Thursday 14 December 2023

Subterranean Secrets: Liverpool's Mysterious Williamson Tunnels

Secret tunnels of Liverpool 1805-1840

Key to funding the deaths in Gaza are the tens of millions of Zionist-Christian Americans, including US House Speaker Mike Johnson, who are led to think that supporting Israel is linked to their personal chances of going to heaven.

American Christianity has many roots in earlier religious movements of Britain, and I was recently reminded of one of the very odd English episodes, in Liverpool.

For decades as far as anyone remembers, there was a Liverpool pub story about a huge secret underground labyrinth of tunnels beneath the city, created by a long-ago rich man hiring thousands of poor Liverpool workers, and hiding some sort of a dark secret.

In the 1990s, workers discovered that this was no mere 'story' but based in significant factual reality. A huge network of elaborate tunnels was discovered under Liverpool, so extensive that they have not yet been fully explored yet.

Joseph Williamson (1769-1840), an eccentric church-goer, had become wealthy, and also married into the prominent Tate merchant family in Liverpool. Moving into the Edge Hill neighbourhood around 1805 - much of it an older sandstone quarry - Williamson began to both build houses above ground, hand-picking his neighbour tenants, and hiring huge numbers of poor Liverpool men to build an astonishing underground mini-city.

"Williamson was very secretive about his tunnels, never stating their purpose except for a few reported conversations in which he replied to questions about their nature by pointing out that he was employing more men than other people did."

Some say that Williamson was caught up in local religious cult movements anticipating 'end times', and the vast underground caverns were a place where some could survive catastrophes in the outer world.

Others think it was just 'philanthropy', providing work for poor people who needed income. But Williamson clearly loved something about the underground world he was making, and did not wish to speak of it, with no records left of his purposes.

So some think there may have been some 'darker secret' of the Williamson tunnels, and the community around the 'King of Edge Hill Liverpool'

Brief video on the Williamson Liverpool tunnels

site with history and photos


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