Thursday 19 October 2023

Does not end with Palestinians

 'Zionist racism does not end with Palestinians. 

'All non-Satanist Jews and Gentiles are "infidels" to be enslaved or exterminated.

'This is the logic behind migration, the COVID vaccines, Agenda 2030, and Ukraine. 

Zionists weaponized Jews by instigating the holocaust. Like the staged Gaza attack, it gave Zionist Jews a license to lie and kill. 

Almost as infuriating as bombing a hospital is blaming it on an "explosion" or errant Hamas missile. These people are congenital liars and gangsters. Antisemitism is a direct consequence of their agenda. The West is in a ZOG prison.


At 19 October 2023 at 10:00 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fact number one — the Al Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza is still standing. The clinical center is intact. Whatever exploded outside the hospital (missile, rocket or bomb) did little if any structural damage to the building. Al-Jazeera press reports like the following are wrong: image above

Fact number two — the explosion took place in the courtyard/parking area of the hospital. BDA of the impact site (the car park in front of the hospital) shows no impact crater. Despite initial and persistent reports that 500 were killed, the video evidence puts the actual number killed at around 30 to 40. Still horrific, but the “500 people, dead buried under the rubble of a collapsed hospital,” appears to be debunked.

Fact number three — civilians, including small children, died as a result of this explosion.

Now let’s look at the curiosities. Lucas Gage posted the following on X, which shows the explosion at the hospital (it is in the distance on the horizon) and some unusual and unexplained activity in the night sky. Gage is wrong in asserting this is “video proof.” There is no way to determine if the object in the upper left hand frame of the video was an Israeli fighter/bomber.

The big head scratcher is the X message “tweeted” out by Bibi Netanyahu’s media messaging guy — Hananya Naftali. Notice the time stamp on the Lucas Gage X message when the explosion takes place — 19:59:20 hours. Now look at the time stamp on Naftali’s original X message — 20:23 hours:

The bodies of the dead and wounded civilians in the parking area outside the Al-Ahli Hospital were still warm when Naftali credited the blast to Israel’s Air Force. Twenty three minutes from the explosion to Naftali’s tweet. I do not know which media outlet was the first to report the explosion, but it is clear that Naftali either was monitoring that news source or he received a flash report from Israeli intelligence about the attack and proceeded to put out what he later claimed was “misinformation.” There also is the possibility (I think it is remote) that he knew it was coming.

While the Al-Ahli Hospital clinical center was not attacked and leveled, there is no denying that Israel has been killing a disproportionate number of civilians, especially children. It appears that the report of more than 500 dead spooked Naftali and his boss, Netanyahu, and they began doing a world class Michael Jackson moonwalk backwards. “Nope, wasn’t us.” Even Netanyahu knows that killing that many civilians in one golpe (spanish for blow) is a PR disaster for Israel.

The truth about the incident no longer matters because the belief about what happened, especially in the Arab and Muslim world, spread quickly and became accepted fact — Israel bombed a hospital and killed hundreds of civilians.

Now, 🤔

At 19 October 2023 at 10:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jews are outnumbered 99:1 on earth and of that 1%, only a small minority are rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth Zionist psychopaths. There's really no way that they can ever prevail unless an apathetic majority lets them.

At 19 October 2023 at 14:23 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


This is from 4 years ago, but @Ciabaudo chronicled writers for the Mail Online and/or its sister titles, The Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday:

Dominic Lawson, “a former houseguest of the Zionist child trafficker and sexual blackmailer, Jeffrey Epstein”

David Rose, “a spooky Zionist journalist who departed the Mail on.Sunday and Daily Mail in 2022 to become the Jewish Chronicle’s Politics and Investigations editor”

Rebecca Wallersteiner, “the daughter of the Zionist spy Robert Maxwell’s business partner. She dated the late alleged paedophile, Lucian Freud”

Angela Levin, “the Zionist journalist who admits she was warned about the Zionist extremist Jimmy Savile”

Daniel Janner, “the son of the late Zionist extremist and serial paedophile, Lord Janner. Campaigns with Cliff Richard against what they call ‘paedophile witch hunts’”

Sir Max Hastings, “RAINS”

- Aside from those listed above by @Ciabaudo, there’s also the Daily Mail’s Zionist City Editor, Alex Brummer.

- And the Mail Online’s Zionist contributing writer, Nicole Lampert, who also writes for the Zionist Jewish Chronicle.

- And the Mail Online’s Zionist contributing writer, Jake Wallis Simons, whose main job is Editor of the Zionist Jewish Chronicle.

- And the Daily Mail’s Zionist contributing writer and former columnist, Dame Esther Rantzen, whom we associate with Jimmy Savile and goings-on at Blood Oaks, her home in the New Forest, located in an area continually subject to press reports of occult animal sacrifices.

- Until just last month, the Senior Advisor to the Chairman of the Daily Mail’s parent company, DMGT, was Paul Zwillenberg. “Zwillenberg is the Yiddish for Zillenberg, a town in Upper Bavaria.”

- And not forgetting, of course, the Daly Mail’s “star columnist”, Boris Johnson — an associate of the Zionist extremists Lord Rothschild, Lady Lynn de Rothschild, and the late Lord Janner.

At 19 October 2023 at 14:28 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The proportion of the U.K. population that is Jewish is roughly 0.5%, or 1 person out of 200.

The proportion of the U.K. population that is Muslim is roughly 6.3%.

In the U.K., there are around 12-13 times as many Muslims as Jews.

The Mail Online, Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday do not seem to have many Muslim executives, editors, correspondents, columnists, or contributing writers.

Do they have….. any?

At 19 October 2023 at 14:34 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eagle eyed readers will note that:

(a) The majority of Mail writers who are militantly Zionist / pro-Israel are also vociferous campaigners against what they label “VIP paedophile witch hunts”.

(b) The majority of Mail writers who are militantly Zionist / pro-Israel peddle venom and propaganda against anyone perceived to oppose US-Israeli-UK-EU globalist imperialist rule.

(c) The majority of Mail writers who are militantly Zionist / pro-Israel arguably harbour a barely-concealed loathing of people of colour, Palestinians, Muslims in general, and the poor and marginalised worldwide (except Jews. Rich Zionists profess to be tremendously concerned about the welfare of all Jews — despite not giving two hoots about poor Jewish ‘cannon fodder’). It’s militantly Zionist, extreme right-wing, globalist-elitist 1-percenter Jews that they actually care about. No one else.

At 19 October 2023 at 16:34 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Infidel" is a misnomer. Indicates those condemned in ISLAM, implicates Islam. Islam, tho often a tool of the zionists- is not involved in the global genocide. Muslims like the rest of us are considered cattle GOYIM and IDOL WORSHIPPERS who must be destroyed for YAHWEH.

At 20 October 2023 at 00:01 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Infidel" is a misnomer".

No disrespect intended (to anyone). Specifically, 'infidel' relates to a condition of humanity. A condition called atheism. Atheists are 100% INFIDEL.

No ifs, no buts they are infidel. It is not an insult or a means to belittle anyone. Christians, Jews, Muslims or anyone monotheistic cannot be infidel, Only atheists or disbelievers.

Infidel basically means having no duty/responsibility to God. So, thinking it through logically, if you don't believe in God, how can you have a duty towards God??? That is why all Christians etc.cannot be infidel - only atheists.

The origin of infidel is Latinised and comes from the the word 'fidere' or 'fiducarius' a term often used in law for Company Directors who have a fiduciary relationship to the company, shareholders and staff. The prefix (in) as in infidel means 'not'. Therefore the word roughly means 'not trusted' or 'no responsibility'.

So, infidel may be used and deemed derogatory, however, it makes sense when describing atheists. They are indeed nothing more than infidel.

As for the word goy or goyim. Indeed it refers to cattle, not idol worshippers. Muslims do not worship anyone other than Allah Hu. Allah Hu translates as The God Himself.

The 'over-use' of the word Jew to describe the Satanic cult running Israel and all the world Governments is in itself massively misused. Anyone can call themselves what they want. They self identify as Jews, however are 100% satanic and there Messiah is Lucifer.

Unfortunately too many people are blinded by their 'inability to see the forest for the trees' and over use language in the wrong context.

Atheists are infidel whether they like it or not. A religious war is in effect and playing out all around us with bad actors 'pulling the strings'. Unfortunately, however, besides having 'no duty' to God atheists are also too stupid to understand what is really going on.


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