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Sir Malcolm Rifkind is one of the secret rulers of the world?

Sir Malcolm Rifkind has Lithuanian Jewish origins.

Rifkind is the head of Britain's spy watchdog, the Intelligence and Security Committee.

Rifkind is related to Leon Brittan.

Rifkind is Co-Vice Chair of Global Panel America with former U.S. Under-Secretary for Defense Dov. S. Zakheim, alleged to be the mastermind behind 9 11.

Dov Zakheim and 911

Supporters of Edward Snowden say that Britain's spy agencies are as evil as the spy agencies in Russia and China.

Rifkind disagrees.

In a speech at Oxford University's Wadham College, Rifkind said that, in authoritarian regimes, the main objective of the intelligence agencies is the preservation of the regimes they serve.

Rifkind said that Britain's spies operate with "noble motivations" and under "lawful authority".


Some people believe that the job of the spies in the UK is to protect the rich elite, including people like Leon Brittan.

The Bologna Bombing - 'the work of the CIA and its friends'. Rifkind said that when a terrorist atrocity occurs, the public asks why so little was known about who did it. The Bologna Bomb 1980, Gladio

Some people in the UK parliament want Rifkind's Intelligence and Security Committee to be stripped of its monopoly of scrutiny of the spy services.

Rifkind said that when a terrorist atrocity occurs, "the public asks why so little was known about who did it."

Some people believe that the terrorist atrocities are carried out by the security services of the West.

A report by the Home Affairs Select Committee is calling for the ISC to be stripped of its monopoly of scrutiny of the three intelligence and security agencies.

The Home Affairs Select Committee report calls for "wider scrutiny by Parliament and for direct elections to the committee by MPs in the House of Commons."

The report said current scrutiny was 'ineffective'.


Malcolm Rifkind visiting Fox Primary School, Notting Hill, London

From Jewish tribal review:

"As half of 1% of the British population, Jews in the Margaret Thatcher era held 5 of 20 cabinet positions.

"Her high office Jewish contingent included Nigel Lawson, Leon Brittan (Trade and Industry Secretary), David Young (Minister without portfolio, Malcolm Rifkind (Foreign Secretary), and Keith Joseph...

"I was born to a Lithuanian father and am of Jewish descent," noted Minister David Young.

"My only brother, Stewart, is chairman of the BBC. My father used to say, 'One son deputy chairman of the government, another chairman of the BBC - that's not bad for immigrants."

Mark Ronson

Anonymous comments:

Mark Ronson (Aaronson) is related to Malcolm Rifkind, and to Leon Brittan.

Mark Ronson is related to the  convicted fraudster Gerald Ronson.

Mark Ronson has been the producing genius behind Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen, Robbie Williams and Christina Aguilera.

Mark Ronson's friends have included Michael Jackson, Sean Lennon, Yoko ono, Keith Moon, P Diddy and Tom Cruise.

The truth about the svengali

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At 9 May 2014 at 10:31 , Blogger aferrismoon said...

A ceremony on Monday:


At 9 May 2014 at 12:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
Daily Mail - 20 January 2008
The truth about the svengali seen paying a late-night visit to troubled Amy Winehouse's hotel

He has been photographed escorting close friend Amy Winehouse around town and regularly stumbles out of nightclubs with Lily Allen.

He numbers Michael Jackson and Sean Lennon among his friends, and when he ran away from home as a teenager he sought refuge in Yoko Ono's New York apartment.

Keith Moon was an early mentor, P Diddy his first celebrity patron, and when Tom Cruise needed someone to spin the decks at his wedding, he knew who to call.

Until last week Mark Ronson was known chiefly as the producing genius behind Amy and Lily, Robbie Williams and Christina Aguilera – and one of the hardest-working young men in showbusiness.

He is the remarkable product of a family whose many branches include the sequined aristocracy of pop and a sombre regiment of establishment politicians.

His own family tree includes some of the most well-known names in British politics and business. ***Ronson is related to the former Home Secretary Leon Brittan, former Foreign Secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind and the property tycoon and convicted fraudster Gerald Ronson is the star's uncle.****

And the story behind Ronson's background is perhaps even more compelling than that of his brilliant career. The man, who was listed 18th on Arena magazine's Power List, is descended from two extraordinary Jewish families, whose ancestors fled poverty, persecution and pogroms in Eastern Europe.

At 9 May 2014 at 12:02 , Blogger Charles Edward Frith said...

Edwina Currie also a Cabinet member?

At 9 May 2014 at 12:03 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unilever today announced that Leon Brittan, Wim Dik and Narayana Murthy will be retiring from the Board at the Annual General Meetings in May this year.

Unilever is proposing that The Rt Hon Sir Malcolm Rifkind MP join the Board as a new Non-Executive Director. He will be proposed for election to the Board at the Annual General Meetings in Rotterdam on 11 May and in London on 12 May 2010.

At 9 May 2014 at 12:10 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spinning out of control, Sam Ronson checks into Cedars-Sinai Medical Center with depression

Am she am: Who's the most famous DJ on the planet these days? Heck, even your aunt knows it's Samantha "Sam" Ronson. But, as usual, her celebrity status is no buffer to difficult emotional times as the 31-year-old DJ was rolled into the emergency entrance of the Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Medical Center yesterday in a wheelchair accompanied by her long time girlfriend Lindsay Lohan a day after making frantic phone calls to friends complaining of stress and exhaustion. She reported suffering from depression and lack of food and sleep.
Ronson was born into a wealthy family in London, the daughter of writer-socialite Ann Dexter-Jones and one-time band manager and real estate entrepreneur Laurence Ronson. Her parents are of Ashkenazi Jewish descent, with ancestors from Russia, Lithuania and Austria, and she was raised in Conservative Judaism. Ronson is related to politicians Malcolm Rifkind and Leon Brittan and is the younger sister of music producer Mark Ronson and the twin sister of fashion designer Charlotte Ronson. After her parents divorced, her mother married Foreigner guitarist Mick Jones, who contributed to a childhood surrounded by music. At age 16, Ronson was in a rap band called the Low Lifes.

At 9 May 2014 at 12:11 , Blogger kenny said...

As always, you are naming names and making the connections. We just wanted to say thanks for continuing on.

Your Zakheim link at Facts Not Fairies reminded me that w who ran the site has now been missing in action for almost 10 months. We miss him.

At 9 May 2014 at 12:13 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
War on Want - 11 December 2012
UK aid ‘fuelling hunger in Africa’

The UK government is spending hundreds of millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money promoting the interests of multinational corporations in Africa instead of fighting poverty, according to a new report released today.
War on Want accuses the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) of undermining moves to combat poverty by increasing corporate power over local agriculture, and supporting land grabs in Kenya, Ethiopia and Sierra Leone.

The charity warns that the UK government’s policy will further increase hunger levels in Africa, already up from 175 million to 239 million in two decades, according to new UN figures.

In addition, the report highlights the close personal connections between the UK government and multinational companies such as Unilever, whose CEO Paul Polman sits with David Cameron on the UN High Level Panel on global poverty. DFID’s current director of policy, Nick Dyer, started his career with Unilever, while Unilever’s external affairs director for Africa, Douglas Brew, was previously Africa regional manager for DFID. Former government ministers Lynda Chalker, Leon Brittan and David Simon have all served recently as non-executive directors of Unilever, while ex-foreign secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind currently sits on the Unilever board.

At 9 May 2014 at 12:16 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep an eye on this guy in the shadows. We've seen how High Commissioner's in Canada behaved before.
Anthony Cary

Anthony Cary served as the British High Commissioner in Canada from 2007 to 2010. He is now Executive Director of a partnership between Queen’s University in Ontario and Blyth Education which enables students to earn University credits on courses offered in many different international settings. He is also a Commonwealth Scholarship Commissioner, and Hon President of the Canada-UK Colloquium.

In 2011 he was a juror for the $75,000 Cundill History Prize. He retired from the FCO that year, after a 38 year career in Berlin (as a political adviser to the then British Military Government); in the FCO Policy Planning Staff in London; as ***Private Secretary to Malcolm Rifkind*** and also to Lynda Chalker when they were Ministers at the FCO; as head of the political section in the British High Commission in Kuala Lumpur; as ***deputy head of Leon Brittan's cabinet in the European Commission***; as head of the FCO's European Union Department (internal); as a Counsellor in the British Embassy in Washington DC responsible for Congressional relations with a particular involvement in the Northern Ireland Peace Process; as head of Chris Patten's cabinet in the European Commission; as Ambassador to Sweden; and finally as High Commissioner to Canada.

During a career break in the early 1980s he took an MBA at Stanford Business School on a Harkness Fellowship. He married Clare Elworthy in 1975. They have three sons and a daughter – all now in gainful employment, and two married.

At 9 May 2014 at 12:28 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

So the Catholics will have serious competition, lol....

At 9 May 2014 at 12:32 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ex-patients, families say decades of abuse, fraud at Colorado facility ignored

At 9 May 2014 at 12:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
Avotaynu: The International Review of Jewish Genealogy, Volume 15
Gary Mokotoff, 1999

[Page 55-56]
Scotland (Kaplan)

August 1999 saw the largest-ever Jewish family reunion in Scotland, when 190 members of the combined Rifkind-Dorfman-Hoffenberg-Romm clan (including two former British cabinet ministers Sir Malcolm Rifkind and Sir Leon Brittan) converged on Edinburgh from Britain, the U.S., Canada, Israel and New Zealand. The occasion for the reunion was the hundred-year anniversary of the arrival of Charles and Nechama Pessil Rifkind in Edinburgh in 1899.

Research and planning for this event took more than a year and resulted in a family history brochure, an extensive display, and a 117-page family tree, with more than 1,000 names spanning eight generations - which has now been submitted to the Family Tree of the Jewish People.

Many of the family descend from Bere of Salant (Salantai) in Lithuania, a grain merchant and Talmudic scholar, and his wife, Esther, from nearby Meshad (Mosedis). In Meshad they raised five children - Mesha, Benjamin, David, Elyah, and Yoshe. Four of the children took the surname Rifkind; Benjamin became Dorfman, Not much is known of Masha, who may have emigrated to England and married a Kangasher. Similarly, her brother David Rifkind remains a mystery. It seems that David went to Riga, where he became a timber merchant, and perhaps later emigrated to America. The other three brothers had large numbers of descendants now scattered across the globe.

Yoshe Rifkind's son Charles married Nechama Pessil Hoffenberg in Zosla (Zasliai), in 1898, and had ten children. Nechama Pessil's parents were Isaac Hoffenberg (born ca. 1854) and his wife, Sheine Freide (Fanny) Romm (born ca. 1858). Isaac's parents were Hyman (Chaim) Hoffenberg and Breina Jurisharbra.

Until recently, we knew little about the family of Sheine Freide Hoffenberg, the daughter of Joshua and Nechama Pessil Romm. Tradition has it that they belonged to the famous Romm family of Vilna, who were among the foremost Hebrew and Yiddish printers and publishers in Lithuania. Headed in the late 19th century by "the Widow Romm," they published an edition of the Babylonian Talmud with commentaries (The Vilna Shas 1880-1886). Indeed, on his engagement to their daughter, Nechama Pessil, her parents presented their future son-in-law, Charles Rifkind, with a set of the Romm Shas. This edition is now housed in the Edinburgh synagogue.

During the period of widespread emigration from Eastern Europe, 1880s to the 1920s, thousands of Jewish families were split up as family members emigrated to the United States, Canada, Britain, South Africa, or Australia. At a time when travel was difficult, expensive, and time-consuming, and communications were restricted to letters, parents often never saw their children again, and siblings scattered over different continents.

Recently an old Yiddish letter came to light it was sent in 1910 by Sheine Freide Hoffenberg from Edinburgh to her niece, Nachama Pessil Bushell, in America. Naomi Floch, who is still alive today, age 92, in America. She sent it to Edinburgh to ask if relatives still lived in the city. It came into the possession of a cousin, Joshua Lurie, who came across it recently and gave it to David Kaplan, one of the organizers of the Rifkind centenary reunion. David had it translated and it turned out to be a rare and fascinating glimpse into the thoughts of a family during their period of immigration.

their greetings.

And please in God's name answer right away. I have also sent a letter to your mother, and to your brother Zechariah. Tell me how Leibe is. Did he get married? Write everything. The same from me. This is our address.

Copies of the booklet are booklet are available for £10.00; contact Mr. A. Rifkind at

At 9 May 2014 at 12:53 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
Crossbow: A Quarterly Journal of Politics - 1998

[Page 91]

1998 Conference Edition
William Hague: Defending Britain's Constitution

Featuring Michael Howard, Sir Leon Brittan, Ann Widdecombe, Sir Edward Heath & Sir Malcolm Rifkind

At 9 May 2014 at 13:30 , Blogger shirlz007 said...

you could dig up all sorts on old Mr Rifkind (we'll refrain from 'Sir')

John Majors 'Iraqgate' (''farming equipment'' ;)

''Three of the ministers who signed public interest immunity certificates (Chancellor Kenneth Clarke, defence minister Malcolm Rifkind and social security minister Peter Lilley) are now senior members of Major's cabinet. ''

Arms dealing, promoting an intervention in Syria (with or without a UN mandate)... ArmorGroup! (the UK version of Blackwater... Rifkind was Chairman)... later sold to G4S.

At 9 May 2014 at 19:16 , Blogger Peter said...

Harvard's President has the name DREW FAUST! I guess Harvard is in league with the devil Faustian bargains indeed.

At 9 May 2014 at 20:15 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

some yaers ago i attended alecture by the cold war expert t stoakes
he explained that the one thing small fringe groups crave is public approval and support, they need this to grow big enough to be a challenge to the authorities, and this is the one thing the authorities do their utmost to extingusih, so most bombings in public places are government bombings to discredit the fringe group, if the fringe group really wanted to doa bombing they would bomb the government, authorities or those they have the disagreement with, not the very people on the street they need to swell their numbers

At 10 May 2014 at 00:55 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

took me weeks to find the new website. give thanx.

watch & weep. two revealing films by israeli, Yotam Feldman:

Aljazeera – Witness – The Lab: by Yotam Feldman: A unique insight into
the world of Israeli arms dealers selling weapons and experience around the
Armies and police around the world are interested in the latest Israeli
weapons and their military tactics, which have been refined by fighting in
the occupied territories.
The Lab can be seen from Wednesday, May 7 at the following times GMT:
Wednesday: 2000; Thursday: 1200; Friday: 0100; Saturday: 0600.

Aljazeera: Israel’s Drone Dealers by Yotam Feldman
People & Power investigates how Israeli drone technology – first tried and
tested in Gaza – came to be used by the US and its allies in Afghanistan and

At 10 May 2014 at 01:07 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

should have said Aljaz's The Lab is not yet on youtube so would need to be watched on Aljaz this week.

At 10 May 2014 at 07:50 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ronson was born at the Wellington Hospital, St John's Wood. His parents are of Ashkenazi Jewish descent, with ancestors from Austria, Russia, and Lithuania, and Ronson was brought up in Masorti Judaism.[4][5] Ronson's family name was originally Aaronson, but his grandfather Henry Ronson changed it to Ronson.[6] Ronson is the nephew of property tycoon Gerald Ronson. Ronson is related to British Conservative politicians Sir Malcolm Rifkind and Leon Brittan,[7] as well as Odeon Cinemas founder Oscar Deutsch.

His stepfather is Mick Jones from Foreigner.

In 2002, he began dating Quincy Jones's daughter, actress-singer Rashida Jones.

Of course, Mr. Ronson is not accused of any crimes, but he has a very interesting family lineage and some interesting friends and lovers.

At 10 May 2014 at 07:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank You Aangirfan for composing an expose on the abuses in Australia. I remember Fiona spanning the breadth of the forums I visit asking for help almost a year ago, looking for people and places that could help get the story of her and many others being abused out into the public eye. You are very much appreciated. It's about time someone covered these atrocities in a land so clouded by the dusty stereotype of fosters drinking wallabees from Crocodile Dundee from the land 'down unda' and remind the world what the British helped do to another beautiful place.

At 2 June 2015 at 05:55 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

..."Mr. Ronson is not accused of any crimes, but he has a very interesting family lineage and some interesting friends and lovers."

Your use of the word 'interesting' in this context is, er, interesting....


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