Friday 26 January 2024


Unknown commented on "Britain is supplying Israel’s army"

From Jewish British-Israeli Jonathan Cook:

'... a criminal complaint filed last week to the Metropolitan Police by a UK group identifying senior British politicians as complicit in Israeli war crimes.

The Met’s war crimes unit was already gathering evidence on Israeli leaders and Britons who have travelled to Israel to take part in potential war crimes, as part of an existing

investigation by the International Criminal Court.

The International Centre of Justice for Palestinians has asked that the Met’s investigation be expanded to include British politicians, public figures and commentators who may have “aided and abetted” Israel’s crimes in Gaza through support, encouragement or incitement.'


'... a Labour MP, Tahir Ali, was forced to apologise, under pressure from party whips, after accurately describing Rishi Sunak as having “blood on his hands” for approving the sale of weapons to Israel ...

despite receiving advice from the Foreign Office that Israel was breaking international law in its attack on Gaza.'


'Keir Starmer threw his weight behind the “complete siege” announced by Israel’s defence minister, Yoav Gallant, that has denied more than two million Palestinians food, water and power. Even though famine and lethal diseases were the inevitable outcome, the Labour leader described the policy as “Israel’s right to defend herself”.

Starmer, in his earlier role as a high-profile human rights lawyer, understood only too well that what Israel is doing today qualifies as genocide.

At a 2014 hearing before the International Court of Justice (ICJ), he made the case that Serbian forces had carried out a genocide in besieging the Croatian city of Vukovar for three months. He described a city reduced to rubble, enduring a “sustained campaign of shelling, systematic expulsion, denial of food, water, electricity, sanitation and medical treatment”.

Those are the very conditions being inflicted on Gaza, but this time on a far greater scale.

Starmer's complete abandonment of the Palestinians at a moment when they are being butchered and starved has done even more damage to Labour than Tony Blair did in backing Washington’s illegal 2003 war on Iraq on false pretences.'


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