Wednesday 31 January 2024

France - farmers - 1 Feb 2024


French police are now arresting farmers protesting against climate policies and confiscating their tractors.

Dear European Police We are literally in a battle of Good vs. Evil One side looks after the land & grows your food - the other get filthy rich from Corporate Lobbying & Globalist Take-over Choose your side wisely - one will be on the ‘Right side of History’ the other not so

Près d'Angers, des #agriculteurs forcent un barrage de gendarmes, impuissants face aux engins agricoles. #AgriculteursEnColeres

Des #agriculteurs en colère du convoi d'Agen sont arrivés à Rungis. Ils sont tous interpellés soit une quarante d'agriculteurs. () #AgriculteursEnColeres #blocageDeParis

🇫🇷 | In Creuse, France, farmers attacked a police station with manure! #Creuse #FarmersProtest #France

The French farmers are showing them that they aren’t playing around. French highways burn in several areas. #France #FrenchFarmers #AgriculteursEnColeres #strike #protests #Macron

The A6 motorway leading into Paris is now completely blocked by French Farmers.


At 1 February 2024 at 03:29 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Massive farmer protests in Brussels, fires lit outside EU Parliament

As a summit of EU leaders is meeting in Brussels 1 February, to discuss more funds for Ukraine war and killing, whilst EU citizen needs are ignored

EU revolution this fall with the EU Parliament elections, in turn re-shaping the EU Commission?

Fresh Sky News video 99 seconds

At 1 February 2024 at 04:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once everyone is starving in Paris and social unrest breaks out. Blame the farmers it was their fault.

We only know what we are being told is true. For centuries, the tried and tested methodology of siege has been a mainstay of military strategy for a certain type.

Sieges have been going on for millennia and farmers are not usually known for this, so let's poison the well.

Let's get our own tractors, our agent provocateurs, our psy-op experts, coverage from the media when the time is right and starve Paris with our newly installed 'militant farmers' who will be blamed for the ensuing chaos.

Not exactly beyond the realm of possibilities is it?


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