Sunday 21 May 2023

9 11 deaths

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New report puts the loss of life in America’s post-9/11 wars at 4.5 million

The report from Stephanie Savell, a cultural anthropologist at Brown University, focuses on ‘indirect deaths’ – caused not by outright violence but by consequent, ensuing economic collapse, loss of livelihoods, food insecurity, destruction of public health services, environmental contamination and continuing trauma, including mental health problems, domestic and sexual abuse and displacement.

Calculated this way, the total number of deaths that occurred as a result of post-9/11 warfare in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya and Somalia rises dramatically from an upper estimate of 937,000 to at least 4.5 million …


At 21 May 2023 at 15:29 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is completely inaccurate. Find another source. Deaths exceed 10 million- including the false flag phony from Persian Gulf War and the sanction starvation decade before 2003, as well as Arab Springs of 2005 and 2011. DOD does track but will never tell. Still, the best experts put it at far over 5M

At 21 May 2023 at 18:39 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

US authorities destroyed dossiers on Lord Mountbatten at the request of the British Government after discovery of wartime FBI file accusing aristocrat of having a 'perversion for young boys', historian claims

At 21 May 2023 at 19:39 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

6 million dead in the Middle East. 38 million homeless. I was told this together with 200 others by Julian Assange' 'father' John Shipton on 30 April 2023 at the Queensland State Library seminar. That is why Julian is not allowed to speak. He may tell the truth. 9/11 truth is out there. Even Bing AI is part of the cover up. I'd already found Morgan Reynolds case file vs Silversten etc. with a Request for Correction in 2007 pdf on Google. His Law Suit had the evidence that WTC 7 could NOT have been anything else but a controlled demolition. But Bing AI said there was NO Morgan Reynolds + 9/11. Here is Morgan Reynolds again on the impossibility of 2 Boeing Passenger planes ever hitting WTC 1 & 2.


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