Tuesday 9 July 2024



 'There was no forensic evidence to prove her guilt and no one saw Letby – who continues to maintain her innocence – causing harm.

'That also applied to the retrial that reached a guilty verdict last week. Although one of the doctors concluded that she must have tampered with the breathing tube of a baby on three occasions, he did not actually see her doing it.'

'The idea that injecting air into the stomach via a nasogastric tube could cause collapse leading to death was described as nonsensical or “rubbish”, “ridiculous”, “implausible” and “fantastical”, by eight separate expert clinicians who spoke to the Guardian, seven of them specialising in neonatology.'

'We’re talking in Chester about system failure – it was a hospital that was not well run.'



At 9 July 2024 at 03:56 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does she even exist?

At 9 July 2024 at 10:10 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

My thoughts precisely.


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