Thursday 11 January 2024


A visitor to my place in Indonesia.



Health: Malaria:

There are around 250 million cases of malaria per year, with up to a million deaths (mainly children). Having had malaria twice, including 9 days in hospital with cerebral malaria, the symptoms and horrendous drugs used to treat it are very familiar.

Did you know that there is a natural treatment for malaria with no side effects? It is proven to have a 100% cure rate within 24-48 hrs. 

This fact has been known since 2012 by the International Federation of the Red Cross, because they took part in the experiment. One problem, it is effectively free.

Guess what happened to the information about that free, natural cure for malaria after the experiment?


At 12 January 2024 at 00:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 12 January 2024 at 05:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

the rockefeller scenario Hack Attack includes people dying or getting sick from a tainted cheap malaria treatment


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