Saturday 13 April 2024

Hitler - Zionist Puppet?

Hitler stayed at this hotel at the same time as Churchill.

The Cabal which tries to run the world has reportedly included Lord Victor Rothschild, the Rockefellers, certain top Nazis, and certain top Communists. 

Patrick O'Carroll points out that in 1913-


Hitler associated almost exclusively with Jews.

The CABAL is Jewish and Nazi?

'Hitler's business-partners at this time were two Jews: Samuel Morgenstern and Jakob Altenberg. 

'His friends were all Jews: Josef Neumann, Simon Robinson, Siegfried Löffner, and Reinhard Hanisch. 

'Jakob Altenberg, who knew Hitler in his Vienna era, said he had never heard Adolf Hitler utter a single anti-Jewish remark. 

'Later, when he became Germany's Führer, Hitler's chauffeur Emil Maurice, his cook Constanze Manziarly, and his attorney Hans Frank were all part-Jewish;

'Adolf's favorite sibling was his older half-sister Angela Hitler (1883-1949), who was the curator of the Jewish Museum in Vienna in the years immediately following WW1.'

'Hitler went to Britain in 1912, where a mind controller placed him into his mind-control programming.

'Bankster Max Warburg appears to have been a handler of Hitler's.' 


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