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Oleg Lyashko (Ljashko) hopes to become president of Ukraine.

He is suspected of being a child abuser.

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In 2012, Lyashko was allegedly involved in an attempt to have two children, aged 12 and 14, transported to turkey.

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Donated clothing, Ukraine

In 2002, Lyashko allegedly became sexually involved with a military cadet.

Linked to Lyashko

Lyashko reportedly takes an interest in boarding schools, orphanages and the idea of 'adopting' children from such institutions.

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 Lyashko has in the past been allied to  Yulia Tymoshenko.

In 1988, Yulia and her husband Oleksandr Tymoshenko opened a video business, with the help of her husband's rich father Gennadi Tymoshenko, who presided over a regional film distribution network. [48]

In 1989 - 1991, Yulia and her husband set up a larger video business, called "Terminal"[43][48]

Videos of Vladik from the Ukraine (right) have been sold all over the world.

From 1989 to 1991, Yulia was a commercial director of the Dnipropetrovsk Youth Center "Terminal".

In early October 2009, supporters of the frontrunner in the Ukraine elections, ex-premier Viktor Yanukovich, alleged that members of Prime Minster Yulia Tymoshenko's competing party were implicated in a child abuse case at a children's summer camp in Crimea in the Ukraine.


According to Vladimir Kornilov, the director of the Ukrainian Center for Eurasian Studies:

"Tymoshenko joined the business wing of Pavel Lazarenko... who ... became Ukraine's Prime Minister. 

"Today it is no secret, as it is a part of the investigation materials in the multiple criminal cases of contract killings that took place in Ukraine in 1990s, that the entire business created by Tymoshenko developed exclusively due to the ‘krysha’ (or criminal patronage) provided by Pavel Lazarenko".

Ukrainian ex-PM Tymoshenko may face life in prison for 'ordering ....

Lazarenko's estate in Novato, Marin Country, California

"When her corporation Ukrainian Petroleum transformed into the United Energy Systems of Ukraine, by some strange coincidence many of her competitors started dying on a regular basis."

Ukrainian ex-PM Tymoshenko may face life in prison for 'ordering ....

Spooky Igor Rusanov, who made most of the 'child porn' films for Azov Films.

Igor Rusanov, from Ukraine, made most of the 'child porn' films for Azov Films.
Beginning in 2002, Igor Rusanov began working in collaboration with the American-influenced Christian Center for Science and Apologetics, which runs camps for children.

The Christian Center for Science and Apologetics may, or may not, be a front for the CIA.

After Communism's collapse: creation in the Crimea

Rusanov became involved in making child porn films, and organising tours for VIPs.

In 2011, he was arrested.

Crimea - and stars of Azov Films.

Sandra Waslov, from Stafford, in Virginia in the USA, was listed as Vice President of 4p5p Inc., the Canadian corporation that owned Azov-Films, FKA Baikalfilms.com, and Boyjoy.com.

According to researcher Silvija Germek, Stafford, in Virginia, is the location of one of the busiest airports for the CIA. 

Sandra Waslov is the mother of Brian Way, AKA Steve, the joint owner of the Azov Films firm.

On September 3, 2012, the U.S. Embassy Office of Defense Cooperation conducted a ribbon cutting ceremony at school #14 in downtown Simferopol, Crimea. The school was recently renovated under a Humanitarian Assistance Program of the U.S. European Command.

The photographer whom Way used in the Crimea region of the Ukraine was Igor Rusanov, AKA Zverozub., from Simferopol.

Several of the boys Rusanov filmed for Azov have testified in court that Rusanov had sex with them.

Allegedly Azov Films may have links to the 'Russian Israeli mafia' which allegedly has links to the CIA and its friends.

Distributed by Azov Films

According to Silvija Germek:

1. The Russian Israeli mafia is run by Jews from Russia, the Ukraine and Lithuania.

Their bases include Russia and parts of the former Soviet Empire such as the Ukraine, Kosovo, Moldova, Ossetia and Poland.

2. Reportedly the Russian Israeli mafia is involved in the child sex trade, including snuff films.

3. Toronto is a major global child porn and child sex slavery hub. 

4. Toronto has always been known as 'Disneyland for pedophiles'. 

Reportedly, child abusers occupy many positions within Toronto's police, political system and academia.

5. The author James Kincaid, who spoke recently in Toronto, has adorned his books with the photography of Sally Mann. 

In some of her photos, "the doll-like dreamy facial expressions of her children are reminiscent of programmed mind control."

BOOK REVIEW / 'Child-Loving'

6. Barney Frank is also one of the star speakers at the University of Toronto.'

Reportedly, the kids of the Franklin Scandal in Omaha 'remembered Barney Frank'. Barny Frank's boyfriend allegedly 'ran a pedo ring serving politicians in the Beltway.'

7. Allegedly, Azov Films, in the past, has been protected by the authorities.

8. Reportedly Azov Films distributed its softcore films through Amazon.

9. There is a suggestion that Azov Films may have exploited survivors of the Beslan school siege.

aangirfan: Beslan and the CIA

10. Many of the Azov Films were made in the Ukraine.

"Senior Ukrainian politicians are facing allegations of child sex abuse at a Black Sea holiday camp...

"Popular among children in Soviet times, the Artek youth summer camp in Ukraine’s picturesque Crimea is still a major holiday destination.

"A woman claims her son and her daughter were sexually abused there...

"She said they were not only sexually assaulted by the camp’s employees, but were also forced to be filmed in pornographic films. According to witnesses, several politicians were involved in it..." Kids raped in famous Ukrainian recreation camp? — RT News.

11. There have been arrests in North America.

Synopsis: "Boys love building their muscles. So, when our group of nine-to-eleven-year-old boys hit the gym, they attack the weights with furious enthusiasm. After a good workout, it's time to hit the local sauna for some relaxation."

12. Azov Films were made mainly in the Crimea but also in other countries including the USA, the Netherlands, Portugal, France, Spain, Moldova, Poland, Australia, Paraguay, Romania, and Germany.

1 History of the company

2.4 List of all movies


13. It has been noted that Vladik, the main child star in Azov films, makes numerous satanic hand signs.

(Satanism is used by the security services such as the CIA when they carry out mind-control to produce sex slaves for the elite.) 

Reportedly, Azov Films contain the type of symbolism used by the CIA in MK ULTRA brainwashing.

Azov Films sold Baikal Films, Europa Sun and Award Films - all three being originally distributed by Baikal Films.


Hundreds of child abusers on Azov Films alert list escape arrest.


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At 14 May 2014 at 00:00 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

VP Joe Biden’s Son Appointed to Board of Ukraine’s Largest Gas Producer

Hunter Biden, the son of Vice President Joe Biden, will lead the legal team of Burisma Holdings, the largest natural gas producer in Ukraine.

According to The West Wire News, Burisma Holdings is a considerable player within the Ukrainian natural gas and oil industry. It holds licenses covering the Dnieper-Donets, Carpathian and Azov-Kuban basins and has considerable reserves and production capability.

“Burisma’s track record of innovations and industry leadership in the field of natural gas means that it can be a strong driver of a strong economy in Ukraine. As a new member of the Board, I believe that my assistance in consulting the Company on matters of transparency, corporate governance and responsibility, international expansion and other priorities will contribute to the economy and benefit the people of Ukraine,” the Burisma Holdings website quotes Biden.

Biden is a lawyer with insider connections to the financial industry and government. In addition to holding directorship for the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition and The Center for National Policy, he sits on the Chairman’s Advisory Board for the National Democratic Institute (NDI). The NDI is a project of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the taxpayer funded organization that does what the CIA did covertly 25 years ago, according to one of its founders, Alan Weinstein.

For more on the role played by NDI, NED, George Soros and the State Department on the overthrow of the elected government of Ukraine and the installation of the current junta led by banker Arseniy Yatsenyuk, see our Nuland Audio Reveals State Department Role in Undermining Ukraine and Wayne Madsen’s Crisis in the Ukraine: USAID Support for Destabilization of Russia.

In March J.P. Sottile wrote about the economic interests of large transnational corporations in Ukraine. In addition to corporate agricultural giant Cargill’s buyout of UkrLandFarming, the world’s eighth-largest land cultivator and second biggest egg producer, Monsanto has expressed a “commitment to Ukraine” and “the importance of creating a favorable environment that encourages innovation and fosters the continued development of agriculture.”

The effort to improve the investment climate for large multinational corporations on the Russian border is spearheaded by the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation, a non-profit NGO funded in part by ExxonMobil, Coca-Cola and Raytheon.

In April Hunter’s father trekked to Ukraine to show support for the junta led in part by fascists and ultra-nationalists. “There are currently ongoing threats to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and the most effective response to that is for all of Ukraine to pull together,” an Obama administration said prior to Biden’s mission.

Beyond the standard rhetorical flourishes about democracy and freedom, Biden Senior’s trip was about securing a proper investment climate in Ukraine.

From The Washington Post on April 21:

The official said the U.S. energy consulting team will travel from here to Slovakia and Hungary to work on ways of reversing the flow of some of Ukraine’s pipelines now supplying Europe. Over the longer term, the official said, the U.S. government will work with Ukraine to help the government increase domestic gas production.

At 14 May 2014 at 06:22 , Anonymous Greg Pearson said...

Eye-popping, jaw-dropping. More proof this "revolution" was fomented to protect the global pedophile "elite". Excellent work.

At 14 May 2014 at 09:12 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd like to definitively see the connection between Azov and the Ukraine, Toronto, and the Penn State/Sandusky connection and where that went here in the US.

At 14 May 2014 at 11:20 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Truly Great Work.
Worthy of very careful reading.

Aang - Did you see the emails linking crypto-jew Klitschko with his 'Lithuanian' (read jewish) backers that were widely published on Russian media.


Laurynas Jonavicius - Advisor to Lithuanian President and Formerly of Vilnius University Center for International studies - Crypto Jew ?

Mrs Loreta Grauzinienne - Lithuanian Labor Party Politician - Crypto-Jewess?

Arsenii Yatseniuk - Ukrainian putschist - Crypto-Jew confirmed.

Klitschko brothers - ditto

Yulia Tymoshenko - former Ukraine PM - Crypto-Jewess confirmed.

Tymoshenko was financed by Pavel Lazarenko who was connected to Gennady Axelrod who was behind the Menorah - one of the World's largest Jewish Centers located in Dnepropetrovsk.
Picture: http://predprinimatel.co.ua/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/menora.jpg
Full Interview:
Lazarenko was formerly mayor of the city of Dnepropetrovsk

The Jewish mafia connection to Lazarenko is spelled out here:
"...In the 1970s, the KGB released thousands of hard-core prisoners from the Soviet gulags, where they had formed tight-knit criminal clans, and allowed them to emigrate across the globe...Over time these clans evolved into the sophisticated Russian Mafiya, operating multinational drug, insurance and welfare fraud, and prostitution rings, among other enterprises. The California Department of Justice has reported Russian criminal groups are operating in California, including approximately 300 former Soviet Union crime figures and associates in the San Francisco Bay Area.' Many are from the Ukraine, members of an offshoot of the Odessa Mafiya."

"Earl's most intriguing find, however, came from a discarded FedEx envelope from European Federal Credit Bank. The offshore bank based in Antigua had been cofounded by someone Earl and Boersch knew well, Ponzi schemer Alexander Lushtak. It was now chaired by Alex Liverant, a Ukrainian Jew who had immigrated to San Francisco in 1979. When EuroFed needed capital, Earl had learned, Kiritchenko became its primary investor and was now sharing a business address with Liverant. Under Kiritchenko's watch, EuroFed began opening U.S. dollar correspondent and investment accounts in San Francisco financial institutions big and small: Merrill Lynch, Bank Boston Robertson Stephens, Hambrecht & Quist, Pacific Bank, and Commercial Bank of San Francisco. The memo concluded that 'millions of dollars have been obtained illegally' and that Kiritchenko was using EuroFed to 'minimize his tax exposure
in the U.S.'
It was a classic money-laundering case"
Pavel Ivanovich Lazarenko | Center for Investigative Reporting Page 1 of 7
http://www.centerforinvestigativereporting.org/tags/pavelivanovichlazarenko 1/18/2010

With thanks and love from Carol x

At 14 May 2014 at 11:31 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 14 May 2014 at 11:38 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ukraine - Follow the Money:


Basically the money funnel went through Sweden to Germany and elsewhere.
Polish banking institutions also involved. Crypto fingerprints are everywhere.
Lithuania being a major staging post for the arms length politico control.


At 14 May 2014 at 11:44 , Blogger Anon said...

Many thanks for all the comments. All are being studied.

- Aangirfan

At 14 May 2014 at 11:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"There are two imperialist rackets operating in the Ukraine. Russia and the West. Support for both sides is well-endowed with xenophobic, racist thugs who do not offer anything but more exploitation to the working class of the entire country. To argue otherwise is to support one imperialist camp against another. In the meantime the situation is much more complex than that seen by T34. The oligarchs who jumped ship and finally did for Yanukovich look to have done it in the nick of time. They are now being used by the new regime as go-betweens who may keep the Ukraine together after the inept and provocative decision taken by the post-Yanukovich Parliament to make Ukrainian the only official language. Incidentally one of these oligarchs is Oleg Kolomoisky "a prominent member and supporter of the Jewish community" who said "he had accepted an offer from Kiev to head the regional government in his native Dnipropetrovsk region in eastern Ukraine where he controls a large share of industry". [Financial Times March 3 2014]. These guys really own Ukraine (55% of farmland in Ukraine is owned by corporations and 13.5% of Ukraine land is owned by 40 foreign corporations - 2011 figures in Andro Linklater's Owning the Earth (see letters column of same FT)."


At 14 May 2014 at 11:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The regime’s initial response was to try to tough it out but by the end of November it thought it could intimidate the demonstrators with brutal repression (in which at least 7 have been killed and many have been tortured). After the New Year it then decided to introduce more repressive legal measures. The law passed by Parliament on January 16 basically restored outright dictatorship and banned any form of protest. They were assisted in passing this by the thugs of the Right Sector, a motley collection of ultra-nationalist neo-fascists largely made up of football hooligans. They despise the official neo-fascist group of Svoboda as liberals. They are not interested in the EU or Russia but in a racially pure Ukraine which they think is run by Jews who want to give gays rights. They had been accepted by the more liberal demonstrators because they have fought back most violently against the riot police (Berkut). However according to the AST (Autonomous Workers’ Union, an anarcho-syndicalist group in the Ukraine), the same anti-semitism and anti-gay material can be found on the social media of the titushky who line up with the Berkut. These groups are often led by ex-police officers and they operate like Latin American death squads. The removal of injured protestors from hospital to be tortured and, on a couple of occasions killed, is put down to them (6).
In short there are vicious ugly elements on both sides of this conflict. It is thus quite laughable to read accounts on Trotskyist websites describing the protests as “right wing” as though Yanukovich’s regime was any different. What we have in a Ukraine saturated in nationalist ideology are two Rights who are equally wrong. However the Right Sector may have made the headlines until January 16 they have now seen their influence reduced as more protestors have joined the demonstrations against the attempt to increase authoritarian control. Many of these are indifferent to nationalism and are not interested in the EU. Some have of these begun to suggest that the Right Sector is actually a tool of the regime as its provocations provide an excuse for more repression.
Since January 16 too the demonstrations and occupations have begun to really spread to the Donetsk clan’s heartland in Eastern and Southern Ukraine. This has given Yanukovich pause for thought. The regime is now backing down and seeking a negotiated way out. The January 16 laws have been rescinded, the Prime Minister and his Cabinet have resigned and Yanukovich has made several offers of deals to the opposition to calm things. Even the oligarchs who back Yanukovich have warned of the danger of civil war and call for more dialogue. Yanukovich has now tried to buy time by sending in a sickie. He claims he has an “acute respiratory disorder” (otherwise know as a touch of the cold) but is still running the country. It is a good way to postpone any further discussion with the Opposition who might splinter over who controls the government buildings that have been occupied. In fact the opposition are only united around one demand – the overthrow of Yanukovich."

At 14 May 2014 at 12:39 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oleh Tyahnybok
Leader of The All-Ukrainian Union “Svoboda”

Oleh Tyahnybok was born on 7 November 1968 in Lviv, Western Ukraine. After school he enrolled into the Lviv Medical Institute but after the second year was drafted to the army. After the return to the Institute he initiated the creation of the Medical institute Student Brotherhood - the first step in his life of a civil activist. Tyahnybok graduated from the institute in 1993 as a qualified surgeon.

In October 1991 Tyahnybok became a member of the Social-National Party of Ukraine. From 1994 till 1998, he served as a member of the Lviv Regional Council. In 1998, he was first elected to the Parliament as a member of Social-National Party. In 2002, he was re-elected as a member of Victor Yushchenko’s Our Ukraine bloc. On July 20, 2004, Tyahnybok was expelled from the Our Ukraine parliamentary faction after he made a speech in the Carpathian Mountains at the gravesite of a commander of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. In the speech, aired on TV in the summer of 2004, he mentioned Ukrainian Insurgent Army as an example of those who armed up against "Russians, Germans, Jews and other enemies who wanted to take away our Ukrainian state".

Since February 2004 Tyahnybok has headed the All-Ukrainian Union "Freedom". In April 2005, he co-signed an open letter to President Yushchenko calling for a parliamentary investigation into the "criminal activities of organized Jewry in Ukraine."

During the 2010 Ukrainian local elections his party won between twenty and thirty percent of the votes in Eastern Galicia where it became one of the main forces in local government. In the 2012 parliamentary election Tyahnybok was (re-)elected as top candidate on his party list into the parliament, when his party won 38 seats.

We must ask why this man was not nominated by Nuland and NAZI/NATO to lead the new Ukraine and why instead the Jew Yatseniuk was?

At 14 May 2014 at 15:01 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Viktor Yushchenko, remember him, here is a little bit about him and Israhell:

"The new President of Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko, has appointed multi-millionaire "dual citizen" Yevgeny Chervonenko communications minister. The 45-year-old holds an Israeli passport and is vice president of the All-Ukraine Jewish Congress. As communications minister he will exercise complete control over the development of Ukraine's media. His department will issue all operational and frequency licenses for radio, television, Internet and satellite communications.

After privatization, Chervonenko gained control of a variety of businesses, including two large bottling plants, supermarket chains and a pharmaceutical firm. In 2004, in an interview with the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, he complained of "anti-Semites" in the opposition coalition, noting that he accosted one of them, Vassily Chervoni, in a washroom in the Parliament building. Chervonenko said, "I put his head in the sink and told him, 'One more bad word about Israel and I'll really mess you up.' "

I know this is from Rense but gives a summary of the relevant info...


At 14 May 2014 at 15:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


"Media mogul Pyotr Poroshenko, also a Jew, has been appointed secretary of National Security and Defense, despite having no experience whatsoever. Not even Ukraine's heavily Jewish Communist Party can believe it. After hearing of Poroshenko's appointment, they issued this statement: "When national security and the activities of law-enforcement are entrusted to a businessman whose actions have often contradicted the law, and who has been caught falsifying State budgets, one can hardly believe in pre-election promises that all the criminals would be jailed."

At 14 May 2014 at 15:04 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

(Pavel Lazarenko is serving a prison sentence in California after being convicted of extortion, money laundering, conspiracy, fraud and the transportation of stolen property. Lazarenko was also convicted of money laundering in Switzerland and is wanted for murder in Ukraine. His American criminal defense lawyer is well-known television legal commentator Daniel Horowitz. During his San Francisco trial, Horowitz introduced secret recordings of former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma that include anti-Semitic cursing and rants against Lazarenko. The idea was to convince the jury that Lazarenko was the victim of an anti-Semitic political vendetta by Kuchma. It didn't work.)


"The new prime minister's native language is Russian, not Ukrainian. Timoshenko admits she only learned the Ukrainian language in 1999. She has absolutely refused to provide a biography, and even her maiden name is a mystery. However, local Jews have repeatedly boasted of her Jewish ancestry."


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