Saturday 30 December 2023

Gaza Real Estate; Belgorod

 Anonymous has left a new comment on  'BDS Win':

Did you see the experienced Israeli settler real estate company has now advertised 'beach front homes' in the demolished sections of Gaza? Palestinians and their supporters this week condemned a proposal by an Israeli real estate developer specializing in the construction of illegal settlements to build beachfront homes for Jewish colonists over the bombed-out ruins of Gaza.

"A house on the beach is not a dream," reads an advertisement published by Harey Zahav—an Israeli company notorious for building settlements in the illegally occupied West Bank—that drew international attention following last week's Practical Preparation for Gaza Settlement Conference in Tel Aviv.

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Russia Says Czech-Supplied Weapons Behind Attack On Belgorod Which Killed 18

Ukraine Mounts Massive Series Of Attacks On Russian City, Killing At Least 14

At least 70 drones & missiles launched on Russia in 'retaliation' - including on a central Christmas market.


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