Friday 6 October 2023

'Rothschild candidate' wins Rutherglen.

Labour's Michael Shanks. The Rothschild are said to want the Labour Party to win the next General Election. 

The UK Labour Party's pro-Israel candidate Michael Shanks has won the Rutherglen by-election.

The turnout was 37%.

The Scottish National Party, allegedly run by the spooks, seemed to do all it could to lose.

Corbyn, who is believed to have Jewish origins.

In 1919  Michael Shanks had quit the Labour party in protest at Jeremy Corbyn's alleged antisemitism.

Michael Shanks is opposed to Brexit.

Rutherglen had previously been held by Margaret Ferrier but she was ejected by the SNP after it emerged she had visited local businesses while awaiting the result of a coronavirus test and travelled by train from the Commons back to Scotland 'after testing positive'. 

There is a strong belief, by many experts, that coronavirus tests are a scam and do not work.


Scotland's prime minister is said to work for the CIA?

Humza Yousaf told Time about the importance of his faith, saying he is 'proud' to be the first Muslim head of government of a western nation.

He also revealed how 9/11 was one of the 'seminal moments of my life' as his 'loyalty' to his country was questioned after the attacks.

(Does Yousaf really not believe that 9 11 was done by the spooks? )

He added: 'You had two choices: you either put your head in a bunker and hope it all passed by or you said, 'You know what, these people don't act in our name'.

'And I don't have to feel guilty for the actions of an extreme fringe. I stand in absolute solidarity with those who value freedom, democracy and the rule of law.'

In mid-September 2023, Scotland-wide polling from YouGov put Labour on 27 per cent, down five percentage points, compared to the SNP’s 38 per cent, up two percentage points.

So, did the spooks rig the by-election, which was allegedly won by Labour?

Angus Robertson in Israel

Anonymous comments on 'Craig Murray - SNP - Spooks':
Humza Yousaf is an IVLP (

International Visitor Leadership Program 

) affiliate (traitor?).

He has been schooled by the U.S and groomed for his leadership role with the SNP.

WEF Young Leadership Program and IVLP is what determines the Presidency, Prime Minister or First Leader of respective countries the world over. Elections are to elect the new Board of Directors (MPs or Senators or whatever) to their portfolios of office. Parliament is a PLC, just like Government and all other corporate bodies.


At 5 October 2023 at 22:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Both major parties rigorously control party candidate lists to exclude outliers. What the views of the puppet are aren't that important, they will be whipped-in in Westminster, that's all the voters need to know.

At 6 October 2023 at 06:25 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

An oldie but a goodie!

At 6 October 2023 at 10:50 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

YouGov polls are rigged by the state to give voters a false representation that they think their views actually matter, when in fact they don't. Nearly all YouGov polls are rigged.

At 6 October 2023 at 15:00 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Saddam Hussein complained to George Bush Sr. that Kuwait was angle drilling into Iraq’s oil fields and stealing Iraq’s oil. Angle oil drilling was a technique developed by the United States. Bush sent Madeline Albright to Iraq or she told Hussein that it was basically his problem, so when Hussein attacked, it gave Bush his excuse to go to war with Iraq and the lies they presented just as his son was said to want to finish off Iraq from his first day."

At 6 October 2023 at 15:24 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Double Down News is featuring heavily the deception that the Labour Party is the Labour Party. eg EXPOSED: Keir Starmer & The Establishment Coup. “Keir Starmer is the most dishonest mainstream politician of my lifetime” The Labour Video Keir Starmer Doesn't Want You To See
EXPOSED: Labour’s Biggest SECRET. Keir Starmer's War on Democracy see videos: ALSO

At 6 October 2023 at 16:17 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not trying to justify NATO's actions or how it helped provoke the Ukraine war with all those attacks on Donbass 2014-22 -

But there are awful things going on in Russia.

Sadly, Russia had been making efforts to be accepted by Europeans, even ending the death penalty to conform to the EU standard.

But in making Russia 'the enemy', the West is stoking the worst.

One item is the 'official story' from Putin that Prigozhin's plane exploded and killed the Wagner leadership, because they seem to have been 'playing with hand grenades' and perhaps drunk or high. Many are sceptical, to say the least.

But especially chilling, is Putin turning over a man to be tortured by the Chechen leader's family:

"A 19-year-old teen born in Ukraine, Nikita Zhuravel, who lives in Russia burns the Koran. He is sentenced to prison for it.

He is then transferred to Chechnya on Putin’s orders despite protests by lawyers that he will be tortured there. He is then tortured personally by the son of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, who uploads the video to the internet.

Russians express outrage over the treatment of the prisoner online. A 14-year-old Russian boy is raided by the FSB [Russia's 'FBI'] for expressing outrage at this beating and imprisoned.

Putin meets with Kadyrov to show his support for torture of Islamophobes"

'The leader of Russia's Chechnya region, Ramzan Kadyrov, said on Monday he was proud of his teenage son Adam for beating up a prisoner accused of burning the Koran.

Kadyrov posted the comments on Telegram, accompanied by a clip in which a young man in khaki clothing is seen punching and kicking another man cowering in a chair before wrestling him to the floor and slapping him on the head.

"He beat him, and he did the right thing," Kadyrov said. "Without exaggeration, yes, I am proud of Adam's action," he said'


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