Sunday 7 July 2024

Jordan Bardella, is gay ?

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There is discussion on French sites as to whether or not the hugely popular 28-year-old nominal leader of France's right-wing National Rally party, Jordan Bardella, is gay.

Bardella declines to speak of his personal sexual preference -

'Jordan Bardella : rumeurs sur sa sexualité, homo ou hétéro ?'

Scrolling down on the above page, there is a short TikTok video of Bardella entering a room before an audience, Bardella showing what many see as classic gay male mannerisms

Video also here, without sound, 36 seconds


Some French on forums suggest that, Macron called the suprise election fully expecting the right-wing National Rally to win in Parliament ... because Macron secretly favours the right-wing approach re migration and support for Israel, and this way it can be enacted whilst Macron pretends reluctance.


At 7 July 2024 at 23:43 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being gay is probably the least interesting thing about him. As he is a politician and you should never make assumptions (always assume the following):

1 He could be gay
2 He could be a paedophile
3 He could be corrupt
4 He could be a liar
5 He could have links to the security services
6 He could work for a foreign power
7 He could have ties to Israel
8 He could be a Satanist

He'll fit one of the categories (for sure). Furthermore he'll certainly not be the 'act' he's pretending to be either.

Yeah he's a politician. Nothing changes.

At 7 July 2024 at 23:51 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 8 July 2024 at 01:51 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bardella has been in a relationship (apparently) with Nolwenn Olivier since 2020, she is the daughter of Marie-Caroline Le Pen, Marine's elder sister. Before that, he had been in relationships with Kelly Betesh and later with Kerridwen Chatillon, daughter of Frédéric Chatillon (Marine Le Pens Communication Officer/Advisor).  Looking at 'Bordellos' family lineage and his Italian/Algerian heritage Bardella appears to be able to claim French heritage because his grandfather knew a guy that sold onions.

Furthermore there had been suspicions regarding 'fake employment' at the European Parliament in 2019, Jordan Bardella had been a part-time parliamentary assistant of the Member of EU Parliament Jean-François Jalkh during 2015 and he had been identified by the EU Parliament in 2017 as being part of the assistants linked to "irregular use of the parliamentary assistant compensation".  It was later revealed that he had been similarly suspected by the European Anti-Fraud Office, since 2016.

Whether it be fake relationships or fake employment, it is safe to say that this half bred Italian/Algerian immigrant with a hint of Frenchness is nothing more than a sponsored race-baiter and two bit fraud.  Another shining example of a turd in office linked to the partys' hierarchy and probably more bent than a box of Macrons whos 'granny is a tranny' (allegedly).

Just another step closer to Europes race wars orchestrated by a bunch of tribal clowns.

At 8 July 2024 at 13:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jordan Bardella has been named to head the brand new, but already third-largest European Parliament group, the right-wing 'Patriots for Europe'

“We want to reshape the European Union, we want to ensure that asylum is not abused, and we want peace on our doorstep”, Harald Vilimsky (Austria’s FPÖ) said.

The new party has swallowed the previous Identity and Democracy Group and expanded significantly larger, in just a few days gathering many national parties. The party grouping already includes:

Hungary's Fidesz led by Viktor Orbán
France's National Rally of Jordan Bardella / Marine Le Pen
Netherlands' PVV led by Geert Wilders
Italy's Lega led by Matteo Salvini
Czechia's ANO led by former Czech PM Andrej Babiš
Austria's FPÖ Freedom Party
Portugal's Chega!
Spain's VOX
Denmark's People's Party
Belgium's Vlaams Belang

'Jordan Bardella to lead new far-right EU Parliament group'


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