Tuesday 5 December 2023

Israel Shamir, false flag attacks, Gaza, John Helmer

Israel Shamir

Unknown commented on "Investors made millions short-selling before the 7 October attack."

Israel Shamir has interrupted his recovery from a stroke, to write about how the current wave of 'Islamic terror attacks' may be manipulations to serve the Israeli goal to ethnically cleanse Gaza

In the last few days we have had -

'terror attack by Algerian-heritage person in Dublin'

'terror attack by Iranian-heritage person in Paris'

and now we have 'terrorism experts' forecasting further events:

'Belgian terror expert: ‘Brussels not safe’ to celebrate Christmas and New Year in'


Rather reminding of 2016's eerie prediction that came true - 'Less than a week before the terrorist attacks in Brussels, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned of possible bombings in European cities, including Brussels.'


Shamir thinks the million-plus migration waves into Europe from 'Syrian war' etc in 2015, may have been related to setting up Greater Israel projects, given that, amongst a million-plus migrants, one can find one or two to 'push to amok attack'


With a series of 'Islamist attacks' in Europe, and perspectives fuelled by suddenly prominent anti-Islamist, pro-Israel politicians such as Netherlands' Geert Wilders -

Shamir sees enough 'fog of war' so that possibly 'the moral high ground will be snuffed out' ... Gaza protests may become defused amidst alleged 'Islamic terror', and Israel will be able to carry out its ethnic cleansing of Gazans into Egypt and beyond


A counterpoint comes from Austrialian in Moscow John Helmer, who speaks of a Moscow perspective of taking actions to break the blockade of Gaza, protecting post-Hamas Gazan and Palestinian autonomy, and Russia finally blocking Israel from attacking its neighbours in Lebanon Syria etc ... but this may be just some Russians doing wishful thinking



At 5 December 2023 at 11:52 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Israel blows up the Gaza courts building


Israel blows up the Gaza Parliament


At 5 December 2023 at 13:59 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Israel built on ethnic cleansing: Irish lawmaker

“Israel is an ‘apartheid settler colonial state’ … built on ‘ethnic cleansing’ and the illegal occupation of Palestinian lands, according to an Irish politician.

“‘… [Israel] has been built on ethnic cleansing, on terrorism against the Palestinian people, on illegal occupation of Palestinian territory, on constant stealing of Palestinian land, cleansing a Palestinian people from their homes and their villages’, Richard Boyd Barrett [said] …

“He said Israel’s ongoing assault on the Gaza Strip … is a ‘genocide’ littered with ‘war crimes’ and ‘crimes against humanity’ …

“Barrett said [Western leaders]… ‘have chosen to give Israel impunity because it serves Western interests’ … ‘Joe Biden made this very clear in comments he made a few years ago where he said, “If Israel didn’t exist, the United States would invent it”’ …

“‘We did bring down apartheid South Africa, the Algerian people did free themselves from colonialism, the Irish freed themselves … from British colonial rule’ …

“‘It can be done, but everybody in the world who believes in decency and justice and fairness needs to stand with the Palestinian people …’”



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