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Anonymous comments on our post entitled: GOD'S GAY WORLD

Anonymous writes that:

Homosexuality cannot be both a means of population control and a means of population enhancement? 

Our reply:

It can be both.

David Barash refers to gay people providing "some sort of reproductive advantage".

This is not necessarily about 'maximising numbers' but about survival.

I think what Barash means is that children are more likely to survive in societies that contain gay people.

A gay couple, who are penguins, adopted this abandoned chick.

If evolution is about survival, we need some people in Mumbai to remain unmarried, so that the city does not explode and die.

If evolution is about survival, we need some unmarried people in Mumbai because these are the people who are more likely to become effective nurses, carers and peace-makers.

Carl Walker-Hoover. Carl Walker-Hoover, an 11 year old in Massachusetts, was bullied for 'being gay'. On April 6th, 2009, he hung himself.

Bonobo chimps, our nearest neighbour in terms of DNA, are entirely bisexual.

This makes them generally sociable and peaceful, and helps keep the numbers down.

The nastiest societies are the ones where there has been no liberation of women, slaves or gay people.

Think of Saudi Arabia.

Bisexual Bonobos.

Anonymous writes:

"It occurs to me that your idealised family caring gay individual is a thing that works in theory better than anything else. 

"The first thought that struck me is that I have never met this person." 

Our reply:

We have experienced the world differently. 

In our view, the majority of people are bisexual and married to members of the opposite sex.

We have come across vast numbers of celibate caring gay individuals - in villages in Africa, Asia and South America.

Homophobes kicking a 'gay' girl. 

Anonymous writes:

"In any given Arcady the home carer argument will last precisely as long as it takes for that place to develop a town that has a gay quarter. 

And then it's all over. Then it's all mad rooting all the time. 

Well it certainly was in Oxford Street in Sydney when I lived there and no doubt still is."

Our reply:

Fortunately most of the world is not like Sydney or Los Angeles.

I share your fear of the extremist gays.

In Indonesia they do not have a word for gay.

Most Indonesians are happily bisexual and happily married to members of the opposite sex.

It's the same throughout much of the world.

All of God's creatures are bisexual.

Anonymous writes:

"The best way of reducing a population is to ensure that the people are well fed, educated, and otherwise not in fear of the lives. 

"Which is to say, make them all middle class. And gay, whatever, I don't think it really matters." 

Our reply:

We agree.

(here / here)

According to psychologist Laurent B├Ęgue, author of Right and Wrong Psychology, the line between homophobia and homosexuality is thin.

I suppose that most of us used to fear 'gay people'.

We imagined that they smelt differently.

We thought that gay people would destroy our society.

We had an image of gay people as being rather foreign and dangerous, like Blacks, Jews, Catholics,  Moslems or Germans.

And then we discovered that our best friend at school was secretly gay, and quite harmless.

And then we discovered that some of our best friends at University were secretly gay, and quite harmless.

And the student, who was the same sex as us, and who had just slept with a married person of the opposite sex from Paris, wanted to be affectionate towards us. 

We were not interested and they departed but we had learnt a bit more about bisexuality

And then one of our professors seemed to imply that all the great men of history were apparently bisexual, from Alexander the Grape to Ronald Reagan.

And then we traveled a bit, and, while traveling on exotic airlines, rich and successful married men would tell us that that they liked girls, but preferred boys.

It is difficult to spot a gay man.

But often they are conservative and like sport and the military.

In Sam Mendes' film American Beauty, a former US marine and convinced conservative makes sexual advances towards the character played by Kevin Spacey.

The marine, who is homophobic, shoots Spacey after his advances are rejected.

German Bishop Walter Mixa was violently homophobic.

Now there are widespread allegations that he is totally gay. 

American televangelist Ted Haggard is the typical gay homophobe.

Researchers from the University of Georgia carried out an experiment using a device that measured male erections.

A gay scene was shown to males who claimed to be homophobic and to males who claimed not to be homophobic..

80% of the homophobes had an increase in penis size when shown the gay scene.

34% of the non-homophobes had an increase in penis size when shown the gay scene.

How many people are gay, or bisexual?

Apparently, the typical 'gay' person is married to someone of the opposite sex.

One recent piece of research, involving over 50,000 people, found that:

 33% of those polled considered themselves to be exclusively heterosexual.

 67% considered themselves not-exclusively heterosexual.

67% is No Minority!

0Exclusively heterosexual
1Predominantly heterosexual, only incidentally homosexual
2Predominantly heterosexual, but more than incidentally homosexual
3Equally heterosexual and homosexual
4Predominantly homosexual, but more than incidentally heterosexual
5Predominantly homosexual, only incidentally heterosexual
6Exclusively homosexual
The above research used the  Scale above

A recent survey of 2,516 people in the USA found that:

27 percent of participants had had same-sex experiences.

19 percent of participants indicated that they did not consider themselves heterosexual.

The research, was carried out by Ohio State University and Boston University and was published by the National Bureau of Economic Research.

We should note that:

1. Many people still hide their true feelings when being surveyed.

2. Many Americans have 'gay' inclinations, but, have never had any 'gay' sexual experience with another person.

3. Most Americans are bisexual by inclination.

Aangirfan has gained a few readers in May.

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At 19 May 2014 at 12:33 , Blogger P2P said...

three cheers for this.

yours truly is bisexual. I have always fallen in love with the human mind, not the human body. sexual feelings without love are unknown to me.

At 19 May 2014 at 12:51 , Blogger Anon said...

Dear P2P,

Your blog is one of the best on the internet.

At 19 May 2014 at 13:24 , Blogger Anon said...

What I find significant is that if I write about kids suffering from homophobic bullying, or about the suffering of Black kids in Africa, there is almost zero sympathy from the readers who claim to be Christian and conservative.

I suppose Christian conservatives include Jerry Falwell, Jimmy Swaggart, Jimmy Savile and Pat Robertson.

- Aangirfan

At 19 May 2014 at 17:49 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jimmy Savile was a Christian? Don't know much about him other than what I have read regularly on your blog. He is obviously not one along with the last two or three Popes (no doubt many more) and several imposters on Christian TV. That said, I am a Christian, not a homophobe, and bullying anyone is appalling and even worse than that it is a "sin" (though secularists would vehemently deny it).
But for the Christian from the Old T. to the New T. only marriage is God's will for humans and the act itself is symbolic of the Holy Trinity as the man and woman become one sexually and at the moment of conception...the three become one momentarily. In the tome "Caesar and Christ" page 598 Writer, Philosopher, Historian Will Durant describes (speaking about the early Christians who expected the soon return of Christ) "homosexual practices were condemned with an earnestness rare in antiquity. So far as sex is concerned," said Tertullian, "the Christian is content with the woman."

At 20 May 2014 at 00:41 , Blogger P2P said...

the only thing between us and the world of our dreams are our minds.

the human mind needs to feel itself above itself as a rational (meaning logical) construction in order to exist in peace (with itself). this has perhaps always been an impossibility - now more than ever before thanks to our globalized world. one cannot expect that that which makes sense to me to make sense for everybody.

fundamentalism is a reaction towards increasingly complex world. it is an effort to make sense out of the world by clinging to fundamentals.

there are no fundamentals. the human mind is free to adapt to its unique circumstances. the human mind is free to prosper wherever, whenever. none of us has the power to say what should be the contents of the mind of another. we can only fight for everybody's right to live free.

notice that many of these fundamentalists secretly (some even overtly) give their money, political power and personal will for the machine of destruction, hoping that "democracy" and "development" will rid the world of the poor and of "wrong" beliefs. these are the people whose minds we need to change.

if you want your mind to be in true peace: accept yourself as you are. nothing is unnatural. accept everybody as they are. nothing is unnatural. when you feel hate or jealousy or anger, drive your mind to compassion. accept that compassion can overdrive any emotion, any feeling, any judgement.

one more piece of advice: accept that your mind lies. your thoughts are never you and rarely are they yours. what you are is beyond language, beyond scripture, beyond thought. what is yours is a reflection of how you've managed to reflect the intangible hue of you to material bits and pieces.

"Since man lies to himself even more than to others, the psychologists should draw conclusions from what people really mean, rather than from what they say or do." FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE

At 20 May 2014 at 01:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does it matter Jimmy's religion? He was Catholic Jew for the sheeple. In real he was a Satanist as we all know....


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