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Dr David Hamilton writes that giving and receiving kindness boosts the immune system.

Frequent kind acts can reduce high blood pressure and alleviate depression.


Dr Hamilton says: "We are all wired for kindness.

"We act kindly because we know instinctively it's the right thing to do."

Some people need acts of kindness.

Dr Hamilton grew up in a small community in central Scotland where everyone helped each other.

Dr Hamilton became involved in developing drugs for cardiovascular disease and cancer.

But then he began to see that it was more important to teach people how to use their minds to heal themselves.



Dr Hamilton refers to a study at the University of California, Riverside, where volunteers were asked to perform five acts of kindness a week for six weeks.

The psychologists found that those who performed the acts of kindness became happier.

Marriages work better when people are kind.

Professor Gottman and his colleagues studied 700 newlywed couples for 15 minutes and, by counting the positives (kindness) and negatives (eg. anger), predicted with 94 per cent accuracy who would still be together ten years later.


Kindness protects against heart attacks and strokes.

Kindness spreads.

Each time we are kind, we inspire someone else to be kind.

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Dr Hamilton writes:

Mind Over Matter

When I was 11 years old and I was in the school library. A book fell of the shelf beside me. It was 'The Magic Power of Your Mind' by Walter Germaine.

At the time my mum was suffering from depression, which had begun a few years earlier as post natal (post partum) depression. I had an instinct that the book would help my mum so I took it home.

It really helped her. It didn’t cure her in a day or anything like that, but it taught her insights and strategies...

I learned a bit about the placebo effect...

Now, there is a wealth of research showing beyond all doubt that your thoughts, beliefs and emotions cause physiological, biological, and even genetic changes all throughout your body... 

Paying attention to your breathing also causes structural changes in the brain in such a way that makes it easier to find peace amid chaos.

Imagining happy things alters brain chemistry that can make you feel better...

Imagining moving your arm convinces your brain that you’re actually moving it, an insight from neuroscience that has reaped benefits for thousands of stroke patients, and athletes...

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At 20 March 2017 at 03:04 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 20 March 2017 at 05:30 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 20 March 2017 at 09:35 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ask any 5 year old. They will tell you the building blocks are mind,body,spirit. Ask the 8 year old they will tell you about the mind and body and that carries on for most into adulthood.
Spirit is top of the tree, expressed through consciousness and manifest in physical body. It's not hard to engage with,it just requires practice and a recognition of the connectedness of all spirit.
Who does it suit to remove the reality of spirit from people's lives?
Dr Richard Haynes

At 20 March 2017 at 14:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good comment...

I suits the rotten "elite"", the literally nonhuman, empathy deleted, diabolic monsters.

Still, they gonna be kicked away by Karma, perfect justice.

It is always the dearkest time before sunset, isn't it ?

Best wishes,

At 20 March 2017 at 16:41 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful and true comment Dr Richard.
I'm guiding my exquisite little granddaughter into the eternal belief of who she is, who she was born to be...she is so pure in her innocence and much as I know she has Lessons, I pray to be with her for as long as it takes, that she never forgets.
I had such grandmothers, kind and serene despite hideous hardships of war and Great Depression. The older I become, the closer I am to them. We were separated forever when my parents emigrated, but that was only physical. It was the spiritual that formed me during my first seven years and sustained me ever since.

At 21 March 2017 at 02:41 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a looooovely Scottish accent !
Reminds me of Fran Healy, Travis frontman.

Lurvely accent and very positive message.

Grrrrreetings from France ;-)


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