Tuesday 6 June 2023

Ukraine blows up dam?


Anonymous has left this new comment on ''Poles into Russia'':

Ukraine has blown up Nova Kakhovka dam in Kherson region. 

Russia claims a Ukrainian air strike damaged the dam which supplies Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station with water for coolant. 

Ukraine says Russia did it. 

Considering that Chernobyl blew up due to lack of water coolant - Russia has already suffered such consequences and would not be so stupid and rash to damage the dam as the atomic power plant that they are protecting would suffer. 

However, a cocaine head, is likely to be rash and make dangerous decisions. That is my analysis. Especialy as on Aussie TV last night they had Ukrainians putting a finger to their lips... secret... secret.


At 6 June 2023 at 04:59 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prince Harry says U.K. Government has hit ‘rock bottom’ and is ‘in bed with’ tabloids



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