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Reportedly, Grace Kelly became a priestess in a sex cult called the Order of the Solar Temple.

Reportedly, she joined the cult just months before her mysterious death in 1982.

Grace Kelly links with a secret cult - The Scotsman / Grace Kelly and The Conspiracy

The cult reportedly drew inspiration from Aleister Crowley.

In 1994, three month old Emmanuel Dutoit was killed at the cult's centre in Morin Heights, Quebec

The baby had been stabbed repeatedly with a wooden stake. 

Joseph di Mambro

The cult was led by Luc Jouret and Joseph di Mambro

Joseph di Mambro claimed "he was in touch with 33 spiritual masters who watched over the world from the Himalayas."

He "told his followers that they were reincarnated from biblical figures or saints."

Luc Jouret

Reportedly, the Order of the Solar Temple was a front for the CIA and its Operation Gladio terrorist network.

Order of the Solar Temple leader Luc Jouret was a Belgian ex-military official with ties to Gladio.

The Knights of the Extreme Right.

1980 - Bologna railway station bombed by the CIA's Gladio forces.

Many rich and powerful people in Monaco and Europe reportedly gave money to the cult.

Grace Kelly was reportedly initiated into the cult at a priory in the French village of Villie-Morgon.

"Dressed in a white templar robe with a red cross, she was escorted down an inner staircase to the crypt of the priory, where she lay down on a huge round altar marked with a mixture of cabalistic signs..."

In 1994, 69 members of the cult, in Europe and north America, died in mysterious circumstances.

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[Part 1],1019840
Sunday Courier - 9 October 1994
New evidence feeds mystery around doomsday cult

Order of the Solar Temple
This doomsday cult had ancient origins and a philosophy borrowed from several sects

Based on the Knights of the Templar, who fought in the Crusades to regain the Holy Land from the Muslims

Includes symbols and beliefs of the Masons and the Rosicrusians

Symbol found on medallion recovered from the fire in Canada and at underground chapel in Switzerland

Alter Ego
Also known as the Order of the Sun Temple and the Academy of Research and Knowledge of Higher Sciences

They stockpiles weapons to prepare for the apocalypse.

Luc Jouret
*Born in Belgian colonial Africa in 1947.
*Received a medical degree in 1974 in Belgium and studied homeopathy.
*Founded the order of the Solar Temple.
*He became well known in Switzerland for his doomsday predictions, although it's unclear when his following developed. The most visible aspects of Jouret's movement in Switzerland were the "Archedia Clubs," which set up farms, supposedly for biological research.

Police officer Philippe Granges shows two little bottles found containing unidentified liquids in front of one of the destroyed chalets in Les Granges, Switzerland, Friday. The bottles were found by the police in the chalets where 25 people died, members of the cult "The Order of the Solar Temple." The bottles are suspected to contain drugs.

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[Part 2],1019840

Arrest warrants issued for two leaders of sect
By Christopher Burns (AP)

GRANGES-SUR-SALVAN, Switzerland - Vials of liquid, syringes, garbage bags and residents' strange accounts are adding new facets to the mystery behind the deaths of 48 doomsday cult members in Switzerland.

The two burned-out chalets where 25 bodies were found Wednesday are a macabre scene of charred clothes, furniture, electrical appliances, comic books, a melted tennis racket and clock radio and empty medical vials.

A fire and explosives expert combing the site for incendiary devices Friday said he stumbled upon numerous unopened vials with obviously fake labels including "adrenaline," "folic acid" and "valium."

"There were several dozen syringes. They were all over the place," Jean-Claude Martin, of the Science and Criminology Institute at the University of Lausanne, said after searching the grounds for a second day.

Authorities issued arrest warrants Friday for two leaders of the cult called, among other names, the Order of the Solar Tradition. Evidence showed that many of the 48 sect members who died in Switzerland may have been murdered. Authorities in Canada, where another five sect members died, said three were murdered.

Swiss officials have ruled out a mass suicide but were also checking supposed farewell letters from the victims. Theories have abounded in the Swiss media that the dead were drugged, perhaps willingly, shot or suffocated with garbage bags tied over their heads, then burned in a plot to cover up evidence and make it look like a mass suicide.

The bodies of the victims from Granges-sur-Salvan were stored at a morgue in nearby Sion, awaiting completion of the autopsies at Lausanne University Medical Center of the 23 other victims found the same day in the western town of Cheiry. Officials expected the bodies in Sion to be transferred to Lausanne early next week.

In the meantime, the strange accounts surrounding the tragedy multiplied.

At a supermarket in this picturesque village of 1,200 near the mountainside chalets, the manager said cult leader Luc Jouret came in alone Tuesday morning and bought dozens of large green plastic garbage bags.

"He seemed a bit nervous," said manager Lydie Revaz. "He asked me to show him where the bags were. He took a real armload."

Like countless other residents and merchants, Revaz described Jouret and other cult members as well-dressed, "always polite and discreet." Jouret and some women in the group would always arrive shortly before noon or 6 p.m. to shop.

In Marecottes, a town near the chalets where the bodies were discovered, realtors for five apartments where some of the missing cult members stayed said the group planned to move out on Saturday, three days after the chalet fires.

"They said they were sad to leave," said Simone Hollinger, declining to identify any of the renters by name but saying they were French, Canadian and Swiss.

"They were extremely proper," she said. "We had completely cordial relations."

But she said the group, aside from pleasantries or asking about tourist sites, refrained from other conversation.

On Wednesday, after the gruesome chalet scenes were reported noting Canadians were among the victims, Hottinger tried phoning the apartments but got no answer. She called the police.

"The apartments looked like they were still living there," she said. Some of the cars left behind, however, had packed suitcases, she added.

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Look at Roger Morneu, Montreal, Quebec a major center

He explains well that it is a Spiritual Hierarchy that they the

Temporal Hierarchy worship - see Ephesians 6

Belgian - Belgae - Walloon - Knights Templar - Celtic...

see Holy Blood Holy Grail


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