Jackman) seems like such a lovely chap.

best etc. etc.

At 20 June 2014 at 11:25 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Elliot Rodger with the great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandnephew of John Witherspoon, the founding father of the United States.

At 11 July 2014 at 01:41 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

So do most people think that Elliot did not die also? If he has a handler who may have shot him, while he got away.

At 2 August 2017 at 00:36 , Blogger emopossible said... I have not
been a fan of the ROCK even though I live in Hawaii but today I consider him the truest ROCK and I applaud his courage for exposing these SWINE ANIMALS!

More over I was born into the SECOND AUSCHWITZ OF MONTREAL and you can hear the entire broadcast here 1 hour and 34 minutes of a BROADCAST which has been aired as of July 24 th but the powers that be tried for the first twenty minutes to make sure you NEVER HEAR THIS RADIO SHOW!



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I endured this the first three years of my life so PLEASE DWAYNE THE ROCK GET IN TOUCH WITH ME ---





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