Monday 4 December 2023

Starmer, McSweeney, Cabal


Labour Together is the secretive group co-founded by Mandelson’s protege, Wes Steeting, and advised by the likes of Alun Milburn, who abruptly resigned as a government minister in June 2003, a few months after a list of suspected pedophiles assembled by Operation Ore detectives was leaked to the press.

Morgan McSweeney reportedly became the group’s full-time managing director in 2017, but ‘failed to report £730,000 of donations to Labour Together during his 3-year tenure, which ended in 2020 when he left to run Starmer’s successful leadership election, before becoming Sir Keir’s director of campaigns.

‘Labour Together’s financial backers, who have included former Rothschild director Lord Myners and top Zionist Sir Trevor Chinn, donated £205,000 to Starmer’s leadership campaign.

What autobiographical fact or behaviour of Starmer’s delighted the Zionists to the point of bankrolling his leadership campaign?

McSweeney, Starmer and Mandelson protege Wes Streeting last year hosted nine member’s of Israel’s Labor party, and “Starmer has [shown] an uncompromising attitude towards pro-Palestinian activism …” Could this be a clue?

Could Starmer’s links to the Trilateral Commission and Mossad’s Jimmy Savile suggest other reasons for the huge money and support?

In any case, the uncanny grip — or parasitic possession — that the Zionist cabal is alleged to have over the Labour leader may not be solely explained by the fact that Starmer’s family is Jewish.

Given the cabal’s alleged predilection for running sexual entrapment blackmail operations and similar, the fear must be that the cabal either already have — or plan shortly to obtain — documentary evidence of Starmer committing a criminal or shamefully immoral act.

Sometimes dubbed ‘mind control’, Mossad’s classic modus operandi is understood to pair a sexual blackmail derived control file with potential harm, torture, or psychological torment of the subject or his loved ones.

Sadly for Starmer, many captured pawns tend ultimately to develop, after time, the look of someone hunted or haunted.

He would be wise to get out now?


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