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In 2017, A van struck pedestrians on London Bridge. Its three occupants ran to the nearby Borough Market area and began stabbing people. Eight people were killed. The three attackers were later shot dead by police. This was three months after five people were killed in a vehicle-ramming attack in Westminster and less than two weeks after a bombing in Manchester killed 22.

The London Bridge attack of 3 June 2017 was reportedly carried out by Khuram Butt .

On CCTV, MI5 and the police watched  Khuram Butt, 27, and his two accomplices, load his van outside his flat, just two hours before it was used as a battering ram

On the day of the attack Butt was still the subject of a 'live investigation' according to a report by David Anderson QC, the government's former independent reviewer of terrorism legislation.

This means that a team from MI5 and Scotland Yard were secretly watching Butt at key locations, informed sources told the Sunday Times.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

The alleged London Bridge attacker Khuram Butt was on police BAIL at the time of the London attack of 3 June 2017.


Was he being controlled by the security services?

Jesse Morton

Khuram Butt was well known to the FBI partly thanks to FBI informant Jesse Morton, who worked for both al Qaeda and the FBI.

The 'Moslem' Jesse Morton was recently arrested on drugs and prostitution charges.

Jihadi Sid, a Hindu.

Khuram Butt was friends with Siddhartha Dhar, a Hindu who joined ISIS.


Siddhartha Dhar is a follower of Anjem Choudary, who is said to have worked for MI5.

UK security chiefs offered Siddhartha Dhar a job with MI5.

dailymail. / Sunday Times

Siddhartha Dhar, a Hindu, then appeared in an ISIS video.

Questions have arisen about how Dhar, who was known to the security services, found it so easy to travel to Syria.

Jack Letts.

Above we see Jack Letts, aka Jihadi Jack of ISIS.

Did the security services mind control Jack, use him as a sex slave, and then as jihadi?

Above, we see a seven-year-old Australian boy holding a severed head.

This suggests mind control by the security services.


Youssef Zaghba in Morocco, a centre of child abuse activity.

The attackers in London, on 3 June 2017, are said to be Youssef Zaghba, Rachid Redouane and Khuram Butt.

Youssef is from Morocco and from Italy.

In Morocco, Elliot Rodger's stepmother Soumaya Akaaboune is seen above (right) next to Soumaya's father Abdeslam Akaaboune. Morocco is a major base for the CIA. /MOROCCO - VERY JEWISH

Allegedly, young Moroccan boys "are being sold to Italy".

"Fairly recently, police in a market town in the plains north of Marrakech, bust a network trafficking in 13-year old boys destined for brothels in Italy.

"Police arrested the dealer, who had - said reports - paid parents $3,000 per child."

Homosexual King of Morocco. / Remember ELLIOT RODGER? 

Above, we see the sophisticated Moroccan Rachid Redouane and his wife Charisse O'Leary.

Rachid looks more like an asset of the intelligence services than a Moslem terrorist.

Above, we see Youssef Zaghba.

Youssef looks more like an asset of the intelligence services than a Moslem terrorist.

Youssef Zaghba

Youssef Zaghba's mother Valeria Collina said her son was 'closely followed' in Italy


The security services reportedly mind control young boys, use them as sex slaves and then kill them off.


Paul Bonacci in front of the ranch where, reportedly, Johnny Gosch, and other boys were held captive. 

Paul A. Bonacci said that, as a child, he was kidnapped by the US military, tortured and subjected to sex abuse and mind control.

Paul Bonacci has stated that, as a youth, he was forced to participate in satanic snuff films. He identified Bohemian Grove as the location of a satanic murder. 

 In 1999, in a court in Omaha, he won $1,000,000 in damages.

Marc Dutroux, who supplied children to the elite.

The discovery of computer discs at Dutroux's house, in 1996, "unraveled an international pedophile ring involving Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, the U.S., Great Britain, Japan and the United Nations and its agencies."

Marc Dutroux said that he was helped by the Belgian police.

The above photo is said to show Youssef Zaghba and a group of young girls.

Sara Zelenak

Sara Zelenak was reported as being among those missing after the 3 June 2017 London attack.

It was not until 7 June 2017 that Sara Zelenak was confirmed dead.

Police claimed that seven people died in the attack.

However, by the morning of 6 June 2017, only three of the dead, Australian Kirsty Boden, Canadian Christine Archibald and Alexandre Pigeard of France, had been formally identified.


The 'missing' have been listed as: Sara Zelenak, 21, from Brisbane, Australia, Xavier Thomas, from Loire-Atlantique, France, Ignacio Echeverria, 39, from Las Rozas, Spain and Sebastien Belanger, from Angers, France.

"Families of the missing claim they have been told nothing by police or health authorities."


Youssef Zaghba

The third London Bridge attacker has been named as Youssef Zaghba, the 22-year old son of an Italian mother.

Youssef lived in Bologna in Italy with his mother after his parents separated.

Youssef Zaghba has a Moroccan father, from Fes.

Youssef was reportedly stopped by police at Bologna airport in 2016.

In March 2016, Youssef was charged with international terrorism by Italian authorities, but the charge was later dropped.

Youssef may be working for the THE CIA, which RUNS ITALY.

Morocco is a recruiting ground for the CIA and MOROCCO is VERY JEWISH.

On 3 June 2017, Khuram Butt (right) allegedly led the attack on London Bridge.

On 2 June 2017, Dennis Noel (left) from the East End of London, was sent to jail.

Bethnal Green man jailed

If someone had wanted a body double for Butt, they could have used Noel.


The Times reports that Butt worked as an attendant at a gym (the Ummah Fitness Center) in East London run by Sajeel Shahid, 41, a member of the Omar Bakri - Anjem Choudary network, who allegedly helped to set up weapons training in Pakistan for the 7/7 bombers.


Above we see Yasmin, the pole dancer, and daughter of Omar Bakri.

Revealed: Radical cleric Bakri's pole-dancer daughter.

The Anjem Choudary network was run by Omar Bakri and Anjem Choudary, both of who are said to have worked for MI5.

Bakri has been involved in the Muslim Brotherhood, 'which is run by MI6 and the CIA'.


Bernard Lewis, Jewish supporter of Israel. "The strategy of the "clash of civilizations" was formulated by Bernard Lewis for the US National Security Council then popularized by Samuel Huntington. [1]

Butt seems to be part of the plan to promote 'the Clash of Civilisations'.

Butt posed with the black flag of ISIS in Regent’s Park in the centre of London for a Channel 4 documentary, entitled The Jihadis Next Door.

Kharum Butt

Kharum Butt worked at Westminster Tube station and had privileged access to tunnels under the Houses of Parliament.


Khuram Butt (left) and Rachid Redouane (right)

The authorities have named two of the alleged London Bridge Borough Market attackers as being -

1. Khuram Butt, born in Pakistan but brought up in London, and 

2. Rachid Redouane, a 'Moroccan-Libyan' in origin.


These two are most likely the 'patsies'.

They may have been working for MI5. 

The alleged Westminster Bridge attacker(left) was said by the police to be 'Adrian Elms' (right)

Khuram Butt, aka Abu Zaitun or 'Abz', was a 'cheeky chappie', according to a neighbour.

Butt walked with a limp.

Butt's older brother was in the Territorial Army.

Butt was a keen supporter of Arsenal.


Ken, 26, who lives in the same building as Butt, described him as ‘really sociable’ and said he had also invited him to a barbecue just last week.

Another neighbour told reporters: 'I cannot understand why he would do something like this. He has a toddler and a baby.'


Anjem Choudary

Butt reportedly 'associated with al-Muhajiroun', whose leader is Anjem Choudary.

London Bridge attacker named as Khuram Butt

Anjem Choudary is believed to have worked for MI5.

Butt 'was well known to MI5'.

British police say Butt was known to police and MI5.

Rachid Redouane (right)

Rachid Redouane is understood to have been carrying an identification card when he was shot dead.

Rachid Redouane, aka Rachid Elkhdar, was married to a white Scottish woman, Charisse Redouane.


Above, we see Charisse Redouane, who was not a Moslem.

Ajmal Kasab (above) was wrongly found guilty of carrying out the attack in Mumbai, in 2008.

Kasab was being held prisoner by the police while the attack was being carried out.

(Mumbai gunman demands trial by international court )

KASAB WAS INNOCENT and David Headley, who planned the attack, was able to escape to the USA.

A member of the public photographed these men changing from police uniforms into the clothing worn by the alleged terrorists.

This may have been filmed AFTER the attack.


Was the attack an inside job?

In connection with the London Bridge Borough Market attack of 3/6/17, arrests have been made in parts of East London.


On 4 June 2017, Charisse Redouane, above, was arrested at a block of flats in Barking, in London.

dailymail / Daily Mirror

Girl arrested in connection with the London Bridge Borough Market attack.

In connection with the London attack, seven women were arrested in Barking on 4 June 2017.

On 5 June 2017, police raided properties in Newham and a former brothel in Dagenham.

One of the women arrested was a teenager.


Chilling footage shows terrorists walking through Borough market.

Above, we see two of the alleged attackers, in the London attack of 3/6/2017.

Start at 1 minute 20 seconds.

The above video suggests that the 'terrorists' work for the police?

This may have been filmed AFTER the attack.

Two of the alleged attackers. Are they acting? 

The two men above were photograpped by Gabriele Sciotto, after they were supposed to have been shot in the head!

In a false flag attack, there are (1) 'the real attackers' (people working for the security services) and (2) 'the patsies' (the people unfairly blamed for the crime.)

Police after the attacks on London Bridge and Borough Market. London's police are famous for 'protecting Elm Guest House'. Their boss is a Dick, reportedly.

1. As with all the big 'false flag' operations, there was a terror drill before the event.

An elite SAS unit, the 'Blue Thunder' squad, "has been rehearsing terror scenarios for months - including how to take out lone wolves and multiple rampaging jihadis."


Criffel Hill, Dumfries and Galloway.

Osama bin Laden's forces received training from the British SAS in hills surrounding the Criffel, in Dumfries and Galloway.


The SAS played a part in Operation Gladio, which killed civilians in acts of false flag terrorism.

Gladio, SAS, Guardian 5 Dec 1990 / Bologna Bomb 1980

The SAS trained the Khmer Rouge

2. As with many recent 'false flag' attacks, the gang identified themselves as being 'Muslims'.


3. Why are the police, above, not tackling the attackers?

Three men, armed with knives, were able to injure large numbers of people, before the armed police  eventually took action.

A bystander was 'shot in the head' by the police.

4. The attackers were described as being 'of Mediterranean origin', which could mean that they were Mossad, or mercenaries from Europe.

Above, we see one of the alleged attackers.


In the Paris False Flag there was a FAKE shooting.

5. Why might a false flag attack suit the 'Powers-That-Be'?

"British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservatives have a lead of just one percentage point over the opposition Labour Party ahead of the June 8 election, according to a Survation poll conducted for the Mail on Sunday newspaper."

Barking, bottom right. Chilling.

6. The London Bridge Borough Market attack has been be linked to Barking in London.

Barking is linked to Margaret Hodge (née Oppenheimer), child abuse rings, and gangsterism.

Jordan Horner, above, is one of the barking-mad Moslems from Barking.

Jordan Horner, aka Jamaal Uddin, was a member of Anjem Choudary's Islamist group.

Anjem Choudary

The Moslem cleric Anjem Choudary is said to be a recruiter of 'Moslem' terrorists.


He is also said to be an agent of MI5.


There is an Ever-Growing List of ADMITTED False Flag Attacks.

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At 4 June 2017 at 01:45 , Anonymous sovereigntea said...

As always and of course Manchester Rita Katz is first off the blocks when linking the "terror" attack to Islamic terrorism. Even the thickest plod on the block should view this as a big fat clue linked to the UK election rigging conspiracy.

Latest Articles
Jihadists Celebrate Latest Attacks in London, Anticipate IS’ Responsibility

Jihadist News
Created: June 3, 2017

As the situation continues to unfold in London, England, with attacks occurring at London Bridge and its vicinity, jihadists are anticipating the Islamic State (IS) to be responsible and are celebrating and threatening in kind.
You do not have access to view the full content. You can purchase a subscription here or contact SITE Intelligence Group at or call 1-800-680-2326.

Yet Mossad's rent boys at the MET and MI5/ are still failing to arrest and question this co-conspirator or shut down her ISIS promoting propaganda web site.

Perhaps shame will roust them into action zzzzzzZZZZZZZZ zzzzzzZZZZZZZ

At 4 June 2017 at 02:20 , Anonymous sovereigntea said...

More clues ....Election rigging conspiracy

2017 - Conservatives hire Jim Messina for UK general election

February 1, 2013 12:00 pm

The new Obama advocacy nonprofit Organizing for Action is reportedly considering a merger with a left-wing umbrella group whose financiers have ties to Palestinian terrorists and Central American Marxists.

The Common Purpose Project (CPP), an affiliation of left-wing activist groups, may merge with Organizing for Action, the new 501(c)4 iteration of the Obama campaign’s 527 group, Organizing for America.

The Common Purpose Project held periodic meetings attended by top liberal groups during President Barack Obama’s first term. Top White House officials regularly attended the meetings and the president himself has even attended one.

Chairman Jim Messina (Obama's 2012 campaign manager)[8] and First Lady Michelle Obama announced the formation of OFA on January 18, 2013. White House official Jon Carson left the Obama administration to become the executive director. Campaign senior adviser David Axelrod serves as a consultant.[9]

London Police Official: Learn From Israel's War on Terror - Israel ... › All News › Defense/Security
9 Oct 2013 - The world could learn a lesson from the way Israel fights terrorism, said Cressida Dick, the Assistant Commissioner of Specialist Operations at ...


Senior Policewoman and Common Purpose graduate Cressida Dick is promoted again.

The policewoman in charge of the operation that led to the death of Jean Charles de Menezes, mistaken for a suicide bomber at (London's) Stockwell tube station, has become Scotland Yard's highest ever female officer. Cressida Dick, 48, who was cleared of reponsibility for his death, has been made assistant commissioner with a salary of £180.000. Her new job covers murder and rape commands and political investigations. Cressida Dick is Oxford educated and Common Purpose 're-framed'. She now looks haggard - probably as a result of the powerful mental control exerted over her, and damage by mental re-framing which causes cognitive dissonance...mental stress.

Will MI5 manage to join the dots and act in the public interest ?

At 4 June 2017 at 02:32 , Anonymous sovereigntea said...

Theresa May selected an election rigging assistant.


Although some key members of the Tories’ campaign team remain the same, there are also new faces, including Mrs May and her joint chiefs of staff Fiona Hill and Nick Timothy, who were not central parts of the national campaign in 2015. Mr Timothy is reported to have played a crucial role in 2015, organising activists in South Thanet against the then UK Independence party leader, Nigel Farage.

Note how the CPS waited until it was too late for Farage to stand in the election prior to this announcement.

The Independent

Conservative candidate Craig Mackinlay charged over Tory election fraud investigation

The Crown Prosecution Service made its announcement just days before the country votes in a general election

At 4 June 2017 at 02:55 , Anonymous sovereigntea said...

Common Purpose Tory election rigger linked to israeli agent Rahm Emanuel.

The Intercept

This sort of scumminess put Messina on the map in Democratic circles. He also became known as a world class asshole who kept an “enemies” list on an Excel spreadsheet. “Everybody was a douchebag,” says a person who knew him then. “He kept score.”

In 2008, Messina joined Obama’s presidential campaign and after the inauguration was named as a deputy chief of staff under the awful Rahm Emanuel. One of his first jobs was to salvage Timothy Geithner’s confirmation as Treasury Secretary, which was endangered due to tax irregularities. The fact that Baucus, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, was in charge of Geithner’s confirmation made Messina’s job a lot easier. (The basic story is told in this Washington Post blow job, or “beat sweetener,” as it’s known in D.C. journalism circles.)
Common Purpose Cressida Dick - operation Kratos

Prior to 7/7, the government brought in the Israeli secret service to train firearms officers. They developed Operation Kratos – which advised that suspected suicide bombers must be shot in the head.

The police said this was necessary to stop hand movement. But John Charles was on the ground pinned down by police when he was shot, so unable to move his hands.

According to one of the officers who shot him, “Everything I have ever trained for – threat assessment, seeing threats, perceiving threats and acting on threats – proved wrong.”

At 4 June 2017 at 03:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree it's another dubious attack, the Tories are floundering in the polls, this again (Manchester) will boost their campaign. I also think that the recent English attacks (now as widespread and questionable as the Paris ones) will be traced back to Syria. A consensus will then be agreed to remove Assad, something that they could not achieve in the last seven years.

Also watch out for severe amendments to RIPA, which will infringe on our civil rights.

There was a march for Scottish independence yesterday, hopefully Scotland can break free from England and Westminster forever.

At 4 June 2017 at 03:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, when I first heard about I thought, false flag because Labour is closing the gap. Why do we have these two terrorist attacks now?

John Pilger

The "smoking gun" is that when Theresa May was Home Secretary, LIFG jihadists were allowed to travel unhindered across Europe and encouraged to engage in "battle": first to remove Mu'ammar Gadaffi in Libya, then to join al-Qaida affiliated groups in Syria.

Last year, the FBI reportedly placed Abedi on a "terrorist watch list" and warned MI5 that his group was looking for a "political target" in Britain. Why wasn't he apprehended and the network around him prevented from planning and executing the atrocity on 22 May?

At 4 June 2017 at 04:01 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

CNN says the London Bridge attack a psyop. Video

At 4 June 2017 at 04:11 , Anonymous wiggins said...

Well those cops certainly know the ISIS one finger salute... WTF

At 4 June 2017 at 04:34 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 4 June 2017 at 05:00 , Anonymous sovereigntea said...

Responsible as Home Secretary for the UK's failed anti-terrorist policies is of course present PM Theresa May Home Secretary thus is is she who failed to protect the public.

Wicked Auntie Theresa is of course the israeli regime's preferred candidate. She has Common Purpose linked American Jim Messina as one of her chief election strategists. Messina was brought into the Obama regime by israeli asset Rahm Emanuel when he was White House Chief of Staff.

May Home Sec' In office
12 May 2010 – 13 July 2016 So any errors in strategy were on her watch !

At 4 June 2017 at 05:04 , Blogger Kaivey said...

Oliver Stone interviews Putin about Edward Snowdon.

Trailer: The Putin Interviews.

At 4 June 2017 at 05:12 , Anonymous sovereigntea said...

Copy Cat !

A teenage Palestinian girl who was shot by Israeli troops after she stabbed a soldier in the occupied West Bank died of her wounds in hospital on Friday, Israel's military and a medical center spokeswoman said.

Israel says at least 167 of those killed were carrying out stabbings, shootings or car-ramming attacks. Others died during clashes and protests.

source Reuters

At 4 June 2017 at 05:40 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

They bash Corbyn because he believed in a united Ireland, but the MSM ignores the above. If we had true left of centre press this could bring the Tory government down.

At 4 June 2017 at 06:06 , Blogger Unknown said...

Air crash drill for 7/8 June in the Canaries,with military and domestic planes.

At 4 June 2017 at 06:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, and there was I thinking that the poll gap closing to Corbyn's advantage was constructed for a Labour 'surprise' win to scupper Brexit. Maybe I am just too simple. But interesting that the security level was lowered from imminent to just 'severe',just prior to the 'event', making May look even more like a turd about to be flushed.

At 4 June 2017 at 06:40 , Blogger Hell Jay said...

Good that BBC reporter Holly was on the spot

"James Harding said the cuts would deliver ‘even better value for money’
Harding, the grandson of a German Jewish refugee,[10] was its first Jewish editor.[11]
Former editor of The Times Harding said in 2011 that he "[believes] in the state of Israel. I would have had a real problem if I had been coming to a paper with a history of being anti-Israel..
Author of the book

Good that another BBC reporter was on the spot
Redmond Shannon | LinkedIn
Manchester, United Kingdom - ‎Multimedia Journalist at BBC Radio and Global News (Canada).
Will the footage just before be released?
The downed suspect in photo that Police shot where is the wound not a head shot like taught in training

At 4 June 2017 at 07:41 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isis support the Conservative Party.
You have been warned.

At 4 June 2017 at 09:06 , Blogger izri said...

It's Mujahideen, not jihadists.

At 4 June 2017 at 09:21 , Anonymous sovereigntea said...

Someone should lodge a complaint regarding just that. Giving a member of the public a one finger salute is a disciplinary offence, it may shed some light albeit in an obtuse manner.

At 4 June 2017 at 09:21 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brits are played like a violin.

At 4 June 2017 at 09:25 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 4 June 2017 at 09:29 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

More proof of the hoax: save ur beer! Ridiculous as shit!

At 4 June 2017 at 09:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The number 8 seems to be the prevalent number signature for this event. Police informed at 10.08 pm. It took 8 minutes from them being called to the ‘attackers’ being shot dead. 8 officers involved in the shooting. Are they trying to psyop the public for the 8th June General Election with other mind control triggers to sway the vote?
But that beggars the question, which candidate are the PTB behind? May is hard Brexit but they don’t want Brexit. Corbyn won’t bomb Syria but they want to rack up the war with Syria. Therefore, a hung parliament would be the best interim strategy until May honourably resigns as a failed candidate and they get their chosen man in place to do their bidding once again.

At 4 June 2017 at 10:10 , Blogger Unknown said...

i cant believe the level of detail that witnesses have given considering they have just watched traumatic events.
They all sounded as if they were reading from,scripts or had learned their lines well.
A family member of mine was a bandsman whose colleagues in his regiment were blown sky high in the 80s in London, he was on home leave for a funeral so was not with them.
7 died he never recovered from the shock and never discussed it until a few months before he died 3 yrs ago.
the so called witnesses would be so traumatised that the only thing they are likely to recall is that their life flashed up in front of them, thats what the brain does when you have shock, so i dont buy some of it, however I do believe that people did die last night.
When are people going to wake up!

At 4 June 2017 at 10:29 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What I find most surprising is... it's London! 1 out of every 10 people you go waving a knife at on a Saturday night are gonna be like Hackney Dundee
"dat ain't no knife blood... dis is a fucking knife blood!"

Knife attacks are the equivalent of hand-to-hand combat, targeted individuals able to do something defensively, maybe able to disarm assailants even when injured.
Why would they attack pedestrians in congested areas where bystanders, acting in self-defense, could possibly disarm and hold them until police arrived?

London Bridge Attacks: Who Knew, Who Benefits the Most?

At 4 June 2017 at 10:29 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

only proof of our British awesomeness! :D

At 4 June 2017 at 12:34 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, drinkers in ANY self-respecting pub could collectively disarm any knife-wielding intelligence operative who was treacherously trying to create mayhem and disorder in their pub/nation.
Long live the pub!

At 4 June 2017 at 12:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

guys police changing into camouflage pants just like the faux bomber

At 4 June 2017 at 13:26 , Blogger Hell Jay said...

The Guardian
53m ago
Police were warned about suspect two years ago

Lisa O'Carroll Lisa O'Carroll
Police were warned about the main suspect radicalising children in a local park two years ago, a neighbour has revealed.
She said: “I took four photographs of him and gave them to the police. They rang Scotland Yard when I was there and said the information had been passed on to Scotland Yard. They were very concerned. They told me to delete the photos for my own safety which I did but then I heard nothing. That was two years ago. No-one came to me. If they did this could have been prevented and lives could have been saved.

Delete the photos for your own safety, nice advice from the guys at the yard

Mark Savage ✔ @mrdiscopop
Lovely shared moment as @ArianaGrande and @MileyCyrus duet on Crowded House's Don't Think It's Over. #OneLoveManchester
8:49 PM - 4 Jun 2017
Is the track not called don't dream its over

At 4 June 2017 at 13:36 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Yes that photo of the bloke 'fleeing the London Borough Market terror attack' with the pint of beer in his hand, may be the iconic picture of this bizarre event

Here, a clearer version of that photo than in most online sources

At 4 June 2017 at 13:41 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 4 June 2017 at 13:45 , Anonymous Greg Bacon said...

ISIS came out of the CIA’s Al Qaeda franchise called Al Qaeda in Iraq. In 2010 its name was changed to ISIS. Then as Israeli journalists pointed out the embarrassing fact that the English acronym for the Hebrew spelling of Mossad was ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Services abruptly they decided to call their band of mercenaries with their black flags and US M16 assault rifles, IS for Islamic State.

WOW, what a coincidence, a Palestinian girl gets shot dead, cause the IDF claim she attacked them with a KNIFE and the next day, this happens.

WOW, what a coincidence!

At 4 June 2017 at 14:15 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The third act then. Will it all stop after polling day?. We shall see.

At 4 June 2017 at 16:26 , Blogger Anon said...

Yes great idea, can't imagine why the cops are pissed of at idiots taking photos inside the cordons during an active terror's not like they are putting themselves in danger and thus requiring cops to get them out safely when they could be doing other things.

Oh and to the editor of this shite I would like to add that when that photo was taken the attackers were already shot dead so whom exactly are those officers supposed to be tackling??

At 4 June 2017 at 21:39 , Blogger butike said...

"Police" or crisis actors caught red handed with their pants down.

At 4 June 2017 at 23:37 , Anonymous sovereigntea said...

As previously predicted Rita Katz Mossad terrorist based in Washington D.C. announces ……..
RT report without question ( is RT compromised ? )
Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the London Bridge terrorist attack, issuing a statement through its propaganda news service on Sunday night.

Islamic State’s propaganda news service Amaq claimed its militants were responsible for killing seven people and injuring 48 in central London on Saturday, Rita Katz, Director of SITE Intelligence Group, said on her Twitter page.


At 5 June 2017 at 00:57 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The latest directive is for the public to run away like girlies, hide in a corner, and tell your mommie.
Just so long as they don't tackle these performer perpe-traitors and expose the game.

At 5 June 2017 at 01:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you think Sir John Sawers could be the lead Brit in orchestrating this?

At 5 June 2017 at 02:40 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn good question.

At 5 June 2017 at 03:35 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone from UK recognise one the dead Christine Archibald, she is double of a woman murdered in London park about twenty years ago.I cannot remember her name,but recognise her face as she was so pretty,she wore the same hat too.Christine Archibald fiancé Tyler Ferguson on Facebook is married to Grissela Bustamante.He has favourite a company called 4 Star Casting...compoany using extras.

At 5 June 2017 at 03:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 5 June 2017 at 04:13 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 5 June 2017 at 04:41 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 5 June 2017 at 04:43 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 5 June 2017 at 04:46 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What makes you think this could go live? (you've posted on VeteransToday)... I was suppose to be on a flight to Las Palmas on evening of 8th... all my immediate family are...
any other information?

At 5 June 2017 at 04:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 5 June 2017 at 05:20 , Blogger anon said...

exactly! I was near victoria station in london when a bomb went off in a litter bin in the 80's?
about a quarter of a mile away on vauxhall bridge road,
a weeping visibly shocked young man came running up to me pleading for help,
he was almost incoherent with shock
he wasn't physically injured, he had just been walking through the station when the bomb went of and he saw injured people.
he was completely traumatised.
and could hardly speak,let alone be capable of giving an "interview".

At 5 June 2017 at 05:26 , Blogger anon said...

and what would they have done had anyone refused to fall to the floor and cower under tables whilst they strode about upright, pointing sternly and shouting
as if dealing with disobedient dogs??

At 5 June 2017 at 05:54 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Technical note for our dear Dame Aangirfan & readers

If you would like a YouTube video to start at a specific time, just add this 'time start' formula to the YouTube url (the web address), here for example to start at 3 minutes 20 seconds


The standard web address for the first video above is this:

Adding the above time-start formula you have:

Clicking on the last above link, the viewer will see the playing start at 3 minutes 20

At 5 June 2017 at 11:07 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

better check this out

At 5 June 2017 at 11:08 , Anonymous sovereigntea said...

The lazy way to achieve this is to right click on the vid whilst its paused and select "copy selected url at current time.

At 5 June 2017 at 11:15 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 5 June 2017 at 11:16 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 5 June 2017 at 11:17 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 5 June 2017 at 11:17 , Anonymous sovereigntea said...

The crack shot marksmen of the MET are reported as firing up to 50 shots at the attackers. That's 17 each. Yet curiously we see no blood in the footage released of the downed "terrorists".

London (CNN)Armed officers responding to the London Bridge terror attack fired an "unprecedented" number of rounds at the three attackers because they were wearing what appeared to be suicide belts, police said.
Eight officers fired 50 shots at three attackers to ensure they were neutralized, said Mark Rowley, assistant commissioner for specialist operations in the Metropolitan Police Service. Rowley is Britain's most senior counterterrorism office.


see Millie Dowler + Mark Rowley: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
Published 3:02 pm EDT, March 22, 2017

see Common Purpose Exposed
CP Surrey Police Stops Common Purpose Training

Interesting media article from revealing Surrey Police expenditure on Common Purpose during a period in which they are having to cut back on their services including office facilities. Significantly Chief Constable Mark Rowley is a member of the local Common Purpose Advisory Group, which forms the local 'eyes and ears' for Common Purpose and selects future CP graduates. All this is done behind closed doors under Chatham House rules as the article points out. Since the courses are paid by public money the public has a right to know exactly what is said by whom and why.

A spokesman for Common Purpose is quoted as making a number of statements supporting the work of CP, but also stating that “There are various ridiculous conspiracy theories about Common Purpose. These libellous accusations are untrue, with no basis or evidence to support them.”

The spokesman fails to say of course what the libellous statements are and why they are untrue. Common Purpose graduates have been found to be involved with paedophilia, insider dealing, lying, falsifying documents, false accusations against people, misusing public facilities and services, feeding off public money, acting as a political charity, working to operate a fifth column in society, praising fraudulent bankers as role model "leaders" for children and more. Even the Information Commissioners Office and the Audit Office have been subverted by Common Purpose. These activities are all evidence based.

This article is well worth reading. Just how is it that a so called 'Charity' is allowed to implement social and political 'CHANGE' behind closed doors and without the knowledge of the wider general public? Demand answers from your Member of Parliament and your Local Public Authorities.
PDF icon CP_Police_Surrey_Press.pdf

At 5 June 2017 at 11:20 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 5 June 2017 at 11:26 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 5 June 2017 at 12:08 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would they use Knives. It is not that hard to get guns. They are easy to smuggle in from Europe.
Why would they where fake suicide vests. Are we supposed to believe they wanted to be martyred. Will martyr videos emerge from SITE.
A neighbour described one of the alleged terrorist as helping in the community , helping homeless and fighting crime.
(maybe he only kills people on his day off)
Also what about the bouncers on the club doors. Used to dealing with aggressive drunks with bottles.

How come they did not seal off the area until bomb disposal had made safe the fake bombs is most relevant. In Manchester they carried out a controlled explosion on some discarded clothing.

At 5 June 2017 at 13:09 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rachel Nickell. You are right v v close resemblence!!

At 5 June 2017 at 14:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

A woman who looks similar murdered in 1992 called Rachel Nickell

At 5 June 2017 at 14:43 , Anonymous Anonymous said... ...this is from May the 4 th 2017...can U tell where this is heading now??& is The Queen already dead ?..We just need 2 find/create her killers& enact her death..then we can have the whole world on uber lock down..& The UK running the Hunt 4 " the Ladykillers"...yet another Ealing/Pinewood Production..what a carry on hey Sid...

At 6 June 2017 at 02:10 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 6 June 2017 at 02:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 6 June 2017 at 02:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 6 June 2017 at 02:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 6 June 2017 at 02:49 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 6 June 2017 at 09:43 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Access to file is now denied, you might be onto something there.

At 6 June 2017 at 11:45 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

False flags are like buses you wait ages for one then three come at once.

At 6 June 2017 at 12:16 , Blogger Greg Bacon said...

It only took eight minutes from the time of the emergency calls to shooting the alleged perps?

When one dials 911--in the States--or 999 in England, it usually takes about 3+ minutes,from the time of the call, to dispatch, for the emergency units to arrive on the scene.

For the London police to then need only 4.5 minutes to track down, sift thru the terror-induced crowds--at night--and shoot the alleged perps is nothing short of fantastic.

Either London has some first-rate police or someone knew what was going to happen; when it would happen and the location so they could have units pre-placed with orders to 'shoot to kill,' which is the first rule of assassinations: After the hit, you murder the triggerman so the trail goes cold.

At 6 June 2017 at 12:29 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are there chairs in the back of the Hertz 24/7 rental van at London Bridge, as pictured here....

At 6 June 2017 at 13:59 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is very suspicious that several people are still missing, given the circumstances of the London attack. Were they shot dead by mistake by the police? Or did they see things they shouldn't have done?

At 6 June 2017 at 14:48 , Anonymous sovereigntea said...

Does anyone else have online trouble posting quotes from this online ?

Lest we forget the font of terror ?

Its all about the evidence

At 6 June 2017 at 15:45 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is RT compromised? Obviously because they wouldn't be on TV as one of the main news channels if they were not. Remember the quote by Lenin 'the best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves'

At 6 June 2017 at 18:28 , Blogger Unknown said...

For a brief moment I saw civilians coming out of the back of the van and then it was cut to a different angle.(news channel)
Where they crisis actors being driven to the bridge?

At 6 June 2017 at 21:46 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sara Zelenak? same girl on ebay?

At 7 June 2017 at 00:35 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Curiouser and curiouser...

Death toll 'could reach eight'Police fear French man was thrown into Thames

At 7 June 2017 at 01:29 , Blogger Matthew Love said...

Has anyone considered the possibility that the "fake" suicide best were in fact bullet proof vests? Seems a no brainer to me.

At 7 June 2017 at 01:49 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 7 June 2017 at 02:13 , Blogger Unknown said...

We're did you see that ? On a video

At 7 June 2017 at 09:26 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"A member of the public photographed these men changing from police uniforms into the clothing worn by the alleged terrorists."

A commeneter to the YouTube video says it's from a live stream or other source time coded about 2hrs AFTER the attacks.

On the other hand, the police shouting at members of the public to crawl on the floor in that bar (get down!) are STANDING UP, not stooping or crouching themselves, so appear not to fear an imminent explosion or gunshots.

There were several hijabs walking around the area the next day, perhaps there in the hope of viewing what their "brave boys" had done. But were they bamboozled by the (((UK Government))) street theatre too?

Jury's still out on this one.

At 8 June 2017 at 02:28 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"As a child actress, she would suffer abuse at the hands of studio executives, who passed her around like chattel...she and the other actors were frequently drugged up'."

At 8 June 2017 at 06:03 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Final election poll gives Jeremy Corbyn the lead over Theresa May for the first time

At 8 June 2017 at 10:57 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 8 June 2017 at 11:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 8 June 2017 at 11:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

People being denied votes at the polling stations "on an unprecedented scale"

At 19 February 2018 at 10:29 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 19 February 2018 at 11:22 , Blogger Tony Ryals said...

Interesting blog mentioning Sheriff Scott Israel,Donald Trump,Roger J. Stone,Broward County connections.This is from December 2017,before the school drill-shooting.

Now, who was the biggest backer for Scott Israel’s campaign for sheriff? It was and is the Nixon dirty trickster and longtime Trump advisor, Roger J. Stone. In fact, after he took over as Broward’s sheriff in 2013, Israel added several of Stone’s associates to his staff. This included Stone’s book publicist, longtime executive assistant and the co-author of Stone’s books...

Roger Stone isn’t called a ‘dirty-trickster’ for no reason, but one of his dirty tricks that doesn’t get enough attention is his influence on the right and the left. How’s that possible? Because partisan politics aren’t running the show in Washington anymore. The mob is, and the biggest, most powerful mob in the world is the Mafia State otherwise known as Russia.....

Stone and others use Sheinkopf to bounce narratives off each other and off the member of the media who are either complicit or unwitting assets of a greater narrative. It’s not all that difficult to get things trending, after all. Automated bots on Twitter, for instance, feed right into this behavior.....

If that seems fanciful to you, then consider what Donald Trump has been doing to the media for the last two-plus years. Also keep in mind that around half of Trump’s 41 million Twitter followers are fake or bot accounts. Who do you think it was who taught Donald many of his dirty tricks? Roger Stone, and before him, their mutual mentor Roy Cohn....

At 19 February 2018 at 11:39 , Blogger Tony Ryals said...

Donald Trump has been developing real estate in South Florida since 1995, when he partnered with Dezer Development. Broward County is also home to one of Donald Trump’s failed building projects, Trump International Hotel & Tower in Fort Lauderdale. Trump worked on this project with Russian mob-linked Felix Sater. As I’ve written about before, there should no distinction made between the Russian mob and the Russian government.

This past summer, the Miami Herald published a piece titled ‘Russian official linked to South Florida biker club spent millions on Trump condos’. The Herald reported that one of these men, Svyatoslav Mangushev, is a Russian intelligence officer turned Miami real-estate investor.

Mangushev helped found a biker club called Spetsnaz M.C., which is the named after a branch of Russian special forces. The article went on to say, “Spetsnaz M.C. was founded two years ago by Mangushev and other Russian expatriates, including a decorated Broward Sheriff’s deputy.” The Broward Sheriff’s deputy in question was a man named German Bickbau, and you’ll remember the sheriff of Broward is Scott Israel...

At 19 February 2018 at 11:59 , Blogger Tony Ryals said...

Chabad Lubavitch,Florida Governor Rick Scott,Donald Trump,Sheriff Scott Israel,

Scott Israel | Chris Nethery's Russia Revealed
Nov 1, 2017 - WSVN reported that Florida Governor Rick Scott, a friend and political backer of Trump's, Broward sheriff Scott Israel and WSVN owner Ed Ansin were all in attendance. In February of .... Sater's connections point to the Chabad-Lubavitch house, of which Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner is..

It’s notable that the same station Reid joined in 1997 was given an exclusive interview by Trump advisor Roger Stone in 2017 related to the Trump Russia probe. After all, among the notable former on-air staff for WSVN, I noticed the name Donna Hanover. She is the ex-wife of former New York mayor and Trump campaign surrogate Rudy Giuliani, who like Stone, has his own ties to Russia.

I looked at the company who owns the news station, Sunbeam Television Corporation. Sunbeam has maintained ownership of WSVN 7 from their initial purchase in 1962 until the present day. Sunbeam Properties, a subsidiary of Sunbeam Television, is involved in building and development in Broward County as well. In fact, earlier this year, Trump’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Dr. Ben Carson, attended a celebration for a Habitat for Humanity project in Broward County. WSVN reported that Florida Governor Rick Scott, a friend and political backer of Trump’s, Broward sheriff Scott Israel and WSVN owner Ed Ansin were all in attendance......

At 19 February 2018 at 12:07 , Blogger Tony Ryals said...

President Trump pardons jailed Chabad icon Rubashkin | The Jewish ...
Dec 20, 2017 - President Trump pardons jailed Chabad icon Rubashkin ... President Donald Trump commuted the sentence of Sholom Rubashkin, the chief executive of what was then the largest kosher slaughterhouse in the country, who was convicted ... Rubashkin, a member of the Chabad Lubavitch movement, is 57.

At 19 February 2018 at 14:55 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kenneth Clarke MP 'now the subject of multiple abuse allegations'

— Anti-abuse campaigner Mickey Summers

'On four separate occasions we've had people come to us and say that Kenneth Clarke used to take a minibus from children's homes down to London, and they used to stay in a flat over the weekend, be abused, and come back.

[The children] would be totally messed up from the drugs that were forced upon them.

One said that where Kenneth Clarke took them was a black of flats behind Pimlico station. He said there was a big square courtyard in the middle. That square courtyard I can positively identify as being Dolphin Square ...

I gave this information to Operation Daybreak [Nottinghamshire Police] ... Not content that Nottinghamshire Police would do anything with it ... I contacted Operation Midland at the Metropolitan Police. They in turn will hopefully be contacting the National Crime Agency.'

At 19 February 2018 at 16:11 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


A new report in the 'Guardian' sheds more light on the deeply corrupt deputy leader of Westminster City Council, whom they describe as "a contender for the title of the most schmoozed politician in Britain".

Feb 2018: "Westminster councillor Robert Davis received gifts and hospitality 514 times"

May 1996: Robert Davis et al "would collect at one of the ongoing [paedophile parties] in Dolphin Square, where of course again their council were the ultimate landlords"

At 21 February 2018 at 02:58 , Blogger Kaivey said...

ISIS recruiter who radicalised London Bridge attackers was protected by MI5, Nafeez Ahmed

MI5 and ISIS recruiters, sitting in a tree

The official explanation of the failure to prosecute Bakri and Choudary for so long despite this track record is that the two were notoriously clever at appearing to staying on the right side of law. Supposedly, this meant that counter-terrorism officials found it difficult to build a case against them.

This narrative is problematic. Security sources speaking outside of official press statements have pointed to a somewhat different reality: that both Bakri and Choudary had ties to MI5.

In his book The Way of the World, Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Ron Suskind recounts how he was told by a senior MI5 officer that Bakri had long been an informant for the security service, who “had helped MI5 on several of its investigations.”

“It’s a fabric of subtle interlocking needs: the [British authorities] need be in a backchannel conversation with someone working the steam valve of Muslim anger; Bakri needs health insurance.”

“According to a former US Army intelligence officer, John Loftus, three senior al-Muhajiroun figures — Mr Bakri Mohammed, Abu Hamza and Haroon Rashid Aswat — were recruited by MI6 in 1996 to influence Islamist activities in the Balkans.”

In 2000, Bakri admitted training British Muslims to fight as jihadists abroad, boasting: “The British government knows who we are. MI5 has interrogated us many times. I think now we have something called public immunity.”

A year later, the private security firm set up by Bakri in cohorts with Abu Hamza — Sakina Security Services — was raided by police and eventually shut down. Speaking in Parliament at the time, Andrew Dismore MP claimed the firm sent Britons “overseas for jihad training with live arms and ammunition”. Bakri was not arrested, let alone charged or prosecuted.

In short, Omar Bakri’s utility to British state operations in foreign theatres, such as the Balkans, appeared to grant him immunity in extremist recruitment at home.

To this day, it is not widely known that Bakri and his al-Muhajiroun network played a key role in facilitating the recruitment, radicalisation and logistics behind the 7/7 London bombings. The ultimate suppression of crucial evidence of this from government narratives, despite being mandatory reading for all legal counsel during the 7/7 Coroner’s Inquest, has granted the group virtual free reign.

Days after Choudary’s terrorism conviction, a former Scotland Yard counter-terrorism officer who had investigated Choudary revealed that prior to the proceedings, Choudary too had been protected by MI5.

“The security services repeatedly prevented Scotland Yard from pursuing criminal investigations against hate preacher Anjem Choudary… Met counter-terror officers often felt they had enough evidence to build a case against the radicalising cleric, only to be told to hang fire by MI5, because he was crucial to one of their on-going investigations.”
It was only in August 2015, after Choudary posted YouTube videos online which openly documented his support for ISIS, that he was eventually prosecuted. Prior to that, the police believed they had a watertight case, but the decision not to prosecute had come from MI5.

The police source himself told the newspaper:

“I am gobsmacked that we allowed him to carry on as long as long as he did. He was up to his neck in it but the police can’t do full investigations on people if the security service say they are working on a really big job, because they have the priority. That is what they did constantly. While the police might have had lots of evidence they were pulled back by the security service because he [Choudary] was one of the people they were monitoring. It was very frustrating and did cause some tension but we were told we had to consider the bigger picture.”

The bigger picture: war


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