Friday 18 April 2014


Michael Egan (above) is working with Oscar-nominated filmmaker Amy Berg on a documentary film about Hollywood's pedophile rings.

Michael Egan says that as a teenager he was raped by X Men director Bryan Singer.

Reportedly Berg's film company, Disarming Films, is working with numerous people who were abused as children.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

Bryan Singer directed Apt Pupil

In 1997, a 14-year-old extra from Apt Pupil accused Singer and others of forcing him and two other underage boys to get naked during a shower scene.

FBI denies fumbling testimony on 'X-Men' director Bryan Singer

Brad Renfro starred in Apt Pupil.

Former child star Brad Renfro died mysteriously at the age of 25.

Brad Renfro, 1982 - 2008, starred in The Client 1994, Tom and Huck 1995, and The Cure 1995.

Brad renfro was aged 11 when he appeared in The Client, a film based on the bestselling John Grisham novel, and one of the top-grossing films of 1994.

Hugh Jackman and his adopted son Oscar.

Bryan Singer is the director of the X-Men films, starring Hugh Jackman.

Hollywood pedophile rings are said to be linked to the CIA and its friends.

In his book Company Man, the CIA's John Rizzo wrote: "the CIA has long had a special relationship with... Hollywood movers and shakers: studio executives, producers, directors and big-name actors.

"There are officers assigned to this account full-time."

William Colby (above) was the boss of the CIA from 1973 to 1976.

In 1996 William Colby went on a canoe trip in Maryland. 

His body was found several days later.

Colby may have known too much about child sex abuse scandals.

John DeCamp, who had once worked for Colby, investigated the Franklin child sex abuse case.

Shortly before Colby died, Colby warned DeCamp to give up the case.

However, 'with the blessing of Colby', DeCamp wrote a book about the case: The Franklin Cover Up." 

Reportedly: Many of the children described satanic rituals that they were forced to attend, some of which involved sacrificing infants and young children.

They told of being flown to locations around the country...

At least one of King’s young prostitutes reported that at one party, she saw George Bush pay King and then depart with a young black man... At least two of (King's) victims have been wrongly imprisoned for refusing to recant their testimony.

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At 18 April 2014 at 14:43 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know this is only hearsay but someone posted something interesting on my discussion about this latest masterpiece of investigative journalism from Aangirfan. Thanks folks again for the enlightening work that you do:

"Pedo Bryan Singer likes to surf in Malibu. It's commonly known by the local younger surfers to stay the f*ck away from this dude because he's a really dangerously freaky guy. He tried to surf in Venice once and was chased out by locals after he was aggressively going after the kid surfers. Now he hides in Malibu, where all the pedos look out for each other. i hope the police really get this guy....he's a creeper."

At 18 April 2014 at 14:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems TMZ is helping Singer develop an alibi for the Babylonian TV watchers:

At 18 April 2014 at 19:50 , Anonymous Gregory William Pearson said...

Perhaps time to revisit-

At 28 April 2014 at 14:10 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speculation, rumors and gossip do not make one a pedophile.

At 15 May 2014 at 14:31 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

there is a ring, first and second know.. good luck

At 26 July 2014 at 04:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was at Brad Renfro's funeral....It says died mysteriously BULLSHIT......It was heroin that took him from us......No lie.....I don't know about the other stuff....But he had even been arrested for heroin before that


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