Thursday 20 April 2023


Not hunting

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Human hunting

“Human hunting refers to humans being hunted and killed for other persons' revenge, pleasure, entertainment [or] sports … Historically, incidents of the practice have occurred …

“In 2016, [Dr Daniel Wright] at the University of Central Lancashire wrote a paper on the possible future of tourism where he discussed how the hunting of the poor (‘hunting humans’) could become a hobby of the super-rich …”

During the California genocide of 1846 to 1873, indigenous people were hunted down and killed for bounties.

During the Spanish Civil War of 1936–1939, the killing practice became popular[6] among the sons of wealthy landowners. 

The hunts took place on horseback and targeted landless peasants as an extension of the White Terror

They were jokingly referred to as "reforma agraria" referencing the mass grave the victims would be dumped into and the land reforms the lower classes had been attempting to attain.[7][6]

Hunting humans: A future for tourism in 2200

New research paper from tourism academic predicts chilling scenario


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