Tuesday 25 June 2024

Big money party


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Labour is now Britain's big money party

“Money talks. And nowhere is that old saw truer than in British politics …

“And the big money bets are piling into one place: Labour.

“Where Labour raised barely £5 million in the whole month before the 2019 general election, Keir Starmer’s party has taken in more than £4.3million in the last seven days alone …

“The vast majority of the cash comes from just three very wealthy donors.

“LORD DAVID SAINBSBURY donated £2.5million. The former supermarket chairman has given Labour more than £7.5million since Starmer became leader.

“Two other major donors — Autoglass boss GARY LUBNER and hedge fund manager MARTIN TAYLOR — donated £900,000 and £700,000, respectively …

“And with big money comes big influence …”



1. Radical Zionist Lord David Sainsbury is closely linked to Jeffrey Epstein’s partner Lord Mandelson and the late Lord Rothschild. David Sainsbury was the main or major donor to the ‘Britain in Europe Campaign’, ‘British Influence’ and ‘Progress’ — all of which featured Mandelson as a council member, board member or director. David Sainsbury was also closely involved with the Mandelson-linked group ‘Britain Stronger in Europe’. David Sainsbury’s cousin, Lord John Sainsbury, partnered with Jacob Rothschild at the ‘Butrint Foundation’ which the pair jointly funded.

2. Gary Lubner “is a pro-Israel businessperson whose firm profiteered from South African apartheid … Successive annual reports show that Lubner is a long-standing donor to the United Jewish Israel Appeal, a lobby group with close ties to the state of Israel. The Lubners are longstanding donors to the apartheid state of Israel.”

3. “Want to know why Keir Starmer has been so quiet on the NHS privitisation bill? Martin Taylor was Starmer’s largest funder for his leadership campaign. [Taylor] has a £10m stake in United Health — a US private healthcare company currently seeking £1b worth of contracts from the NHS. Taylor donated £95,000 to Starmer’s leadership campaign — something Starmer hid while the rest of the candidates revealed where their funding came from.”




At 25 June 2024 at 10:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it considered treason to sell the UK to the EU and Israel for under £10m?


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