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UK Member of Parliament Claire Perry who favours censorship.

Aangirfan is in favour of Google blocking the commercial websites which produce child porn and violent porn.

However, we are against such blocking being used as an excuse to block 'alternative' news sites.

Anti-Censorship Poster Series.

Matthew Butler, at Conscious Reporter, has written a post on censorship on the internet.

The Bilderberg Group and Internet Censorship

According to Matthew Butler:

1. Web filters block far more than pornography.

‘Default’ web filters

File:Censorship for Dummies.

The filters "already target much more than pornography, and their reach will likely creep as time goes on. This is already happening."

UK Prime Minister David Cameron announcing the UK’s ISP web filter policy. Source: PCmag

2. "Swathes of non-pornographic websites have already been caught in the dragnet, including charities and women’s rights websites."

"There is no clear way to discover if your website is blocked by one or more of the ISPs."

MP Claire Perry who, in 2013, revealed her 17-year marriage to Clayton was over

3. Claire Perry, a former banker, is a Conservative MP who has campaigned for internet censorship.

On one occasion she said of the Speaker of the UK House of Commons: "What have I got to do to be called by the Speaker? Give him a blow job?"

She rebuffed claims internet filtering would cause over-blocking as a 'load of cock'.

The notorious UK ISP called TalkTalk uses a web filter operated by the Chinese firm Huawei, which is suspected of spying for the Chinese government.

The Chinese software was developed to suppress religious minorities and political dissidents in China.

Claire Perry and close friend George Osborne.

4. "There was a notable hardening in the UK government’s rhetoric after (UK government minister) George Osborne (a friend of Claire Perry) attended the 2011 Bilderberg Conference in St. Moritz, Switzerland."

5. "In August 2011, ostensibly in response to the 2011 UK riots, David Cameron made a speech in parliament stating the government was working with police, intelligence services and industry to see if they could stop people from communicating via websites and social media when they 'know' people are 'plotting violence, disorder and criminality'.

(There is a suspicion that the security services organised the 2011 riots)

6. Claire Perry organised an independent inquiry, sponsored by two pro-censorship lobby groups

A photo from the Daily Mail

7. The Daily Mail campaigned against online porn.

David Cameron and Ren Zhengfei at Downing Street. 

8. In 2012, David Cameron met Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei who headed the company operating TalkTalk’s network-level filter.

Just few months earlier, TalkTalk had made its Huawei-operated web filter default on for all new users.

Ren Zhengfei's Huawei then announced plans to invest $2 billion in the UK economy.

There were warnings by a former security official that david cameron was “dealing with the devil”.

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9. On 15 December 2012, the UK Government quietly slipped out its report responding to the consultation on parental internet controls without even issuing a press release.

The report rejected automatic porn filters after finding that parents did not want it.

10. In December 2012 The Daily Mail declared victory with the story, “Victory for the Mail! Children WILL be protected from online porn after Cameron orders automatic block on sites”.

11. In June 2013 the Bilderberg Conference was held in Hertfordshire in the UK. Both David Cameron and George Osborne attended, as did the Labour Party’s Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls.

Within a matter of weeks, an ISP filtering policy was formally announced in the UK, with backing from both major parties.

12. "The fact that illegal child abuse material was already blocked by ISPs, and the new filtering was going way beyond legal adult material was drowned out in cries to ‘protect the children’."

"Clearly the ex-banker Claire Perry - who came from nowhere to become the protégé of 7-time Bilderberger George Osborne and a hugely influential politician - was the main agent pushing the agenda, driving through what would become official UK policy with the support of religious charity Safer Media."

The owner of the Daily mail Lord Rothermere with Adolf Hitler.

13.  "The Daily Mail supported Hitler and the Nazis prior to World War II and promoted fascism in the UK in the 1930s.

"Harold Sydney Harmsworth, 1st Viscount Rothermere, counted himself as a friend of Mussolini and Adolf Hitler when he was proprietor of The Daily Mail. Prior to World War II, he praised Hitler publicly and privately, and met him personally in Germany.

"Letters show that Lord Rothermere congratulated Hitler on the annexation of Czechoslovakia and encouraged him to invade Romania.

"He also publicly supported the British Union of Fascists... In 1934 the paper ran the notorious headline, Hurrah for the Blackshirts."

14. The Daily Mail "provides a notoriously gratuitous display of scantily-clad celebrity pictures on the right sidebar of its website, also known as the “sidebar of shame,” and publishes highly sexualised imagery and even nude pictures itself.

It has run stories about teens in skimpy bikinis and has been accused of sexualising underage girls.

Its highly sexualised content is probably the reason it toppled the New York Times as the most visited newspaper site in the world.

Thus the crusade against porn is coming from a newspaper that has been accused of peddling ‘almost porn’.

 15. The UK’s Government Computers were Used To Access Porn More Than 300,000 Times between May 2012 and July 2013.

Then in March 2014 a close aide of David Cameron directly involved in developing the porn filter policy, resigned after being arrested over child pornography allegations.

Daily Mail

16. Huawei also have a close relationship with BT, another major ISP and telecommunications provider. In 2013 a Parliamentary Committee rebuked BT’s use of Huawei to build UK telecoms infrastructure as a security risk.

17. The Daily Mail is campaigning against the Human Rights Act.

"The attack on human rights in the UK is supposedly being done on the premise of making it easier for the government to deport alleged terrorists.

"The government wants the public to believe it is necessary to remove everyone’s human rights, because it faced delays in deporting certain individuals linked to terrorism that it could have prosecuted instead under British criminal law – but chose not to for political reasons."

MI5 Asset Abu Qatada. 

"The long drawn-out and expensive delays in deporting Abu Qatada have been used by the government and certain media outlets to stoke public antagonism towards the Human Rights Act...

"If the government really considered Abu Qatada to be a dangerous criminal, why not just put him on trial in the UK instead of going through the lengthy expensive deportation route?

"The real reason might be that Abu Qatada was an MI5 double agent.

George Osborne quietly receives an intense briefing at Bilderberg 2014 from Bilderberg upper echelon Sir John Kerr. Picture: Hannah Borno. Source: The Guardian

"When he was wanted by the UK’s allies early last decade, Time Magazine reported he was being kept, “tucked away in a safe house in the north of England… fed and clothed by British intelligence services,” while the UK authorities apparently pretended they did not know where he was.

"In all probability, the real reason he was not put on trial was that it would put his relationship to security services under the microscope. MI5 probably did not want a court scrutinising their close connections with an individual who the government claimed to be a threat to national security."

More here: The Bilderberg Group and Internet Censorship

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At 10 June 2014 at 03:56 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Rothermere, counted himself as a friend of Mussolini and Adolf" All these royalty, politicians and businessman were tight with the Nazis back in the day, so when did things go so horribly wrong?

At 10 June 2014 at 09:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Aangirfan,
thanks again for fighting against corruption.

Daily Mail and many other newspapers/ news sites have become a medium to promote pornography and I am surprised why people don't react, why can't I find organizations that actively condemn those criminals. The same happens to movie, music, and fashion industry.
When I was a kid I could read newspapers with my parents, I was allowed to have the old ones and craft with scissors and glue collages, but now you have to be very careful if you give your children newspapers or if you send them on the Internet to make some research. It is very uncomfortable to open the news on Internet in front of children, closing the Yahoo account (immediately appear their news with high sexualized images and news), or when using Youtube for educative videos there are always those annoying, unavoidable and inappropiated advertisements for children, even when parental blocking is installed. Ah, but what does disappear immediately from the comment columns? Of course, opinions of people that exposes the truth. What do they censor from Youtube? Of course, those videos that expose the corruption of the power people, while many undecent and abuse-reported videos are still there.
So, when censorship works so good and so effectively over sites and videos that expose conspirations for example, how can it not work the same as good and effectively for pornographic + paedophile material?
For those that read often here I imagine they know who is behind all this and for the new ones just a little reflexion. It's not just about business and money, there is something bigger, it's the power of seizing as many brains as possible, because while people is distracted with polemics, scandals,... it's much easier to get more power, writing new laws, signing new projects behind people's back, experimenting with people, removing human rights, even making wars. In this way, expanding abnormal sexual conduct in population is the new strategy for getting more political power. Many politics and elite people are also more controllable for the most powerful being (s) over planet Earth if these puppets or servants commit sexual attrocities, and at the same time they serve as a shield to protect the real identity of the power. The possibility of whistleblowers is controlled.
Manipulation of media, arts,... for this psicho-social effect of accepting pornography as something acceptable is not the only way, there are many more. In my opinion,
-Food is since many years ago another effective technique to manipulate sexuality. It sounds strange, but when you start to investigate about sattvic, rajasic and tamasic diets, food additives and their relation with the mind and hormones it becomes very clear how elite stays powerful while population is corrupted and entertained with indecent and unhealthy sexuality.
-Cartoons, movies and some video games, card games for children with loads of sexual and erotic subliminal messages assures a future corrupted generation.
-and what is still not investigated: VACCINES, how a vaccinated (vaccinating means literally turning into cows) population with animal genetic material/ingredients is slowly transforming humans, adding more animal sexual impulses, generations after generations, mutating the original human dna and the normal sexual behaviour.

At 10 June 2014 at 12:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is President Poroshenko Taking Orders from the CIA? The Place of Ukraine in US Military Planning


At 10 June 2014 at 12:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Big Money World of Mercenaries and Private Security


At 10 June 2014 at 12:35 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cover-Up in Guantanamo: Torturing to Death, Hiding and Fabricating Evidence, and Calling it Suicide


At 10 June 2014 at 12:35 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

US Covert Actions in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia – May 2014 Update


At 10 June 2014 at 12:54 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Secret royal pardons granted to NI paramilitaries


At 11 June 2014 at 01:21 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

bryan singer back in the news


At 11 June 2014 at 02:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...



At 11 June 2014 at 02:20 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 11 June 2014 at 04:30 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

one answer to prevent the kind of domain level censorship you speak of Aang, is to mirror sites on the .bit domain.

James Corbett recently did a great piece on this.


At 11 June 2014 at 05:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said!

At 11 June 2014 at 06:33 , Blogger Unknown said...

Bryan Singer directed the 1993 film "Public Access".

At 9 mins 33 secs in it features a description of the capture of a (monarch) butterfly as "we want to stop it from living". The picture zooms in on a photo of a father and child. Weird.

At 11 June 2014 at 07:27 , Blogger Unknown said...

Bryan Singer's "Public Access" at 43 minutes and 33 seconds:

"Hey you want to know what's wrong..? Its the parents. They don't see what is going on. They don't get it...They used to believe in everything. What they read and what they heard... So when they found out that the government was lying, and the news is lying and everything, they turned off Now people are old and they're tired and they do not want to fight it anymore. They just want it to be like it was before when they were stupid and happy and they pass that on to us...What I am trying to say is that our parents are blind and we got our eyes closed."

At 11 June 2014 at 12:59 , Blogger Unknown said...

Bryan Singer's "Public Access" 1993 Continued. At 1hr 5mins 55secs:

Whistleblower is made to hang himself at gunpoint so as to look like suicide after he is accused of being the problem because he dared to expose the corrupt politicians. In the scene prior the whistleblower is removed from a public meeting and gets beaten up. The audience of citizens applauds the police.

Anyone now wondering if there may be links here with the Hollywood Bushwhackers?

At 11 June 2014 at 13:43 , Blogger Unknown said...

"Public Access" 1 hr 18 mins 33 secs

Innocent female murdered after discovering the political corruption.


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