Thursday 19 October 2023

Zionist control of UK police?

2 days ago — Craig Murray was detained on Monday 
under the UK's so-called Prevention of Terrorism Act after he returned from a trip to Iceland. Earlier ...
17 hours ago — FORMER diplomat Craig Murray has told how
 he was detained under draconian anti-terror laws after attending
 a pro-Palestine protest.
17 hours ago — ... terror laws introduced after 9/11 to eviscerate
 democratic rights. Murray was detained under 
Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act (2000). In ...

Former UK diplomat Craig Murray detained after ...



At 19 October 2023 at 04:23 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Schedule 7 powers are available to be used by any police officer, immigration officer or designated customs official (based at the border) but they are almost exclusively used by Special Branch officers.

Schedule 7 requires no prior authorisation and the detainee .........wait for it...... doesn't have the right to silence. It is an arrestible offence to remain silent if my memory serves.

Looks like the Policy and Enforcement wing of the Satanic cult don't like Craig Murray.

As for the Police, they are not there to uphold the law. They are there to 'protect and serve' the interests of the Crown and its agents. The Policy Officers and Enforcement Wing of the cult took an oath to the Crown and not the Monarch (contrary to what most think). You could probably put a 'cigarette paper' between the two, however, there is a distinct difference.

The Police Special Branch are ostensibly the Gestapo. Look at Police uniforms, badges insignias and regalia and you should be able to work out who they really work for.

The SS (which included the Gestapo) was heavily weighted to serving Police Exactly the same as Cheka. Remember COVID?????

These Satanic abominations are not your friends are not there to Serve and Protect and are misanthropic by their very soul less nature.

At 19 October 2023 at 10:45 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

So far as I am aware, Murray has been released so this was really a bit of Establishment bullying rather than a serious attempt to put him in prison.

If I were in that situation, I would ask my interrogators: 'So you believe that the mass extermination of Palestinians since 1948, overwhelmingly outnumbering the number of Israeli deaths in that time period, is something to be applauded, supported and sycophantically grovelled before, is it??'


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