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  1. I would suggest leaving this link as most of us can still access the old blog even if it is not possible to get into from an admin side. I dug up a few old ones I mirrored.

    I have also mirrored some of the older posts.

    1. Hi Dub, Aang, Irfan.
      I am going to try to do what I can helping with this tomorrow.

    2. Hey dublinsmick,hope you are well as i know that you have been extremely ill with the dreaded disease,know as the big C.i pray you have beaten this illness and are still with us.much prayer and thought sent to you always!

  2. Speaking of religion, what happened to Fr. John? His "whitechrist" website is down. It's gone. It was shut down, no explanation. No advance notice to his readers. One would like to think Fr. John would have been considerate enough to his readers to explain his departure from the web. Perhaps have at least a little bit of respect to his readers and say good-bye in a civilized and respectful manner. But fuggedaboudit. It's too late for that. I rather enjoyed Fr. John, I must say. I'm going to miss busting his chops.

    Was there some sort of Rapture and only Fr. John was worthy enough, pure enough, White enough? Now the only other poseur Russian Orthodox priest in the alternative media is the vaudeville monkey jew Kapner.

    Get rid of Kapner and bring back Fr. John, that's what I say. Kapner is a broken record, so monotonous. So smirky. It smirks just as simians smirk. It's a bit much. How happy, how smirky, the vaudeville monkey jew is to share the bad news with us. Fr. John was always much more compelling, with a very wide and deep knowledge of history and theology, and every topic under the sun for that matter.

    I guess because I'm an Mediterranean Italian type I prefer Mizrahi Jews over slakhal khazar Jews. If I simply must have to deal with Jews, I guess I prefer Mizrahi types. Or is it spelled, "Miznazis"? Not sure.

    I bet Chechar is happy Fr. John is no longer with us. Less weight on Chechar's shoulders, so to speak.

    And speaking of Miznazis, an article or two on Mussolini's 20 years of sexcapades with Margherita Sarfatti, "The Jewish Mother of Italian Fascism", would be a fun read. Or, was Mussolini a homo also? Was he having a homo love affair with Margherita's very wealthy Jew Slave/Opium Golden Circle Empire Venetian Jew father? Or, was Mussolini a bi-sexual, and getting it on with both father and daughter wealthy Sarfatti Jew Nazi Fascists who bankrolled "his" Fascist Party?

    Fr. John left me before I could get a learned Fr. John sermon about the White Roman Conquering hero Mussolini vis-à-vis the Jew Sarfattis who bankrolled Mussolini's Fascist Party. Quo teneam vultus mutantem Protea nodo? Oh well,

    ~ Singula de nobis anni praedantur euntes ~

    From : Salvatore


    1. you have to watch this guy, he slips in stuff like they ruined vaccinations before they were good,ding ding ding, he likes dredge a few other doinks but iead him too

  4. It is an honor to be in your links list. Really, I am unworthy. My "hits" have gone through the roof . It makes me shiver when you deliver. Humble thanks.

  5. Thanks Aang, I must get back in the scene soon.... xx A

  6. Much thanks for the link Aangirfan, likewise our hits are spiking... -Wxxx

  7. Cheers Aang -

  8. new to this 'blogging'... pissed off already! But... practise makes perfect

  9. Thanks Aangirfan. For this and all the other things.

  10. Thanks as well, for Occurrences, Sullen Bell, and Boy Down The Lane, and for all that you do here. And everyone else too. It's been a pleasure to have grown amongst you all. We are the world, the pushback on the elitist nonsense.

  11. Thanks Aang for kindness and for all of these great links.

    I am linking to your last Ebola article. That was an excellent find. Truly excellent life saving information. I hope we live long enough to see the victory!

  12. would be nice if someone could make a feed website of all these blogs.

  13. A superb of links here, I have saved this on my Desktop. Some I already knew of, but most are new to me. I shall be checking them out over the next few days. Thanks Aangirfan.

  14. Anyone out there know if 'Nobby' with the blog churchofnobody (listed in the above list) is back to writing anywhere on the WWW?

    Please comment and pass on a link here if you know of anything.


  15. Wxxx News is mostly inactive now... We've just had it with google and it's gate-keeping ways. Searches that used to put us near the top (and obvious ones like "pussy riot false flag" when we have a blog post by that title) no longer do so... This is apparently due to the new search protocols that rate sites by google's dubious notion of veracity. There are other issues, explained at the bottom of this post:

    If you liked the Wxxx News format -particularly the "headlines of note" aggregation and analysis, let us recommend this Wordpress blog:

  16. hee hee!!
    Thank u so much!!
    (Always knew u were fanBINKINtastic!!)
    Uve made my week!!

    B I G L O V E

    Frm a Happy Highlander!!!

  17. Thanks for this resource.
    But, Dux Bellorum and not MemoryHole? WHAT?
    You simply must get better quality control.

  18. Some changes have been made in those links.. for example, Kenny is no longer with us except perhaps in spirit but someone is tinkering with his blogroll.

    Note for serious bloggers:

    And answer the questions in my plea "input please":

  19. May I recommend:

  20. May I also recommend my Youtube channel too...

  21. I'm gutted I never made the list!!
    And here's me thinking I'm a leading writer in the Alternative Media.
    How wrong am I...

  22. is listed above.

  23. Nos 30 comment(notice earlier timed 9/11 ??? Co-in-ci..? Or..?)
    Here mr-linker-me errr....

  24. That's a strong list. Great work from all of you over the years.
    Do you not like the work of Alan Watt @ ? Also Brian Gerrish is on there but not the UKColumn website?

  25. phew, really? top of the list? does somebody some where not like me?
    thanks, I hope you had a good staycation!

  26. Linked sites American Everyman and Jay's Analysis have just been removed from the internet by WordPress. The same thing happened to the fellowship of the minds site,I thought there would be a link to that but did not see it in quick scan.
    I also noticed (probably late on this) that the Coleman experience is now unavailable to the general public, only people with a WordPress account and permission from the Coleman experience can view it now.
    There is a short piece about the removal of American Everyman and the others here.

  27. The American Everyman site was closed by wordpress. However the author Scott Creighton has a new site.

  28. Intriguing speech .....
    Top Story from Dublin Protest Ireland

  29. Petition to The President of The United States of America and Congress DEMANDING THE RETURN TO GOD’S LAW

    Needs 99,963 signatures by October 29, 2020 to get a response from the White House
    37 signed
    100,000 goal

    We, the undersigned, demand the immediate return to our Creator’s Law, which is what endows every American with the UNALIENABLE rights we enjoy, among those Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, exactly as it states in the preamble of the Declaration of Independence:­ “We hold these truths to be self­ evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed BY THEIR CREATOR with certain UNALIENABLE Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” We the people make these demands for, but not limited to, the following reasons:

    1. We are continually losing more of our God­ given Rights and Freedoms, under fraudulent legislation.

    2. God’s Law prohibits forming, supporting political parties that divide

    3. God's Law guarantees freedom, justice, peace...

  30. Have sent Northern True-Seeker lot of comments stuff this week. Wrote re-Cressida Dick probably giving orders for Dr Schoning's arrest and detention on Saturday.

    Drew attention to Dick's track record in relation to the targeted killing in 2005 of Jean Charles Menezez + her participation in phoney London terror attacks in recent years as well.

    NTS was making a point of ending all his posts by paying respect to all those who have lost their lives since the lock-down and asserting his determination that those guilty of creating this SCAMDEMIC be brought to justice, held accountable for all the ensuing deaths and punished.

    Really hope NTS can bounce back just like you did a few years back by changing your name slightly!

  31. An Italian Family with ties to the Vatican, an Emblem of a snake swallowing a human all connected to the husband of an Epstein Model who flew on Lolita Express with ties to National Healthcare, Biotech, Oncology and AI

  32. Hello Aangirfan,sadly the heroes of Wordpress banished the longstanding Burning Blogger of Bedlam site from the internet. Happily the author is planning to begin again soon and has a website ready to go.
    This is the new address:

    1. HI James! it's A13.
      Trying to find my old blogging friends.
      I'm back on the tiles..
      please visit and leave a little comment and let me know how you all are x

  33. Amateur hour film production with Alexander Stafford MP's covid propaganda fail.

    Watch as the old lady no mask :) enters the shot bottom left.

    MP's should stick to representing their constituents not making propaganda and not promoting the UN/WEF sustainable development goals.

    Video :)
    Andy has implemented a fantastic traffic light entry system to ensure his business is Covid secure and people are always kept safe while they shop.

    Here he is again promoting global policy SGD

    Alexander Stafford MP
    Oct 30
    As we recover from coronavirus,
    Flag of United Kingdom
    must build back better and invest in jobs, technologies and industries of the future. @BorisJohnson
    has committed to ensuring a green recovery, and I will work with my colleagues at CEN to support him to deliver that

  34. That Time Trump Felt Up Giuliani - NYT Opinion
    •23 Apr 2018

  35. Peace and Love, Aangirfan. Burning Blogger, back on: x