Tuesday 16 April 2024

'Israel Has Been Defeated'

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Netanyahu, taken shortly before his death 

John Helmer says that if there is a new phase of attacks on Israel by Hezbollah and Iran, much of Israel's power grid can be taken down, as is also happening now in Ukraine, the 'electric war' ... this is Israel's great vulnerability


Chaim Levinson on Israeli news site Haaretz -

'Israel Has Been Defeated

We can't say it, but we've lost.

Every Iranian threat will make us tremble. Our international standing was dealt a beating. Our leadership's weakness was revealed to the outside. For years we managed to fool them into thinking we were a strong country, a wise people and a powerful army. In truth, we're a shtetl [small Jewish town] with an air force.

The reality is that the war's aims will not be achieved.'

Haaretz is paywall, but article can be read in archive copy here:


At 16 April 2024 at 21:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The UK’s election may spell out the future of compulsory national ID cards

“Last week … Lord David Blunkett called for reintroducing national ID cards …

“‘Identity cards … would shatter the business model of organized international gangs making billions from human trafficking’, Lord Blunkett wrote …”

“The Tony Blair Institute, which backs digital ID development across the globe, has also expressed support for the project.”

“Many of the arguments Lord Blunkett presented are the same as the ones highlighted by the UK government during its first attempt to introduce ID cards in the early 2000s.

“As home secretary under Prime Minister Tony Blair, Blunkett proposed compulsory IDs as a solution for … Illegal migration, benefit fraud, identity theft and the looming threat of terrorism after 9/11 …

“Opponents … argued that ID cards are a pathway to less privacy and greater surveillance – a notion that was fuelled by the plan to build a biometric database of UK citizens called the National Identification Register (NIR) …”



Lord Blunkett’s son with Kimberly Quinn “attended a Jewish nursery, as Quinn has Jewish heritage.”

“Blunkett thanked the Jewish community in 2005 for its ‘extraordinary support’ when ‘things got difficult’ in his personal and professional life, and said that ‘I won't let you down. I feel deeply honoured when friends from the Jewish community are prepared to welcome me. I feel like one of the family.’”

“In 2005, he was presented with an honorary doctorate by Haifa University.”

“He is a member of Labour Friends of Israel.”

“At the start of the Labour government's second term in 2001, Blunkett was promoted to Home Secretary … He brought in … measures, including detention without trial of suspect foreign nationals … [And he] authorised MI5 to start collecting bulk telephone communications data …”


At 18 April 2024 at 14:52 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Social media has reports that Israel will 'delay' its reprisal on Iran until after Passover, which starts just after this weekend on April 22 thru April 30th

But others think Israel is now genuinely frightened. In the Iranian attack on Israel April 14th, only a small number were the higher-tech missiles, and several of them got through and significantly smashed Israel's Nevatim air base, thought by some to be also a Mossad outpost ... some Arabic news sites claim there were 44 Israeli dead there, with both Israel hiding this and Iran not wishing to 'rub it in'

John Helmer:
'Enough missiles got through to strategic targets to prove that with hypersonic speed, higher yield warheads, and better accuracy, the next round of Iranian missiles will be unstoppable. This prospect is what is rattling the Israelis now.'

That article in Aang's post above, on 'Israel Has Been Defeated' underscores how Israelis feel their security has disappeared and may not return. A swath of Northern Israel within Hezbollah rocket range has been evacuated, and Israelis fear this may become permanent. There is a broad Israeli wish to be rid of Netanyahu but it is not as if some other Israeli leader has some greatly different 'plan'.

And maybe indeed there are no 'nuclear weapons' in Israel's - or anyone else's - arsenal, per the evidence discussed last year here -


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