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Sunny Scotland.

"In quantum mechanics we discover that the entire universe is actually a series of probabilities.

"Nobel Prize winning father of quantum mechanics Neils Bohr said that 'everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.'"


"You attract to yourself those things and circumstances that are in vibrational harmony with your dominant frequency, which is itself determined by your dominant mental attitude, habitual thoughts and beliefs."

Thought Power - Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

Lerina Garcia.

In 2008, Lerina Garcia, aged 41, related that she had woken up one morning to find that the world around her had changed.

Lerina Garcia: Did She Wake Up In Another Universe?

Lerina concluded that she had awoken in a parallel universe - a world in which her life had been altered by small decisions of her past.

The first change that she noticed was that the sheets on her bed were different.

She wrote: "When I got to my office, it was not my office.

"It had names on the door, and mine was not there. I thought I had the wrong floor, but no, it was mine.

"I got off at the wireless area of my office and I looked, still working here but it was in another department reporting to a director I didn’t know."

Art photography by Stewart Baillie.

Lerina Garcia's ID, and her house, and even 'yesterday's top news headlines', were the same.

Other personal details were not the same. 

For example, Lerina remembered her sister having had surgery on her arm, but the rest of her family, including her sister, remembered no such thing.

Lerina found herself still with her ex-boyfriend, who she remembered leaving many months before. 

Her new boyfriend, Augustin, was gone altogether.

Lerina Garcia: Did She Wake Up In Another Universe?

In Quantum Physics, a particle has no fixed position - most of the time.

According to some scientists, the mind decides on the position of any particle.


In a certain state of mind, you find yourself being in a pleasant place and meeting pleasant people.

In a different state of mind, you find yourself in an unpleasant place and meeting unpleasant people.

This is certainly what happens in dreams.

"There would be a range of universes...

"So in one universe, you took that job to China.

"In another, perhaps you were on your way and your plane landed somewhere different, and you decided to stay."

Parallel Universes: Theories & Evidence.


Max Loughan says: "God is energy that created us, lives within us, moves through us and is us."


Max Loughan talks about different dimensions.

Jack and Max Loughan

"Lerina Garcia's new boyfriend, Augustin, was gone altogether."

According to some scientists, it is our mind that creates matter.

If we get our mind into the right state-of-mind, by being unselfish, kind, humble and flexible, then we can tune into a 'higher self' or Tao or Holy Spirit, and then everything goes better.


In the film Groundhog Day, Bill Murray is a grumpy TV weatherman who covers an annual Groundhog Day holiday event.

He finds himself apparently repeating the same day over and over again.

Then he begins to re-examine his life and priorities.

He starts to befriend people, help strangers and enjoy life.

He stops being grumpy.

According to some scientists, parallel universes can interact.

There is a 'leakage of memory'.

Groundhog Day: Time Loop or Parallel Universe?

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At 30 March 2017 at 09:37 , Blogger Mark Jesus said...

Cor – what strange ones, happenings, what have you. All I go confident on, believe ye lots not I knows, but d’Bible talks of time like we naturally recognise. God present, there’s a past and a future. Whatever might fit into this, my agreeable world-view and open to consider. Otherwise defer in faith, good reason to say “no”. Big window. Plenty wild and whoa. God/Jesus I know, reveals there’s a... (to repeat). We and God present. And what can be knowable by God – and future. Intends but depends. Sometimes. And how all-our enemy wants to befuddle and deceive on this. Major contention. Top post, look forward to the vids. Nb: “look forward” and not already happened eh. At all. Read an hour ago and puzzling away; ‘No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for...’ What’s this all about? This what. Keep puzzling.

At 30 March 2017 at 11:45 , Anonymous Ray said...

Good, positive msg !
Apart from repeating your very Self again about Groundhog movie, dear Aanir ;-)

What happened to Lerina Garcia is possible :
but scary to hear that Her bloke is gone...:-(

Most likely, He was sucked into another, similar parallel Continuum.
Hopefully, the place WITHOUT Donalds, Putins and the likes !


At 31 March 2017 at 11:09 , Anonymous sovereigntea said...

The foundational premise of Preston Nichols’ infamous Montauk Project’s trilogy was the artificial production, amplification and introduction of an oscillated frequency to subjects, usually prepubescent boys, with the right Nordic blood type. When seated in a chair, designed by von Neumann to achieve harmonic synthesis between the subject and the introduced frequency, the subject can project alternate realities, even beings that can interact with this reality.

At 10 April 2017 at 00:42 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The article is full of BS

At 3 August 2017 at 07:41 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

no, according to some scientists MIND perceives matter, it doesn't create. we create only imaginations, matter is in front of you and me.

At 28 December 2017 at 23:09 , Blogger Alastair Carnegie said...

Max Loughan, even his name triggers "Spell Check". The Philosophy Max professes is known as "Mayavadi Philosophy". of Nihilism. For starters the concept that "Energy can neither be created nor destroyed" is an erroneous "Dogma", a "Circulus in Probando" fallacy that assumes an manifestly flawed "Axiom" is valid, despite an 'axiom' requiring no proof (e.g. The Flat Earth Axiom used to erroneously disprove the Heliocentric model). Then asserting the invalid premise as the conclusive proof. .... "How to make "Energy" go away to the Land of Make-believe" :- ... FIRST obtain two railway trucks, load them up with steel, till each weighs 40 metric tonnes. Use some of the steel girders to make a Magnetic vertical striped alternate magnetic pole, "Inelastic" connector. This is preferable an acute angle wedge, mating with a similar acute angle matching wedge receiver. IMPORTANTLY a low velocity inelastic collision produces NO DETECTAB:E HEAT...!!!... The 40 tonne truck travelling with velocity 10 m/s, has 0.5 x 40,000 (kilos) x 10 x 10 (m/s) = 2 Million Joules of Kinetic Energy. (One Joule per Second is a watt.) The wedge inelastic collision takes one second. NO HEAR IS MEASURED...!!!.. By the Law of Conservation of Momentum, (Never yet Violated in any published experiment) shows that the new combined 80 metric tonne mass, now travels at 5 m/s, so it's Stored Kinetic Energy, is 0.5 x 80,000 x 5 x 5 = ONE MILLION JOULES. ... SO WHERE HAS THE OTHER "MILLION JOULES" GONE TO....???? .... AND WHY DOES A MILLION WATTS OF EXPENDED ENERGY CREATE NO MEASURABLE HEAT!... Mayavadi Philosophy is groundless, a dismal citadel of bogus orthodoxy constructed on a sandy beach, before the storm! Think a little deeper! DO NOT BE FOOLED! BEWARE OF MUTUAL SELF APPRECIATION BOGUS VALIDATIONS!


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