Wednesday 10 July 2024

Castle Douglas - best place in UK

I don't live in Castle Douglas, but my parents, who had been eveywhere, chose to retire to Castle Douglas. 

Castle Douglas

Threave Gardens, Castle Douglas

Agricultural show, Castle Douglas

Houses are cheap in Castle Douglas.

The above house in Castle Douglas is for sale for around £145,000

Here is part of the back garden.

Here is partof the kitchen.

Local area

Castle Douglas has supermarkets, schools, a police station, a hospital, dentists, doctors, a huge variety of shops, etc


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At 10 July 2024 at 02:54 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Starmer says Ukraine can use UK missiles to strike inside Russia

At 10 July 2024 at 03:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Starmer to urge Nato members to increase defence spending

“Keir Starmer will call on Nato countries to increase defence [sic] spending … as he launches a major review setting out UK plans to spend tens of billions of pounds extra on the military.

“The prime minister will use Nato’s 75th-anniversary summit … to underline Britain’s ‘cast-iron’ commitment to the defence [sic] alliance.

“He will say that further increases in spending from allies will help Nato tackle … Putin’s invasion of Ukraine [and] … the Middle East …

“The UK currently spends … £64.6bn a year [on defence] [sic] …”

At 10 July 2024 at 03:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Singapore has approved 16 insects to eat as food

‘It comes as the UN continues to promote insect consumption’

“Singapore has … approved 16 species of insect … for human consumption.

“Creatures to make the grade in the view of the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) include crickets, grubs, moth larvae and one species of honeybee.

“It comes as the United Nations Food And Agricultural Organisation (FAO) continues to promote insect consumption ..

“The FAO recommends using insects — including larvae of soldier fly, housefly, mealworm, silkworm and grasshoppers xx as a complementary food source for livestock, poultry and fish.”

“The EU is in the process of approving more insects as what it calls a ‘novel food source’ …”

At 10 July 2024 at 23:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of retirement -

Is the Joe Biden 'crisis' positive for understanding the elderly?

Interesting that with all the controversy about US President Joe Biden and his mental and physical condition -

Some who have been fierce critics of the Biden family and Biden government, now find themselves sympathetic to Joe Biden, as an elderly person abused and manipulated by others

Older people are often very energetic and productive, and uniquely so with their experience ... but the time frames of elderly energy are often shorter, and the needed rest cycles different ... and if they don't get needed rest, older people can suffer major health impact

Whatever illness he may have, Joe Biden is in worse shape because of being pushed beyond any reasonable limit

Ronald Reagan was fading in his late 70s as President ... Trump is fumbling awkwardly now as well at 77 ... it seems just the wrong age for that kind of ultra-heavy schedule

In earlier times we understood such things ... Older people might be 'in the lead' in a family but we knew not to weary them

You can feel this visiting elderly friends. For a time they can sparkle like when much younger ... but if you are alert you can feel how they suddenly begin to get tired ... they maybe won't let you do the washing-up for them ... but you know they take a nap, before they do it themselves

The ages at which people slow down and need more naps, varies quite a bit ... but sometimes it is early 60s

Sometimes I think that, at age 60, people should maybe work only half-time at maximum (tho get their regular income) ... so we protect the older people who get weary ... and let the younger people advance in the economy and build their lives ... older people well-rested enough to give sage advice, will be of more help to everyone


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