Saturday 3 June 2023

Sorrell, WEF, Trilateral Commission ...

Sorrell  - 'His
 heritage is Ukrainian Jewish'.



GLOBAL COUNSEL is Lord Mandelson's consulting company.

Start-up funding for Global Counsel LLP was supplied by SIR MARTIN SORRELL, through his firm WPP, which part-owns Global Counsel.

Sir Martin Sorrell served alongside Lord Peter Mandelson on the Board of the Full Stop Appeal at NSPCC, where they both held the title of ‘Vice Chairs’.

Beside the NSPCC and bankrolling Mandelson, Mr Sorrell’s other achievements include regularly attending the annual WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM (‘WEF’) in Davos.

And serving on the European group of the Trilateral Commission.

Trilateral Commission members include or have included:

1. Sir Martin Sorrell — Peter Mandelson’s NSPCC ally who also bankrolled Global Counsel. In April 2021, Sorrell was dating Caroline Michel, a literary agent whose clients include Derek Laud’s business associate Bear Grylls. 

Mr Sorrell’s heritage is Ukrainian Jewish.

2. The late David Rockefeller Sr. — Of the old German bloodline family, Rockefeller was the Trilateral’s ‘main’ co-founder. The Trilateral’s objective is the abolition of nation states (which theoretically can be democratic and accountable) in favour of a unified world state autocratically ruled by and in the interests of bloodline families.

3. Dr Henry Kissinger — The lifelong mentor and business partner of Lady Lynn de Rothschild, Jeffrey Epstein’s frequent flying companion and alleged patron. What’s his secret to extreme long life?

4. Jeffrey Epstein.

5. Wolfgang Ischinger — The German diplomat who served alongside Kissinger’s protege Lynn de Rothschild and Rothschild-lieutenant Peter Mandelson on Deutsche Bank’s international forum (Alfred Herrhausen Society for International Dialogue). Deutsche Bank was among the primary institutions that financially enabled Jeffrey Epstein.

6. Michael Bloomberg — The former New York City mayor who “led the work of rebuilding the World Trade Center site after September 11” — yet also found time to serve under alleged Kevin Spacey as an associate director of the Old Vic Theatre Trust in London. Spacey being a close friend of Mandelson, Ms Maxwell and Lady de Rothschild. Bloomberg is of Jewish ancestry.

7. John Deutch — The former CIA director appointed by Bill Clinton, the repeat honeytrap ‘victim’ infamous for his close alliances with de Rothschild, Lord Mandelson, Ms Maxwell and the late Mr Epstein — who were among the 42nd president’s apparent controllers. John Deutsch is of Russian Jewish heritage.

8. David Miliband — The Peter Mandelson protege who is widely expected to replace Keir Starmer as U.K. prime minister soon after Labour ‘wins’ the next general election. For while Sir Keir Starmer and David Miliband both attend synagogue and espouse warmongering Zionism, David Miliband’s version will likely be a step more extreme, as befits the Trilateralists’ agenda.

9. Sir Keir Starmer — Peter Mandelson’s selection for the next U.K. prime minister. According to numerous media report, Mandelson is Starmer’s undeclared ‘adviser’. Or — to put it more bluntly — Starmer’s alleged ‘handler’ on behalf of the Rothschild clan.


At 4 June 2023 at 07:49 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Escalation - Poles invade Russia proper

Polish sources are confirming that a small group of Polish militia volunteers joined with Ukrainians and 'Russian rebels' in a brief military invasion into old Russia proper near Belgorod, across the weakly defended Russia-Ukraine border

This is major in terms of psychology ... Poles proud they have conducted an armed invasion of traditional Russia ... Russians feeling attacked on the homefront by Poland and the EU

photo image with text


Prigozhin and Wagner are moving in to help secure the Russian border ... this also puts them closer to Moscow in case of Russian political instability. Prigozhin and the Chechens have been trading sharp barbs recently, Russia's internal divisions bubbling up.

Simplicius notes that Russia seems to be holding back massive resources from Ukraine, because it is preparing for possible huge war with the EU and NATO, along a wide front, as if it is 1941 again

The battlefronts could range from the Baltics - where many Russians live inside the EU - and then the Russian enclave at Kaliningrad, then to Poland, and Ukraine, down to Transnistria, which has Russian troops who are now being threatened by Ukraine ... combat there could draw in Moldova and Romania

Plus we have tensions in Serbia, Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina

24 June 1812 Napoleon invaded Russia
22 June 1941 Hitler invaded Russia


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