Friday 22 December 2023

Politicians are being blackmailed with sex tapes

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US Congressman: Politicians are being blackmailed with sex tapes

Rep. Tim Burchett also alleges his colleagues in Congress are ‘compromised’ amid his -

Attempts to obtain the Jeffrey Epstein flight logs

“Rep. Tim Burchett … [says that his] colleagues in Congress are being blackmailed into voting for ‘crazy stuff’ with threats of illicitly recorded sex tapes of them being released.

“He … [said] that the schemes are executed by ‘powerful people’ who ‘write the big checks’.

“‘You’re visiting — you’re out of the country or out of town or you’re in a motel or at a bar in DC — and whatever you’re into — women or men or whatever — comes up and they’re very attractive, and they’re laughing at your jokes. And you’re buying them a drink. Next thing you know, you’re in the motel room with them naked’, Burchett [said].

“Then … after some time, the hypothetical lawmaker finds themselves about to make a ‘key vote’ …

“‘And what happens? … Some well-dressed person comes out and whispers in your ear, “Hey, man, there’s tapes out on you”.

“‘Or, “Were you in a motel room or whatever with whoever?” …

“‘And they say, “You really ought not to be voting for this thing”’ …

“‘No man or no woman actually is an island, and they know what to get at. If it's women, drugs, booze, it'll find you in DC and in most elected offices’ …

“… Burchett also called some of his colleagues ‘compromised’ amid his and Sen. Marsha Blackburn's … attempts to obtain the flight logs of sex offender Jeffrey Epstein …”


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