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This is from 4 years ago, but @Ciabaudo chronicled writers for the Mail Online and/or its sister titles, The Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday:

Dominic Lawson, “a former houseguest of the Zionist child trafficker and sexual blackmailer, Jeffrey Epstein”

David Rose, “a spooky Zionist journalist who departed the Mail on.Sunday and Daily Mail in 2022 to become the Jewish Chronicle’s Politics and Investigations editor”

Rebecca Wallersteiner, “the daughter of the Zionist spy Robert Maxwell’s business partner. She dated the late alleged paedophile, Lucian Freud”

Angela Levin, “the Zionist journalist who admits she was warned about the Zionist extremist Jimmy Savile”

Daniel Janner, “the son of the late Zionist extremist and serial paedophile, Lord Janner. Campaigns with Cliff Richard against what they call ‘paedophile witch hunts’”

Sir Max Hastings, “RAINS”

- Aside from those listed above by @Ciabaudo, there’s also the Daily Mail’s Zionist City Editor, Alex Brummer.

- And the Mail Online’s Zionist contributing writer, Nicole Lampert, who also writes for the Zionist Jewish Chronicle.

- And the Mail Online’s Zionist contributing writer, Jake Wallis Simons, whose main job is Editor of the Zionist Jewish Chronicle.

- And the Daily Mail’s Zionist contributing writer and former columnist, Dame Esther Rantzen, whom we associate with Jimmy Savile and goings-on at Blood Oaks, her home in the New Forest, located in an area continually subject to press reports of occult animal sacrifices.

- Until just last month, the Senior Advisor to the Chairman of the Daily Mail’s parent company, DMGT, was Paul Zwillenberg. “Zwillenberg is the Yiddish for Zillenberg, a town in Upper Bavaria.”

- And not forgetting, of course, the Daly Mail’s “star columnist”, Boris Johnson — an associate of the Zionist extremists Lord Rothschild, Lady Lynn de Rothschild, and the late Lord Janner.


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Eagle eyed readers will note that:

(a) The majority of Mail writers who are militantly Zionist / pro-Israel are also vociferous campaigners against what they label “VIP paedophile witch hunts”.

(b) The majority of Mail writers who are militantly Zionist / pro-Israel peddle venom and propaganda against anyone perceived to oppose US-Israeli-UK-EU globalist imperialist rule.

(c) The majority of Mail writers who are militantly Zionist / pro-Israel arguably harbour a barely-concealed loathing of people of colour, Palestinians, Muslims in general, and the poor and marginalised worldwide (except Jews. Rich Zionists profess to be tremendously concerned about the welfare of all Jews — despite not giving two hoots about poor Jewish ‘cannon fodder’). It’s militantly Zionist, extreme right-wing, globalist-elitist 1-percenter Jews that they actually care about. No one else.


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