Thursday 14 March 2024


Photo - Macron gazing upon a bust of Napoléon

Macron just gave a television speech Thursday the 14th banging war drums against Russia, his theme being that a Russian win in Ukraine must be blocked, risky measures may be necessary

Poland's President Duda and Prime Minister Tusk, tho political rivals inside Poland, flew to Washington earlier this week to meet together with the White House

Tusk said, 'The time of peace in the EU is over, we live in pre-war times now.'

There is now an emergency meeting - Friday the 15th - of the 'Weimar Triangle' of France, Germany and Poland, to discuss war against Russia in Ukraine

Significant portions of the populations of Poland and the Baltic countries expect war with Russia to come, and are enthused by Macron's talk of support, the region ripening for a provocation

Whilst Hungary and Slovakia are denouncing the war fever as insanity
And much of Europe just adrift under its 'leaders'.


At 14 March 2024 at 23:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leaders who will not fight and die themselves calling for mass death of those who do not want war.

This is not how societies thrive, it is how autocracies fall.


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